Friday, November 27, 2009

Letting You Eavesdrop On A Facebook Conversation Between Dream-Hubs & Me...

Taken by Dream-Hub's cell-phone, just minutes after
my package arrived -read on...

Our mail just arrived and wouldn't you know, Dream-Hubs was outside just as it was being dropped off. So he saw the box in my hands.

(Ladies... you KNOW you also try and hide packages that come... admit it.)

So I had no choice but to reveal the contents to him -- and so surprised he was, that he immediately took a picture with his phone of my new purchase and went straight to Facebook to
tell on me...

Here's how that went:

Doug Harsham Ice skates in Florida...

Doug Harsham
Doug Harsham
just when I thought I couldn't be surprised by anything an old mine cart in the kitchen, etc...guess what shows up in the mail for my wife... she actually had to hang the garland before she'd let me take the picture! These things look like they're 100 years old...

Ruth Harsham
Ruth Harsham
Gotta love life with me, huh? You do, right? :)

Ruth Harsham
Ruth Harsham
Besides, these may be the closest I ever get to actually having a use for ice skates. :(

Doug Harsham
Doug Harsham
wouldn't change a thing!

So ....

Yes -- I bought vintage leather ice skates to decorate my porch with... BUSTED.

Hey, can you blame a native Floridian for at least
d-r-e-a-m-i-n-g of cooler places???

Here's hoping your dreams come true...

And your "secret" packages go undiscovered. Well, maybe not... it's kinda fun when you actually get to SEE
the surprised/confused look on their face! ;)

Let The Countdown Begin...

{One of our trees from last Christmas.}

Though it seems hard to believe,
the "count down to Christmas" is on!

I love it!

Thanksgiving was lovely and to peer inside my fridge,
you'd think we didn't eat a thing yesterday since there is SO much stuffed
on every shelf in there! But who doesn't love tons of leftover
pies, cakes, and goodies? :)

If you're out and about hitting the Black Friday sales,
be careful -- and be nice!! :)

May you not get your toes run over by a zealous shopper's cart.

May you not get trampled in a stampede for a sale item.

May you take every opportunity to stop as often as possible
for a hot latte and catch your breath.

Then again... do Black Friday shoppers need to
add caffine to the mix?

Just kidding... :)

Hope you get the deals you're looking for and may you
check everything off your shopping list today!!

Have a wonderful weekend and be looking for
our next giveaway!
You'll need it for all those presents you bought today!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

GET 'EM WHILE YOU CAN! New Jeanne d'Arc Listings!

"This just in!"

At the request of MANY of you, we've FINALLY gotten a few of the
new things from our Jeanne d'Arc Living shipment up on the site
for sale -- and not a moment too soon!!

First up, dark metal mesh cloches --

two sizes
(sold individually) to choose from. How WILL you choose??
Click HERE to see them.

The cloches are made to coordinate with THIS metal
"under plate"

but feel free to use them with or without it.
Both the pedestal (under plate) and the cloches look
awesome together or on their own!

Then, the incredible La Poste Christmas stockings....

Now friends, we were sent only SIX of these
beauties so I don't want any bloodshed over these!
I cannot get any more of them (and was very fortunate
to get the six I did get)!
So, not to induce mass hysteria or anything, but
when they're gone - theyre gone.
And I'm not even keeping one for myself -- that's
just how unselfish I'm trying to be. ;)

On to the wonderful, sweet set of three
darkened metal, dimensional hearts.

These are so great -- a set of three, each hung
from a rustic jute rope.
See them HERE!

Monday, November 23, 2009



Back later!

In the meantime, I'll be
"playing" (oops, I mean WORKING)
with all the goodies
that are staring at me right now
with all their

I love my job...


Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Beautiful Life's Version Of "Black Friday" Shopping!

I've never been one to be among the hoards lining up at 5AM for the
after-Thanksgiving-sales. I barely get out of the house on time for church on
Sunday, so hanging out in the dark on the sidewalk to save a few bucks... not
gonna happen.

SO, for all of you would also rather cozy up at home with a cup of coffee and a
slice of left-over pumpkin pie the morning after Thanksgiving, I have a deal for you...

Use coupon code THANKFUL during checkout at The Beautiful from now
until midnight next Wednesday (Nov. 25th) and save 20% off your entire order.

Top that off with the fact that you always get FREE ground shipping and you've got
yourself NO REASON to be standing in line before the crack of dawn.

It's my way of letting you know I am so thankful for each of you who takes time
all year long to read my ramblings and shop my store. I don't say it often
enough -- I'm thankful for you and treasure each of you.

