Monday, May 3, 2010

More Mag Talk -- Pre-Order The NEXT Issue (#4) Of Jeanne d'Arc Living

Possibly the prettiest Jeanne d'Arc Living cover art YET!

If it seems to you that we talk a great deal of magazines around here, well then....
I have to agree with you!

But since adding periodicals to our inventory, it has become
apparent that it's very important to keep you as informed as possible
about when the next issue(s) are due out and able to be

I get scolded by my blog sisters (customers) if they feel they've
been out of the loop and are worried they will miss out on an issue!!  ;)

I love some of the phone calls and emails I get from you ladies ----
it's so cute when it sounds on the other end of the phone like there is a
crisis and it turns out you were just afraid we'd sold out of an issue
without letting you know it was available.

Me?  Let you down?  NEVAH!!!   ;)

So even though it seems like we've only just finished mailing out the last of
our pre-orders of issue #3, we are now taking pre-orders of
issue #4 -- due to arrive by the end of the month!

Where DOES the time go??

Oh.. I'm sorry, did you say you wanted to see some pics from the
coming issue???

Well let's see....

I have ALWAYS wanted a dutch door like this...
something about them just seems like something 
from a storybook...

And will you LOOK at those gleaming white floors... wow...

This entry hall makes me swoon...
How could you NOT smile to yourself as you walk
into this house each day?

Have I whet your appetite?

Want to make sure you get yours?

Simply go to our PRE-ORDER PAGE and you will
have your very own copy of issue #4 on it's way to you
as soon as our supply arrives.

You lucky thing, you.




The Flying Bee said...

Yay!!! Happy Mother's Day to me!

You are right...this is, hands down, the prettiest cover yet!

I am off to order!


myletterstoemily said...

sigh. such a lovely, lovely magazine.

i love all the whites, from the peonies
to the dutch door!

Chani said...

Hi Ruth!

This looks amazing, what an inspiration! I wish I'd have a house like that ;) Well, working on it :)

Love, Chani

PS: I've sent your package yesterday.

Cathy said...

wow--does this issue look good! ok, remember that first photo of the chair next to the bathtub. i am sending you a picture'll say "no way" and i'll say "way!"

Obee Designs said...

Hi Ruth,
Those pictures are just breathtaking!! You're right, the foyer is just stunning! I've gotta get me one of the those!!....the magazine that is, the foyer might be a little too pricey!! :)
I hope you're having a wonderful day!

paige said...

those images are always so serene & so inspiring at the same time
i love the storybook dutch door too.
& those

Anne Marie said...

that bathroom looks SO great

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Did you notice you were my 600th follower? Congrat's! Thanks for stopping by, so glad you did I have now found your beutiful blog!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Wow, some gorgeous pictures! I think I may just have to order! :)