Friday, October 30, 2009

Good News & "Okay" News... Important Jeanne d'Arc Living News & Updates

Well, here it is...
the cover of the last issue of the year,
issue #6 (IN ENGLISH!)...
the Christmas issue!!

As always, the pictures are dreamy
and again (and with all issues going forward)
this coming issue will be brought to
you in English,
so you can do the crafts, make the recipes
and read all about each inspiring photo.

Hello all, it's been a while, so I thought I'd better get you up to speed on
all things Jeanne d'Arc Living...

First, the fun, great news:

The last issue (issue #6) of Jeanne d'Arc Living for this year will naturally be a Christmas issue and it is now on the site for pre-ordering.

CLICK HERE to go straight to the issue #6 page on the site!

It looks like it is going to really be a treasure-trove of holiday inspiration, so if you would like to be in que the minute our stock arrives, you may want to head over now and secure a copy for yourself.

Okay, on to the just "okay" news....

That shipment that we thought a few weeks ago was "over water and on it's way"?

That shipment that contains all the new goodies and re-stocks on many of the previous
beautiful things?

That shipment containing many, many things YOU have pre-ordered?

Well, we were informed that it only left port in Denmark just
this past Monday, the 26th.... ugh.

So, it looks like the new arrival date for the crate will be approximately

We went through and adjusted the ETA on all the item pages but I wanted to
mention it here, as well.

One last thing....


Those fabulous low mercury glass cheese domes that many of you

Not gonna happen.

At the same time we were informed that our shipment leaving their docks was delayed, we were also told that the low domes have been discontinued and we will NOT be getting what we thought we'd be getting in the way of stock on the low cheese domes.

{Note to anyone who pre-ordered, you should have received an email from us letting you know about the now unavailable status of this item. Additionally, your card has NOT been charged at all, so now worries...)

The good news is, we WILL be getting in the other shape/height of them (the more cloche/bell-shaped ones) if you can use one of those.

CLICK HERE if you would like to check them out on the site!

They are just as beautiful -- just a different shape.

I suppose in light of the whole scheme of life, it really isn't any HUGE
deal -- but I do hate to disappoint those who have been SO patiently
waiting for their pre-orders.

Hang in there -- time flies when you're having fun, and before
you know it, it will be mid-November and that
beloved, much-anticipated, long-awaited shipment should be HERE!

And as always, once it does get here, we will work
like Energizer bunnies
for you
getting it all unpacked and disbursed and repackaged out to you....

Sound like a plan?

Just wanted to "keep you in the loop"
on all things Jeanne d'Arc Living!


If you 've made it this far --
boy have I got a treat for you.

I found out some GOOD news from the folks at
Jeanne d'Arc when they were telling me my otherwise disappointing news....

I am going to get a FEW fabulous Christmas stockings
on this shipment that I did not think we were going to be able to get!

I was totally surprised because I had written them off as not available!

I didn't get many, but what we did get, I'll be sure to put up on the site as
soon as they get here (I'll have to photograph them first).
I think you'll really love them!!

Plus, there are SO many things coming that I haven't even shown you yet...
it's all gonna be WORTH THE WAIT, my dears....
I promise.

Have a great weekend!!




It's National Candy Corn Day! (SERIOUSLY!)

Check it out!

I just learned it's

National Candy Corn Day!

No way!

So all that candy corn eating I've BEEN doing

for the


has just been practice for today!

I'm so dedicated to this holiday, you know...

can't be eating the candy like an amateur on this big day --

this requires plenty of warming up!

(Like that month or two of "practice" I mentioned...)

Love it! ;)

Sooo... here's my burning question:

Does candy corn


as a vegetable?

Works for me!

Happy Candy Corn Day!!

Go getcha some!
You might want to pause the music player on the left side bar
before playing this fun video from
the Food Network.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wanna Spend At Least An Hour (and possibly a nice chunk of change) On A Website?

This will be short and sweet because these pictures tell it all...

If you haven't yet discovered "Factory20" --

Off you go!

to be transported!

