Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Just In!

Just popping in to say "HI" again and let you see a few new things
just put up!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Following Charlotte's Lead! (COUPON CODE ALERT!)

Today is "Cyber Monday",
the web's biggest shopping day of the year!

Cyber Monday always follows "Black Friday" 
(which always confused me... 
we have Thanksgiving Thursday, followed by
"things-gettin' Friday"... but I digress...).
Cyber Monday is a day set apart to encourage the kickoff of your holiday shopping
-- completely online!

I don't know about you, but I do AT LEAST 80% of my shopping online
ALL YEAR LONG (excluding groceries, of course -- but let me tell you, if I had a
service locally that would provide that, I'd be IN!).

No, that wasn't a typo.

At least 80% of my shopping, personal and gift-giving, is done online.
All year.

Part of this is due to the fact that I live in an area that is sort of 
(to me, anyway) in the country.  We do not have a Target or any of the "usual"
chain or big-box stores nearby.  There is one grocery store I go to and our
nearest Wal-Mart is still all most 20 minutes away.  
The nearest mall in any direction is at least 1/2 hour away -- more depending on traffic.

The other reason I've done just about all shopping online for the last decade is that
even when we did live closer to good shopping, I stay so busy with the store that I just never
have time get out and browse the mall/shops.
I keep thinking I'm going to set aside time to go, but ... a week goes by and I
STILL haven't gotten to it.  
I could have had the things delivered to my door in that amount of time!   

Here's how this works in my pretty little head:

1.)   By the time I get out, drive to whatever mall there is "nearby", find a parking spot,
and then trek the length of the mall and back, I could have done all my shopping online
-- and a load of laundry or two!

2.)  Even factoring in online shipping costs, I feel that
my time, the gas I'll guzzle to and from the mall, 
and the headache from
all those wall-to-wall people in the mall is WORTH paying for that shipping.   :) 

3.)  THEN, don't forget to factor in the stops for coffee (what?  you don't stop for coffee on the
way there and back??), food court if you are so inclined, etc. and you are MORE THAN
better off just sitting down with your cup of coffee at home, and instead of
the click of your heels on the tiled mall floor, listen to the click of your mouse
as you fill your online shopping cart to the brim and 
check item after item after item off your shopping list!

PURE LOGIC, right?  ;)

And when you shop The Beautiful Life, we don't even charge shipping,
so, wow... you are actually making money, right?  

Well... maybe not MAKING money,
but your hubby will LOVE that you saved alllll that money and will surely
want you to reward yourself with a victory stop at Sephora.com!  
(hee hee!)

 See... I can totally get you into SOOOO much online shopping trouble!
Stick with me, girls... stick with me.

So, allow me to help jump start your shopping today and give you 
EVEN MORE reason to sit down with your computer and cup of something warm and yummy
and get that shopping done -- 
Use coupon code WEB all day today at The Beautiful Life.com
and save 20% off your order -- all items, no minimum and including sale items.

Oh, and did I mention we ship for free?

And... did I mention there are still a few new items that will be appearing online
in the New Items section  a little later this morning?  ;)

See you online!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shop Updates & Holiday Shopping Deadlines :)



Long time no chat, huh?

And because of that, there is SO much to cover in this post!

First, everything you see in the photo collage above is for sale on the site and
so far things are going fast!

The burlap ribbon and bags are FABULOUS 
Wow.  Seriously.  LOVE that piece!!

Oh, and the ironstone European-style pitchers... yes... LOVE those.

The collection sewn from true vintage canvas has been doing so well!
The bags, the pillow covers, the rugs, 
all are now listed and up for sale.

Thank you so much for your sweet patience while they got 
photographed and up on the site.

One click HERE will take you there.

Now, to catch you up on some info that may affect your 
holiday shopping:

1.)  We have JUST A HANDFUL of copies of the Autumn issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.
So few, in fact, that we took them off the site so we would not over-sell them
If you'd like a copy, simply drop me an email or phone us up.  We'll set you up!   :)

2.)  There are also VERY FEW copies of the Jeanne d'Arc Living "JUL"
Christmas book left in stock.  This is the reprint in English that we sold out of last year.
We have placed our last reorder for the book and what we have in stock now is it --
so if you'd like a copy of this book either for a gift or for yourself, well... 
you might want to hop over to the site to secure yours.

3.)  The last issue of the year of the Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine 
(issue #8) is on it's way to us and we anticipate shipping out our pre-orders this week, so
you will have it in plenty of time for Christmas!  :)
In this case as well, we will not be reordering this issue like we typically do all others
(meaning, typically if we start running out as we're filling orders, we
just place a reorder for more so we can keep filling orders) so when the amount
we have coming is exhausted, that will be it for 2010.

4.)  We still have some issues of the gorgeous Vakre Hjem & Interior Christmas issue
available -- but again, no reorders of this issue are planned so if you planned to order
a copy, you may want to hop over and get yours!
And, may I say, I LOVE that magazine.  I really, really love it.
And if you have been reluctant to try it for fear that it would be too much
like Jeanne d'Arc Living, FEAR NOT -- it has different "feel" (dare I say "vibe")
and I think you will be VERY happy you tried it.... VERY happy.    :)

Here's what's behind the "no-reorder" policy for the mags for these current issues... .

I'm a-thinkin'... 
how about if The Beautiful Life does something 
it hasn't done in 
all 12 years of business..?

S-L-O-W it down over the holidays if not even just 
shut down for December.

Revolutionary, huh?  ;)

Well, it is actually.  
For me, anyway.

And to tell you the truth...

just being honest right now...

I don't yet really even have a "plan" set in stone yet as to how we'll pull it off.

How much will we ship in December and until when?  

What will be the "official" date of closing for December?  

I just know that I wanted to let you know the plans swirling around in this
pretty little busy head of mine 
so you can at least have a heads-up about it 
and maybe be planning accordingly for any
holiday shopping you plan to do with us.

You'll still love me, right, if I wrap things up early this year??  

You will, right??    :)

So, as I say, I really don't have it all figured out right now, but I at least 
wanted to put the word out to help YOU plan.   

Haha -- I'd even take your suggestions on how to best pull off
giving enough time before the holidays to shop, but where to draw the 
cut-off for orders.  

Can you see I love being in biz, but when it comes to decision making

And it isn't easy because I ADORE my "job" (weird to even call it that)
but I also miss getting my own home decorated, tree up, and holiday baking done
BEFORE the week of Christmas.   And for the last few years, that is how
it's been.  

So, I would love to try and find some middle ground -- between making sure
all of my sweet customers have what they need 
and making sure my humble abode gets gussied up far enough in advance
to enjoy it for a while.  Plus do a bit of Christmas shopping with my girl,
some baking (MY FAVE) and visiting with my family
(ESPECIALLY my sweet dad!).   

I'm not going anywhere over the holidays, so I WILL be available
in the event there arises a shopping 
"emergency" that you have and you simply MUST GET something.  ;)

Okay sweet friends, I'm gonna let you go and I will be
working on another blog post to go up in the next day about a 
VERY SPECIAL Christmas item we have this year only
--- all the way from Africa ---
with a very special twist to it.

That's the next post -- coming up next.

Unitl then, thanks for letting me pop back
into your day and I'll be back here in a jiffy!