Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yes! Returning Again This Year From Uganda! Handmade Nativity Sets To Help Support Students & Mothers...

So very many of you have begun asking "Will you carry those beautiful African
nativities again this year??"

I am SO VERY happy to say "YES WE WILL!"

How many of we ladies here in the west would say that the seemingly simple act of learning to sew,
and having your own machine would 

How many of you reading this actually don't own your own sewing machine?

How many of us have walked through JoAnn's or WalMart and seen the endless rows of 
bolts of fabric -- at realllly great prices?

For us, it's commonplace.

Not so for the women in Uganda pictured below...

So.... an idea was formed.  We want to help these women as well as young college students who are
striving through education to better their lot in life, but who struggle to even pay the tuition
and who are also relied upon to help support their families.

Last year, through a friendship with a sweet man in charge at the college in Uganda (Mathias),
 the college students there at his school to learned how to make these Nativities 
and they were brought back to the U.S. with one of the many teams who go to 
minister to them throughout the year.

The local women go daily to a central, usually open-air spot under a roof, to learn the skill of sewing, so that they can support their families and send their children to school.

They travel mainly by foot each day -- often toting their children along on the journey --
to sit and be instructed in sewing -- often using only paper (empty cement bags, etc.) to
practice on.

Fabric is a luxury, not in abundance like here.

But even if they master the art of sewing (and they DO!), it isn't much
help if they don't have a machine to work on once they finish their training....

This sweet woman, Prossy, just received her sewing machine.
But there are many, many other women who are still waiting...

Here, Jenipher receives her machine... if that isn't genuine gratitude and elation,
I don't know what is.     ;)
Just look at this assortment of raw materials ready to be
transformed into the nativity sets!

And you won't believe the finished product that can come from this: 

Wood, corn husks, plant materials, natural leaf-based twine, etc...

Cutting out the base for the nativity "house".

The work begins!

I love these pictures -- kind of reminds me of some of my own crafting times --
blissfully surrounded by all manner of materials!!   :)

I can't even imagine working in this kind of detail -- and when you see the actual
sets, you'll know what I mean... it is amazing.

I love that the young men are trained to use their hands creatively  --
this is a skill they can use throughout their life.

The sets are nearing completion...

The little handmade nativity pieces are carefully tucked inside and readied for their
trip to us!

Packed up and ready to board the plane!    :)

When you buy a nativity, you help poor students AND assist in the great need for sewing machines for women in villages in Africa.

Completely handmade out of corn husks and every piece fits neatly into the little nativity "house" that showcases them for display.

Nativity "house" (box) measures 8 1/2 inches high x 6 inches wide x 3 3/4 inches deep.

Figures - tallest about 4 1/2 inches

Set includes these pieces, tucked neatly inside the door of the "house":

3 wise men, 2 musicians, 2 shepherds, 1 Mary, 1 Joseph, 1 baby Jesus in manger, 2 animals.

Click HERE to go to the nativity sets in the shop!

The PERFECT gift for the person who already "has everything" ... because we'll just 
bet you they DON'T have one of these.

And, if they do have "everything"... what better reminder to them (and us all)
that there are still many across the world 
who do not "have everything"
and just the simple purchase of a nativity can truly be