Wow! Now THAT'S a reading light!

THIS baby could hold some MAJOR laundry day work!

Coffee table extraordinaire!

Soooo, guess there would be really NO excuse for being disorganized with these, huh?

Love the fact that it has the elegance of the
Queen Anne style legs, with the funkiness of metal!
Kinda like a Steampunk table!
I love this -- no idea what I'd use it for, except to maybe just stand there looking cool...

So now I've shared with you one of my new favorite places

And trust me ....

There is still PLENTY left to see!

Hope you'll enjoy perusing the cache of
vintage goodies


P.S.... Next post will likely be all about
my saga of painting my kitchen cabinets (finally!).
Can't do it now -- literally falling asleep as I type out this post...
please forgive any typo's!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Someone Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming...(and, the business of "stuff".)

I am here to tell you that

I am just blown away (AGAIN)

by the way we women across this

country care for

and treat each other...

How one seemingly small act of kindness

moves another and

generates yet another incredibly

thoughtful act of

random kindness.

{THE sweetest note!}

I got the most amazing, beautifully wrapped package in the mail from one of my customers

this weekend --


When this gorgeous box arrived, I was trying to remember if I'd ordered something and just forgot about it

(ever do THAT?)

but I just couldn't think of anything I was expecting to arrive...

I got the package late Saturday afternoon just as I was flying out the door to help out at a
church function and had to resist opening it since I was already running late ( so what's new?).

I was away until after midnight that night, so I was not able to open it until early Sunday

(I know, I can't believe I was able to let it sit unopened that long either!)

LOOK at this!!

Where do I start?

GIANT coffee filter flowers

A pearl and wire letter "R",

A jar of homemade berry jam sooo beautifully presented along with
a lovely silver spreader knife,

A beautifully made "Candle Corset" made from
chicken wire (don't you love chicken wire?) and beautiful white lace
tied up with white seam binding ribbon
(check them out in Rosemary's Etsy shop!!),

A beautifully scented pillar candle (gardenia!)

and a glass hurricane to set it in
(which would all then be topped by the "candle corset"!).

Sorry for the blurry pic - but I wanted you to see down
inside the hurricane which is inside the chicken wire "corset"....

It didn't take long for me to see what the box was all about...

My sweet customer, Rosemary,

was so happy about a small thing I did for her a while back and she

simply decided to shower me with the most amazing

box of beauty!!

I ADORE what I do in the way of my store, my blog, etc.

so for me it really isn't like "work" and honestly

there are days I almost catch myself quietly giggling

at the fact that I get to basically play all day with

beautiful things and share them with others.

I love people

and making even the simplest thing a touch more beautiful for them

-- even if it is just by tissue-wrapping your

Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine before it goes into the envelope.

It's "all in a day's work" for me and I wouldn't think of doing

things any other way.

I try not to keep too tight a grip

on the the whole business thing

and rather

try to hold it loosely,

and enjoy it.

Take it seriously enough to pay the bills,

but not

so seriously that I forget why I do it...

I have a motto, that many have heard me repeat over the years:

"Eh, it's just stuff...."

Obviously, it's great stuff.

Beautiful stuff!

Okay, pretty downright fabulous stuff.

But it's still



It should NEVER come ahead

of people.

Like my customers.

Like you.

So if I decide to tuck a little extra "something" into your box,

it's because I just thought maybe you'd enjoy it.

If I don't have something in stock,

I'll scour the web to find someone who does and I'll

put you in touch with them.

I know how frustrated I can get when I'm looking for something in particular

and can't find it.

Why wouldn't I help one of my own customers find what

she's looking for

-- even if my store doesn't have it at the moment?




So, Rosemary, if you read my blog,


It's been a tough, busy, wearying week

and your box

(along with a couple of other God-sent things...Cathy, you KNOW I'm talking to YOU!)

have really bolstered me and put fresh air beneath my wings.

I'm ready for a new week of filling

orders with more





You are LOVED!!