Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seriously? TWO "Industrial-Chic" Metal Bar Stools For $99.00! --- what's not to love????
Check out these splendiferous barstools!!!!!!
They have that fresh, almost vintage, almost industrial, almost Swedish look that
so many of us are loving now -- what a wonderfully, relatively inexpensive
"facelift" for your kitchen!
They are $99.00 for the set and I think shipping is less than
$3.00 for regular ground shipping 
(WAY, WAY more if you want them expedited).

If you do an online search for coupon codes,
I'll bet you can turn up something to even waive the shipping cost!
These TWO metal bar stools (30" tall) are available through by clicking HERE!

Just thought you'd like to know about 
this "steal". 

You know,
one gal watching out for her
blog pals and all. 

Happy Wednesday!!




Mel said...

lusty yummy... I have no money for fabulicious stools or they would be on their way post haste!Thanks for the tip though!

Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

Great Score !! I love Overstock and their shipping can't be beat.
Thanks for sharing.

Tammy @ said...

LOVE these, thanks for the tip!

Best wishes,

Tamra said...

Good grief, what a score!

cathy said...

Those are awesome! But if you give a girl an industrial stool, she's gonna ask her husband to build her a counter, and if the girl gets the counter, she's gonna want a marble top to go on it, and if she gets the marble top, she's gonna want a french bottle rack to sit on top of the marble.....

The Kramer Angle said...

I actually bought those stools from Overstock and I do love them! But, I have to say they're not really that galvanized look I was hoping for as they're more of a sprayed silver/gray finish, but I do love them.

The Flying Bee said...

LOVE THEM! Thanks for the info! BTW...I am loving your new header! It's fab!

Happy Wednesday to you, too!


annie said...

Oh, Oh, Oh!!!!!!!
You are such a good sharer!

paige said...

love those!!
thanks for the scoop

Mrs. Limestone said...

Oh wow, these are such a great bargain. The real deal is so expensive (not sure why but they are). Great find.

PS: I had no clue you supplied pillows for Bungalow (nor did I know about Sixx Design before the show). Very cool. I've passed that hotel a bunch of times and it certainly stands out.

Molly - Paris Market said...

Love the new blog design...very clean very chic!

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Hi Ruth!
I'm loving this!!!!We have a very retro kitchen. We had invested in the Williams Sonoma counterstools when we moved into the house. Robes got stuck on a phone call to friends in London and put Mojito (our parrot) on one of the backs of the stools. The little stinker chewed both of the backs through to the wood. ( he was on the phone for 1/2 hour....) I got two replacements and now he sneaks up and takes a hunk out of the cord welt just for grins! So I was going to slipcover the seats in something canvaslike, BUT this may do the trick!!!!!!Thanks! ( I thought you's like the story)Maryanne xo

kay ellen said...

Wonderful! and a great buy!!

Have a blessed weekend Ruth:)