Friday, April 25, 2014

Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine May Issue Is HERE!

The brand new May 2014 issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine 
arrived today and if you already ordered a copy, it'll be
arriving in your mailbox within just days!

It is another gorgeous issue, this time with a delightful
feature on weddings, as well as all the beautiful homes 
you love to see, recipes you love to create, and craft ideas
that get you back to your work table!

Pick up your copy HERE.


Box-Pocolypse at The Container Store...

Photo courtesy of The Container Store

First thing in the morning shortly after store-opening, there she is... strolling the aisles in glazed-eye wonderment at all that is contained in The Container store, when it happens: Strolling blissfully one second, then the next thing she knows "BOOM" "CRASH!" and the ear-splitting noise that you just can't explain unless you were there. 

Yep... seemed like about 50 really loud, hard plastic shoe boxes are scattered in the middle of the store and allllll eyes are on her. And what's the only thing she can think to say?  "Everyone awake now?" 

Yep... brought to you by your's truly. 

Help comes to begin the "clean up on aisle 3" disaster that I created, and my sweet sister and I also scramble to the floor to be of help (least I can do, right, considering the box carnage before us).

About 1 minute into the project the sweet young man (employee) who was helping in the effort to resurrect the clear acrylic tower of boxes stops what he's doing, looks up at me from the floor and with the most flummoxed look I ever saw just says quietly "How did you do this?" 

Ohhhhh dear... then I involuntarily shot back my most hurt face (and I'm pretty sure my 
bottom lip quivered) as if "How can you even ask that?"

Haha -- he wanted me to recreate what happened for him 1.) because he was just stunned that so much havoc could be wrecked so quickly and 2.) so that they were sure to never stack them like that again. 

So, all that to say, anyone wanna go shopping with me sometime?

I'm a real blast (crash) to be with!