Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine PRICE ROLL-BACK Starting With The Next Issue!

{Man! Isn't this a gorgeous cover!}

It isn't often a shop gets to actually
REDUCE the price back down to a previous level for it's customers.

But hooray-hooray, today was one such day!  

Thanks to currency fluctuations between the Euro and the dollar,
our cost-per-issue of the Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine has actually
gone DOWN!


And I don't know if you recall or not, 
but I promised you that if and when we 
ever saw a decrease again in our costs to obtain the magazine, we would
pass the savings back on to you...

Well I remember saying it to you...

And as such, I am keeping my end of the bargain and rolling back the price
to pre-2010 pricing ($25.00/issue)!!!

It's been what, four issues now, at $35.00?  
I'm SO thrilled to be able to give you all a breather and go back down
to the lesser price. 

You've all been just so very faithful to continue to buy the magazine even at it's
higher price point and I am honestly giddy about being able to pass on
a bit of a price DECREASE for a change!

The 5th issue looks as yummy as ever -- a predominant feature one
lovely baths... a section devoted to making old-looking signs (now this has me
completely intrigued!!), recipes perfect for summer, and of course beautiful
features on flowers/gardening.

Here's a wee bit of a sneak peek:

Our order for our supply of the next issue (issue #5) has
officially been placed and we've already created a pre-order page on the site for it...

Enjoy the savings and have a look at our other new things on
our new items page, too!
You'll find that by clicking HERE



Unknown said...

This post has just made my day. I love it and i love your blog!

The Flying Bee said...

I just ordered my copy! What a savings! :)

I am starting my day off with a cup of coffee and your awesome playlist...it's definitely a morning for a little beautiful life music!


Unknown said...

...whhhhoooo hooooooo!!!
ordering right NOW!!!
xo, Rosemary

teresa sheeley said...

Okay, so you teased me just enough to make me drool and have to do a pre-order!! :) Can't wait now!!!

Gypsy Purple said...

Don`t we just love Jeanne de Arc Living!!!!

mari said...

AWESOME!!! i'm ordering mine now!

many blessings to you ruth!