Sunday, June 28, 2009

Quickie Post -- Just had to show you...

This post is going to be a record, all-time fast post (for me anyway...) just to quickly tell you about just two items just added to the shop -- you can get to them straight away by going to the Newest Items page.
See you tomorrow with MORE!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Jeanne d'Arc Living products update

Just a quick note for those of you Jeanne d'Arc Living lovers out there ...

It's looking like some of the things we're expecting on this coming shipment are already just about sold out and we'll be staying on top of things to keep the website updated as best we can so that we can indicate immediately when an item has "sold out" (though we don't even have the things in hand yet).
Some of the things that are reaching the "sold out" level (as in, there is only maybe 1 left now...)

This is all really pretty exciting -- the fact that so many things can reach "sold out" levels even before the products have even "landed" at the shop. But I'm not surprised, since this is no ordinary shipment and these are no ordinary items, are they?

According to the tracking info we received, the cargo ship carrying this "beloved" inventory is expected to dock in Charleston, SC in just a few days and then be trucked to us from there.

So, we're now expecting to get our hands on this shipment (and don't you just know I'm already tapping my fingers in anticipation!) early in the week just after the July 4th holiday weekend.

I should even have extra hands available to help that week soley for the purpose of expediting the uncrating and then reshipping back out to you!

Just wanted to keep you posted!
I'm so excited -- can you tell?

Now... off to work on getting that new "this & that" page going for the website.
Hey! "This & That"! Just thought of the name and it's not bad...maybe...

I think I like your suggestions better -- much prettier.
Have a fab day!


All photos, Jeanne d'Arc Living

Girlfriends, part deux...A case of hidden treasure.

My friend Teri (in Paris)

"As I look at my expression, I can just imagine what I was thinking. My heart is so full at this point. Down on the river is SOOOOOO romantic and captivating. It's near sunset...notice the pink clouds. Paris takes on an unbelievable light in the evenings. Really a golden-pink. Even my skin looks young...I"m telling you...this place is magic. "
Photo & text: Teri

I have to believe that all of us have, at one time or another, had someone in our lives who
"almost wasn't there" -- that unexpected friend who you almost didn't get together with were it not for just the right circumstances...and we now wonder how we ever could have NOT had this person as a friend.

I just have to let you know about one such friend -- my "friend-pearl" who I found hidden right before my eyes...

Teri is this fabulous lady that has been in a bible study class of mine for years. She and I would sit on opposite sides of the room (not for any particular reason -- you know how you just find "your spot" and then stick to it?) and never really speak, connect, or even wave. Not being mean, just -- well -- we didn't know each other.

Plus, I'm SUPER quiet and pretty shy, so when I am out in a group of any kind, I basically find my seat -- and sit. {this may be why people who know me in person are always shocked that I have so much to say on a blog!}

And so it was for years. Until last fall. I'd heard that Teri loved Paris and went yearly with her hubby. People were always saying "I can't believe you & Teri don't know each other! She LOVES Paris!" or "Oh, you really need to talk to Teri -- the two of you would really hit it off!"

But, you know how we are -- I just kept walking in, taking my seat and sitting, each week.

One week, though, I happened to sit right behind Teri & her hubby and she saw my Paris purse (I sell them in the shop) and she turned around in her seat and to comment on it and chat. Right then, we began talking up a storm. Right up until the teacher was (impatiently) trying to get class started (inspite of our yakking!).

During this first conversation, Teri even mentioned that once years and years ago, she'd attended a Mother's Tea at our previous home! SAY WHAT? I felt horrible! Here, for a couple of years I sat in class not even acknowledging someone who'd been a guest in my home!

I promise you, ladies -- it has everything to do with my slipping memory and (HOPEFULLY) not a reflection on my hospitality! :)
Since that day last fall, we have become dear friends. Teri has shared her stories of her trips to Paris with me in words and pictures -- and in a way that makes you feel you have been yourself.

Teri even drove 1/2 hour to my house at 5:00AM to volunteer to help me with that Women's Show I did back in February! (As did another sweet gal, Karen, also in this same class and also the one who made me my "100" pillow for my 100th blog post).

