Saturday, May 16, 2009


Below is a super-fast run-down on just some of the things that are on our New Items page that I don't think have been blogged about since their arrival.

Scroll through for a quick look here and then head over to our New Items page on the website for more detail!

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Just so you know....


Capiz shell discs -- write-on/wipe-off ease for use as placecards, buffet dish labels, or simply jot out an inspirational verse and display in a vignette....

Tin of Parisienne-themed rubber stamps -- what will YOU creat with them??

Sweet little sparrow candles (you get a set of two!) -- the perfect little "extra" for a fresh look!

Rococco chair notecards are given a funky spin dressed in fabulous bold colors!

"Bon Ami" / "Bon Jour" flour sack towel sets

Dei Gratia crown flour sack towels -- we LOVE these!!

Made from recycled glass bangle bracelets, you'll LOVE these super colorful frame sets!

We've added NEW SCENTS and this new "Chubb" size to our Capri Blue candle range!

Scents like Havana, Blue Jean, Black Currant/Cassis, Jasmine, Freesia/Plumeria & more!

Having a summer bbq?? How about these green leaf-topped picks in a natural bamboo cup!

Murano glass handled spreaders - use them or give them, they are simply beautiful!

Jute tote bags with a botanical theme -- beach outting or grocery store trips call for these!

Sets of 6 natural jute coasters -- the perfect addition to your summer table!

Pair this with our butterfly-printed jute totes and you've got yourself a stylish day at the beach!

The sweetest little necklaces! Perfect as graduation day nears!

Each one comes tucked in the cutest little "envelope" box!

Set of luggage-style storage boxes -- one of each color (with a surprise contrast print/color inside!) perfect for stashing all manner of things -- gals of any age will love these!

Recycled soda cans are given a CHIC new life as "pop art" cuff bracelets!

THE CUTEST! Short little vintage-style aprons have a sweet/sassy look! Tie one on and see how your outlook changes in a flash!

Are these not THE MOST GORGEOUS things in the world? Heavy ceramic French Grand Hotel wine coasters -- one on the front hall table will elegantly corral keys and spare change!

New assortments of Cavallini stickers -- all printed on the finest Italian cardstock...

Sets of tumbled marble coasters printed with the most beautiful images/designs...

and they look SO gorgeous even when they're not in use!

Below, one of MANY new 4" decorative gift tiles we're adding...and check out the bright & cheery "Keep Calm & Carry On" tile, too! We decided the original red poster color needed some funky updating!

Don't adjust your screen -- the vibrant colors you see below are truly THAT GORGEOUS in person! You will LOVE these new aprons and towel sets that have just been added!

And below, the stunning Paris apothecary jar that we carried for years is back! But we have a very limited supply this time, so get yours while we have them!!

And as a slightly less glamorous bit of news...

we've added Paypal as an additional option during checkout...

Aint life grand??

Just wanted to pop in and share these bits with you can "pop" over to our New Items page and see each for yourself!

~Thinking of you...



Stephanie said...

You are tempting me! I will probably do some shopping on your site this afternoon. You had me at "paris rubber stamps". :)

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Oh Ruth!!!!! They are all so pretty, I love those sack towels? with the crowns on them, such lovely things!!!! Enjoy your Sunday my friend!!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Wow! Ruth you have wonderful taste....I would soooo love to work in your store!! hmmm.....I would spend my paycheck....but oh to be around such loveliness! I hope you have a fabulous day....looking forward to my pillow!
Be well, Laura

Anonymous said...


All of your items are lovely. I love the french coasters especially the Saint Germain one. We stayed in Saint Germain when we visited Paris.

I'm still waiting for the Danish/French Items to arrive. I'm especially looking at the Mary statue...What is the price of it?


Anonymous said...

Ruth you are so talented! I just read on Lynn's blog about your pillows in the NJ hotel. Congratulations, they're just beautiful, like all your things!