Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas To My Sweet Blog Friends :)

It's a lovely, peaceful evening here in my house:
the movie "The Ultimate Gift" on tv after returning
from a nice long ride to look at Christmas lights
all topping off a generally perfect Christmas day.

It's hard to believe that once again, this special time of year is now
pretty much passed and we're perched on the edge of 2012!

This month as been SO busy -- not only with the store and
orders for magazines and shop items, but in the personal realm,
my sweet daughter, Olivia, graduated last weekend (12-17)
from college.

I seem to remember that not that long ago I posted about her 
FIRST day at college.  So I ask you, WHERE has the time gone??

Well, in all fairness she did move at a pretty accelerated rate and
graduated early, but still...  :)

This is the girl who spent 6 weeks this past summer on her own
in Israel working with an organization that reaches out to Palestinians.
She traveled several times into the West Bank/Gaza Strip delivering 
food relief aid packages to needy Palestinian families.

This is the same girl who only AFTER she was safely back at home
let me in on the fact that the church-owned guest house she stayed in
had just been re-opened after extensive repairs due to arson at the hands
of some extremists in the area.
She knew about this before she left, but chose not to share this
nugget of info with me -- it didn't change her mind and she figured
no point worrying me... Oh my...

She absolutely fell in love with Israel -- I think she left a part of
her heart there...
(Olivia, in the library of the guest house)

I believe, if given the chance, she might well have 
stayed there and asked for her things to be shipped to her.
Israel was a perfect fit for her -- the foods,
the surroundings, the "feel".
(Sitting at the Sea of Galilee)

So now, she has her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts 
(concentrated in painting) and for the next 1/2 year she'll
take a breather until she heads off to pursue a Masters Degree in
Intercultural Studies.

I'll be trying to soak in and savor every single minute with her until 
she leaves next year... *SIGH*

If you've followed my blog for a while, you have to know that she and I are
linked -- tightly linked.  I'm so happy for her -- so proud of her... but when she
takes off next year... a HUGE piece of me goes with her.  Ouch.  
But it's a "good" ouch.  If that's possible.  :)

Well, I digress...  This is a post to say 
Merry Christmas to you all and to thank you,
from the bottom of my heart,
for sticking with me this past crazy-busy year!! 

We've grown quite a bit this year, and I'm thinking up 
some fun new changes for the new year for the store.

All in all, life is wonderful and I am blessed.

How about you?  :)

All is calm, all is bright...
Merry Christmas to all
and to all
a good night.



Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Know That Feeling When You Get To Pass That LONG Line And Go Straight To The Front??? Consider This Your All-Access Pass To Jeanne d'Atc Living!

By now, I hope all of my customers know that all you pretty much have to do is
ask me for something and if it's at all within my power to do it, 
it's done.

Well, after years of fielding daily calls, emails and 
Facebook messages from many of you
asking if you can just buy a subscription
to Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine

(instead of ordering each issue one-by-one
throughout each year)

we are happy to (FINALLY)
announce that we are now offering
a subscription service for that gorgeous magazine.

And what better time of to begin your subscription!!
The 1st issue of 2012 will be here and shipping out
in January and we can get your 
started with that issue!

Of course we still offer the magazine on an
issue-by-issue basis so you can buy just the issues you want
as they come out.

For those who always buy each issue and know they will 
continue to do so,
a subscription is the way to go!!!

Here are just a few reasons why:

1.)  No more "waiting in line" so to speak...your name is 
always "on the list" and in line to get the next issue!
You skip having to always try to be on alert to 
when each issue is coming so you can be sure to 
order your copy -- now you can just make one
purchase (the subscription) and sit back and wait
for each issue to appear in your mail box.

2.)  With a subscription, you enjoy a bit of a savings by
buying a year at a time Your price per issue goes from
$26.00/each to $24.00/each.
Same free shipping as always.

3.)  You will be guaranteed that you will not be caught
without an issue in the event a particular one sells out 
quickly.  This has become the rule rather than the
exception lately!  And when we go to try and order more
from Denmark, we're finding that now even they are sold out!
Your purchase of a subscription will have secured each and
every issue of the year -- no worries.

What better time to put a subscription to
Jeanne d'Arc Living on your list to Santa??  ;)

Or, what about giving a year of beauty to your mom,
sister, daughter, best friend, etc..?

Place your order for them online and we'll do the rest --
all year long they will get issue after issue of some of the most
inspiring, breath-taking beauty they can inagine.

If you have any questions, just let me know!
But really, if you are a regular buyer,

Hope your December is off to a lovely (chilly?) start!
We're still unseasonably warm here in Florida
(well... "normal" for Florida, but not at all
Christmassy weather).  ;)

Here's the link again for ordering
your subscription:



Friday, December 2, 2011

It's A Christmas Miracle! :)


Santa's elves came early and guess what they dropped off
here at The Beautiful Life?????

of the Christmas issue that 
WAS sold out
(until the magic of Christmas struck)
but is now available again while they last!

pimp myspace with Gickr

Many of you have called and emailed frantically looking for a copy
and I've had to give you the news that we sold out.

If that was YOU,
head over to the site now
 and grab your copy
while they're still available.   

What a great way to start December!