Teri has a real knack for writing (she is currently taking a writing class) and I've told her that any given email she's sent me over these last many months is written so interestingly that it would be a fabulous blog post! Yes, even a simple email from Teri makes me reply to her email like this: "TERI! Stop wasting these incredible emails on just ME!
START A BLOG and share this stuff!"

She'll just send me an impromptu email during the day with a few (gorgeous) Paris pictures attached and write to me some inspiring thought regarding the photos. That's it. Just sends me this "quickie" email, which to her was nothing -- but I get it and I'm blown away. "Teri!", I tell her, "do you know how many other ladies in "blogland" would LOVE to read what you just sent me??"

"My absolute favorite fountain. I could stare at it forever... This fountain is in the middle of Place De La Concorde, where Marie Antoinette was beheaded...*sniff*
Photo & text: Teri

Well, I think finally you are going to be able to get to know Teri soon -- because after many months of badgering her about starting a blog, well, by George I think she's going to do it!

But really, what I most wanted to share is how you just never know what treasure could be right there in front of you -- or seated across the room from you.

So look around you -- see that other lady who just kind of blends into the woodwork (that was me, not Teri) or who you've gotten so used to seeing you no longer really "see" her?
Maybe she's your neighbor, maybe she is next to you in your exercise class...
Guess what? By this time next year, you could be calling her your best friend -- your special hidden treasure that was finally unearthed!

I know everytime I get an email from Teri or see her in my class each week, I still find myself finding it hard to believe how much time we wasted on opposite sides of the room...
And, when Teri's blog finally "goes public" you guys will be the first to know!

Trust me, after all my bugging her about it, I am definitely not going to let her blog become a hidden treasure!

And I know that each of you is going to be SO THRILLED you found her, too!

And I know you will all give her a big "blogland" welcome.
{Just wait til you see some of these pics from Paris and her funny and her inspiring stories that go with each one!}

So Teri, if you're reading this -- WE'RE ALL WAITING....tick tock, tick tock!!!
Not to bug you or anything...


Thanks to all of you who sent me such sweet anniversary wishes - we had a lovely day together.

Also, thank you to all who have given me SO MANY wonderful ideas for what to name the new section coming to the shop's website. I plan to work on getting that page on the site done in the next day (or so?)!

Should be great!

Have I mentioned that you are each so incredible....more "hidden treasures" in my life...hidden only because we can't really visit in person. But your faithful friendship is definitely not "hidden"!

Your friend,

Monday, June 22, 2009

25 Years Ago...I became a princess and lived a fairy tale...

I didn't stand a chance....
He walked into the offices where I was working that fateful day in June of 1983 and I just remember thinking "Oh my..."
He took me to my first debutante ball, we hung out at each other's houses after work each day...
This guy was unlike any I'd known... decisive, established in what he knew he believed about things and apparently in what he wanted out of life, because after just three months of dating, he proposed...
As he tells it, "Once you know what you want, what's the point in waiting?" {he still operates like this to this day -- whether buying a car, a house, or whatever...he makes a decision quicker than anyone I know!}
So we had these printed up....
And on this day 25 years ago, this was us...

We honeymooned on Paradise Island in the Bahamas and as you can see, we spent our share of time out on the beach!
(Remember my recent post lamenting all those days spent baking in the sun...?)

Our life together had begun....we shared a condo, then in just a few years built our first house which we lived in until 2001.
We now enjoy our circa 1891 home in the country -- and sometimes I wonder if we'll end up going full circle and buying a condo once again... :)
We lived, loved, shared joys and tears (some of you may recall past posts where I've shared how we endured the loss of 3 children)
but then...
along came this angel...

She had her daddy's heart from the moment she emerged and it has been thus every since...
Can you tell??

The picture below was taken on a trip to Bubble Pond in Acadia Park, in Bar Harbor, Maine...
Not longer after our trip, I discovered a gorgeous piece of photographic art by journalist Jack Perkins of the very same spot on Bubble Pond...however, Jack had added this incredible poem to go with it -- relating the position of the mountains to the lake, to the marriage of a man & a woman.
I've added the words of that poem to this picture...
And though we don't "know it all" regarding marriage by any stretch of the imagination, I find those words to be so true. "no longer hers as only hers, or his as only his..." Give & take, forgive - forget, and most of all a large dose of daily perspective. When things seem overwhelming, remember what you have, the blessings that are so easily overlooked...
So, on this 23rd of June -- a day which for most of you is surely just another day to get to the grocery store, or see that the last load of laundry is done up -- I wanted to pause and acknowledge the importance of this day in my life.
And to wish my hubby, Doug, a very happy 25th anniversary.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Idea for a new section on The Beautiful

TONS of little vintage price tags... NUMBERS! You knew I had a bunch!

So I've been thinking for some time now...

What if I added a new section to my store where I listed the things that really have no other category.

And things that maybe even I bought years ago while antiquing that I'm ready to part with...
A few Eiffel tower mini-French bowls (maybe 4), a gorgeous wall cone made from vintage barn tin (just 1)

There are things like these -- we used to carry them and then sold out -- at least we THOUGHT we did...until years later we "unearth" one hidden behind newer inventory stashes... (HOW does this happen, by the way...?)
A beautiful key holder in the vintage French agriculture award style...
I might have about 2 of these beauties.

Things that are gorgeous! But need a "home" to be gorgeous IN...

Great canvas pictures! I have just 1 of each of them; the two small-ish, thick squares were just made to go together!

So what do you think??

Would it be a good idea? And who knows how long I'd keep the area on the site. As long as I have "onesies" to sell, I guess!

It's hard to try and sell just ONE of something online (unless you're ebay) because I could get multiple orders for something that I have just ONE of, all while I'm away filling my cup of coffee...

I guess I'd just have to let the other buyers know immediately and go from there. And maybe that wouldn't even happen...

Anyway, there are ALOT more ONE-ONLY goodies where these things came from and I am kind of thinking I'll give it a shot.

Who knows what I'll turn up when I really start seriously looking behind and under things! I'm always so amazed at what I find on my store shelves when I go to organize to make room for more things coming in...

With the new Jeanne d'Arc Living shipment almost here, I am going to be doing JUST THAT! Making room!

So now I just need a clever little name to call my new area of the store!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009


You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 100th blog post with a giveaway, etc... Well...guess what I got as a gift to commemorate it?
I got my OWN "Mathematicus" pillow with a No.100 on it!!
For moi!

My sweet, sweet friend, Karen, surprised me with this beautiful pillow (she knows the khaki linen with black is my fave!) and now I have one of the number pillows of my own -- and one with so much meaning, too!

But isn't that what we gal-friends do? We're always looking for ways to give each other little "happy's" as I call them. Little "no reason, just 'cause" gifts.

We gal-pal types must have a special gene or chromosome or something that we come with that insures we'll always want to talk, and share, and communicate (so different from our male counterparts, huh?)

On this note, I thought you might enjoy a super cute little clip of what surely must be that "special gene" just forming... look at this!


Is she adorable or what?? I would love to be a BFF with her when she grows up! What a little "communicator!"

Another thing we ladies like to do is share our beauty "secrets" and since my post yesterday when I mentioned that I'm strictly a "sunless tanning gal" now, I've had a few inquiries about which products I like to get that "glow".

So.... I'll dish...

DuWop Revolotion - this product used to come in light, medium & dark, but they now just have two levels - medium & dark. In my opinion, their medium is more like a "light" but, that's just me... It's a good quickie lotion to give you some color that is even somewhat opaque which means it really leaves your skin looking evened out color-wise - almost like "makeup" for your legs! Plus, it smells good, kind of like lavender/tangerine. A nice switch from the usual yucky smells of sunless tanners. BUT! This is not a true "tanner" and so that means it won't stay for days like others -- one shower and it's gone. No need for gloves or anything like that when applying this -- of course you definitely want to wash your hands well afterward but this doesn't have "staining power", so it's great for touch-ups and enhancement of a tan. If you are already dark or olive-toned...the "medium" can actually be a bit too light.

Fake Bake X-Treme Bronze - really good! And this one doesn't leave that typical lingering yucky smell - which is nice. I mix it with regular body lotion to think it out a bit and give me a little more "play time" when spreading it -- otherwise you have to be sort of quick. I also think this helps ensure against streaking and it makes the product go further, saving you money! ALWAYS USE RUBBER GLOVES WHEN APPLYING THIS! THEY SAY YOU CAN WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER APPLICATION, BUT DON'T EVEN TRY THAT -- YOU WILL HAVE STAINED - NOT TANNED -- HANDS AND THAT ISN'T PRETTY!)

Fake Bake bronzing powder
- great stuff and can be used on your chest, etc... even on the tops of your feet in sandals if you're wearing pants and haven't had time to do the whole sunless tanning cream routine for a while.)

So there you have it -- from one girlfriend to all you others out there...
Happy talking - Happy "tanning"!

And, THANK YOU AGAIN, Karen!! I love my pillow!


Monday, June 15, 2009


Today, three new tags were added to the store's website --

"Parisian Passport" tags which are in beautiful tones of blue-green and brown, with imags covering the entire tag (sets of eight!) and two hand-stamped tags with sepia-toned ink, just a touch of glitter and some "jewels". Sort of a "vintage glam" look.

Below are three GORGEOUS styles of napkin rings made from heavy cardstock and printed with the most incredibly detailed and beautiful images!

There is a super-elegant charcoal grey "placecard" style -- a blank label for the guest's name...

There is a sweet and fun "Eat CAKE!" napkin ring in tones of yummy pink, black and gold!

All of the napkin rings "hook together" in the back (by way of slits in the ends) and form the ring -- don't they look great??

Last, there is super-beautiful "Bon Appetit napkin ring (how appropriate!) in soft greys, dark greys, black, and gold...

Boy have I got some tableware to go with this one!

Wanna see??

Scroll down below this picture...

See what I mean... ?
Pretty doggone dreamy, isn't it?

A tureen with beautiful handles and a bird finial.

The French gris (grey) glaze is stunning.

There is also this large simple yet elegant matching grey platter...

Just look at the shine of the glaze and yet the subtle color variations under the glaze -- testimony to it's hand-glazed finish...

The glaze is more like a subtle"wash" of color that hits all the details in the bird finial...
What I love is that in some areas, the pottery beneath is almost still visible (glazed, but not completely opaque).
Again, showing that these are not just machine/mass produced.

Pure, heavenly French grey bliss.
Apple, anyone?

Some may remember that I actually carried this same range of pieces (called "Atelier") a couple of years ago. I sold out completely and for some reason never reordered. But now with my growing love of the lighter more "Swedish" looks, I took another look at this beautiful grey tableware and, well, it's back!

So, if you click over to the "Our Newest Items" page you'll find these two pieces as well as the new tags and napkin rings.

I was recently "tagged" by sweet Amanda (The Vintage Rose) in Tasmania!

Her new blog has captured my fancy and I always so look forward to seeing her posts about her BEAUTIFUL home and her BEAUTIFUL shop. Her blog has single-handedly made me want to go to Tasmania!

In being tagged, I am to "fill you in on" about a half dozen or so random thing about me or things that make me happy...

1.) Did you know that many moons ago, I was totally into working out and was asked to be an aerobics instructor...and...I nearly signed up to compete in lady's body-building. These days, my dream would be to work up to being able to run a 5k or something. Maybe someday. (And for those of you who know me now... exercise restraint & keep your thoughts to yourselves...). ;)

2.) In every car I own, in no time flat I wear the paint (or whatever it is) off the same two buttons on the dash: the a/c make-it-cooler button and the radio's station-changing button. So, if you ever have the "pleasure" of driving with me, prepare for an "in-cabin" temp of about 60 degrees and "audio whiplash" since I have to always have the perfect song playing (or at least be hunting for it!).

3.) Though I routinely sun-bathed all through my childhood, teens, and early adult life, I now am a strictly "fake bake" gal (the kind from a bottle, not a tanning bed). Being here in Florida having some color is almost expected, so I do like to have some bit of "glow", but if I could turn back the hands of time, I would have NEVER laid out in the sun for one minute, 'cause now it has all caught up to me (just like they always tell you it will). Bummer...

4.) I'd give anything to have my pretty manicured long nails again. But those went bye-bye not long after opening my business (10 years ago). When you get in 10 big, heavy boxes of new inventory that need to be unpacked and sorted through, nice long nails have a way of taking back seat to practicality. Plus, I barely find time during the week to hit the grocery store for the bare necessities, much less spend an hour or two in someone's chair while they fiddle with my nails. Again, bummer...

5.) Though I'm surrounded all day by dozens of beautiful things that I sell, and in my home, the longer I live, the more honed and pared down I long for my surroundings to be. Perhaps it is the growing lack of time I have to maintain so many bits & pieces around the home, but I suspect it is simply a desire to have around me only the things that I really, really, really treasure. The rest, I find myself restless to "throw over board"... How about you?

6.) I live & die by my trusty Swiffers -- the dry kind and the Wet Jet. Man I love those two inventions. How DID we ever get by without them? Oh, and speaking of floor cleaning... in a post similar to this one that I did last fall, I mentioned that I go through vacum cleaners like no one else I know. Well, since that post, yet another vacum "bit the dust" and this time my hubby wouldn't let me buy one (he knew I'd buy the cheapest one Wal-Mart had) and he brought home a Dyson. I kicked and screamed because I figured there was no reason to spend so much for a new vacuum when it was destined for the garbage heap in the usual 6 months or so... Guess what? That Dyson is STILL going strong -- MORE than 6 months later! It's still like brand new! Score one for the hubs... :)

7.) I adore a rainy day when I can go around the house turning on the lamps, lighting scented candles, and then sitting down with a cup of peppermint tea (Celestial Seasonings is my fave!) and maybe a few gingersnaps while I browse a good magazine or just sit and think. Moments like this are sheer bliss to me. CONFESSION: There have been days when I've turned the a/c down really, really low just to achieve the "feel" of a cool, crisp day - the kind that just calls for a cup of tea. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. :)

8.) Some of my fondest times have been spent in Freeport, Maine at the Harraseeket Inn. They have possibly the best afternoon tea presentation this side of London and simply beautiful accomodations. If you are ever in Freeport, you MUST stay there! You are just a very short walk from L.L. Bean and the best: a Crabtree & Evelyn outlet store! We stayed there three times so far and I would go back three hundred times more.

Well, I could go on and on, but here are a few little bits about yours truly in honor of me being tagged. :)

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll take a minute or so to browse the new things added in the shop -- I picked them out just for you!



Saturday, June 13, 2009

SHOES, KEYS, CROWN, & WINGS -- Don't leave your home without them!

  • Vintage Shoe Forms -- lots of them!
  • Vintage Keys -- lots and lots of them!
  • Fabulous metal crowns (that look vintage)
  • Ex-Voto hearts (with that aged patina)
  • Santos wings in silver or in gold - a beautiful touch to any vignette...
  • French Zinc "Tags" that are AMAZING!

Oh, and not to mention the fabulous Grain Sack Rugs shown in the silver wings photo ... those rugs are really something -- just love 'em...

I'll be back in over the weekend -- I was tagged by a lovely fellow blogger and I was given a specially-made Mathematicus pillow to comemorate my 100th blog post -- I want to share a picture of it with you! Wasn't that sweet? The wonderful seamstress who makes all the Mathematicus pillows made it for me as a surprise gift... I love that sweet gal...

Beautiful Weekend Wishes To YOU!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Now THIS is up-cycling!

Juice bags/boxes have been cleverly recycled (we prefer the more appropriate term "up-cycled") into these super-cute, super-durable, super-colorful, super-fun (okay, enough "super's"...) tote bags and zippered pouches.
We have great, large tote bags and sets of two zippered pouch bags -- perfect for a gazillion different uses!

Made by Filipino artisans whose purpose is to create useful objects out of otherwise non-biodegradable items.

Not only are these bags artfully cut, weaved and sewn, this re-purposed product provides stylish yet environmentally-conscious fashion that you can feel good about using.

Not only that, the production of these products provides a livelihood for many families involved in the making of them.
Our new "Juice Bags" -- they're a good thing...

Grab them before you head off to the beach!

Or the grocery store!

Or where ever!


My sweet friend, Rebecca, is having a wonderful giveaway of FOUR great candles that she has begun carrying in her shop, Simply Stated.

They look absolutely beautiful and she has been featuring a different scent each day in her shop.

Rebecca has a fabulous Etsy store as well, so give her a shout on her giveaway blogpost and then head over to her Etsy shop!

Bonne chance!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Images courtesy of Olivia Harsham


I don't think I've been happier about a seeing a new item for the shop as I was when we started opening up these rugs and laying them out to view them.

Each one is just fabulous!

They're soft and lightweight with a mellowed look/feel. I just adore them!

And one of the things I think I'm most excited about is the fact that these "rugs" will TOTALLY lend themselves to.....



When we unpacked the first one, my daughter's first remark was something like "These would be great on a window as a fold-up shade!"

Yes m'dear, they WOULD!

All that you would need to do to convert one of them into a shade is flip it over and sew on plastic drapery shade rings at evenly spaced intervals on the back - making as many rows as you want. Then thread string or cord of some kind up through each row and across the top. Tie the strings off together and attach a cleat to your window frame for tying the shade up or down to it's desired height. Voila!

(If any of you decide to try this, just email me for better directions, or try searching on line for how to make a roman shade. Once you get the concept, you'll see you can turn just about anything into one!)

The cost is very reasonable whether as a rug or a window treatment, so you can't go wrong!

There are two designs and two sizes (both designs are available in both sizes).

Wanna see?

Want one for yourself?

(Before I decide to re-do all my windows at home with them?)

Just thought you'd like to know....


Monday, June 8, 2009

UPDATE: JEANNE d'ARC LIVING ISSUE #3 HAS LANDED (and some have already shipped!)

Just a very short post to let you know that early this morning the 3rd issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine arrived on our doorstep and we've already shipped out any pre-orders for the magazine that we had...

So, if you ordered a magazine, it is now officially on its way to you via USPS Priority Mail!

Are you excited??


I flipped through it a bit (my copy, not yours...) and let's just say I'm DYING to get home tonight with a cup of coffee and devour every square centimeter of every page!

Just thought you'd like to know -- and if you want to order a copy before they're gone,


Sunday, June 7, 2009


We're typing as fast as we can...
trying to get all the new inventory from Jeanne d'Arc Living in Denmark up on the site for all to see!

As of this writing, the items are being sold on a pre-order basis, which means we could very well technically sell out of some of these gorgeous items before they even hit our doorstep.

Why are we handling these particular items this way?

Well, to put it mildly, we've had major interest in this luscious new collection and I get inquiries every day asking if we can even just "set aside" this or that from the shipment - and this is just based on the few photos we showed in the last blogpost about the collection!

So I decided to go ahead and start the process of listing the collection of things coming and taking pre-orders for them so that I can order more intelligently (not that I ordered dumbly before...) on my next order - and I already have that "next order" in the works!

Since the last post about this, I've added the MUCH asked-about beautiful hard-bound book titled "French Atmospheres In The Nordic Way"

as well as the coming 4th issue of the Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine...the Danish magazine with a practically cult-following that is the inspiration for this entire new collection. (We also have the current, 3rd issue available for sale).

Essentially, everything you see for sale now in the all-new section on the website called (appropriately)
"Jeanne d"Arc Living" comes directly from the pages of the Jeanne d'Arc Living publications -- the books, as well as the magazines.

Everything is made in Denmark and of beautiful quality with designs so fresh & unique ~ a welcome change from what's been "out there" for so long.

Click over for a peek at the beginnings of the new Jeanne d'Arc Living "department" at The Beautiful Life but bear in mind -- there is WAY more yet to be listed on that page so keep checking back in the next day since that page will be updating all day long as new item after new item is listed.

I've ecstatic about this. I think you will be, too!

Now off I go, new products to list!

"Denmark's the spot" button courtesy of Facebook