So, now's your chance to score that special something you may have had your eye on in the shop, as well as get all the
hostess gifts, teacher gifts,
gifts for moms, sisters, and BFF's
that you still need to buy
and get it all accomplished BEFORE
silly "black Friday" even gets here!

Your purchases will arrive on your doorstep in no time flat and you will not have even
had to leave your house or your cozy robe.

Now THAT is what I call savvy shopping!
And you can start now -- well before
your neighbors head off under cover of dark next Friday morning
to battle the crowds and cold!

I'm thankful for all of YOU --
hope you enjoy your little "gift" from me in the way
of a bit of savings on your shopping.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

"I Love Blogs & Coffee" Poster Winners

Hello to each of you who entered my
quickie-giveaway today!

I did it totally on the spur of the moment and that was fun!

Here are the winners!

If you hurry and get me your addresses, I can likely get your poster out to you tomorrow (Friday)!

Thank you SO much to EACH of you who left a comment!

I wish I could give you ALL a poster!

Here are the ladies who won and who now might want to
shoot me an email with your address (if I don't already have it).

Cathy (Mille Fleur)
Adrienne (The Flying Bee)

Hope to hear from you gals soon!

For those who didn't get to enter or didn't win...


ANOTHER GIVEAWAY is only days away and this one
has Christmas gift-giving all wrapped up!



Love Blogging? Love Coffee? Howzabout A Free Poster To Declare It?

I don't know... I'm sitting here working in my office,
and saw our supply of these fabby
posters and I thought
"Hey, I wanna give somebody one of these..."

So, leave me a comment if you also love

and later tonight I'll choose a name and send ya one!

That's it from here --

Just 'cause. ;)


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anyone Else Feeling The Mid-Week Slump? Coffee, anyone?

Any way I can point this guy in the direction of MY house!

Thought I'd share a picture my hubby took from the car on his way home
the other night of this tanker truck headed in the same direction home as my hubby was.

He sent the pic to me with this note:

"Thought maybe you'd ordered coffee to go..."

Wishing you a renewed burst of energy this Wednesday.

As you can see, I've already arranged for my refueling.

Just kidding...


Monday, November 16, 2009

Wonderful French Giveaway from The Brocantess!

{Photo courtesy of The Brocantess blog;
item not necessarily one of the giveaway prizes.}

You'll surely want to check out a wonderful giveaway
of some lovely French items
going on over at

Prize 1-- A Vintage French Rosary

Prize 2-- Two Vintage French Books

Prize 3--Three Vintage French linens (torchon, serviette, etc.-based on what she can find)

Now - if that's not enough,
each winner will have input on what their find will look like!

Do you prefer a white rosary? Black, clear?

Do you want white books? Tattered, w/cover?

Would you like a monogrammed torchon (if possible)? If so, what letter?

So, as you can see, this is a giveaway that you will really have
some say in! How fun!

Good luck!

P.S.... I'm ready to do another giveaway soon here, too!

Stay tuned!

Moving Furniture, Playing With My New Cart, "Nesting" (when I SHOULD be working)...

As you may have read in the post just below this one,
I got a new "toy" over the weekend and honestly,
I cannot stop playing with it!

{Just because... the view from my kitchen sink...}

But I really should stop playing with it all -- since I have
SOOO much
to do at the office!

But this purchase has prompted a whole domino affect of changes
around the house now -- and it's been SO fun!

Yesterday I moved most of the family room furniture into another room...

(The only "before"pic I could find was from the 2/09 issue of Romantic Homes mag...)


I moved most of our living room furniture into the family room
and then "rounded things out" with various other
pieces from around the house...

{I love the two different fabrics on this chair!
And I challenge anyone to surpass the number of fabrics I can cram into any one room!}

{One of my all-time favorite buys: an East German
blanket chest from 1743. A keeper, to be sure!}

It feels like we got a whole
new two rooms and

What was that sound?
I thought I heard someone clearing their throat...
Oh, this is where
"Dream-Hubs" would remind me that we
DID spend something on that cart...

But I digress...

Thought I'd share my quickie re-do of the furniture in our
family room -- which leads directly into the kitchen
with it's newly painted cabinets.

I realize you really have no point of reference for how things looked before
but trust me, the furniture moving was a nice improvement!

All the colors flow much better now and look
so serene and calming.

I love it!


It is still in the kitchen and
I have resisted moving it all over the house for various reasons:

1.) I could really get on people's nerves to be rolling something that large
back and forth in front of the TV while I decide where I want it...

2.) In view of Thanksgiving coming up, I figure we could use it in the kitchen
(at least for now) to help hold all the food that the family will be bringing....

3.) My daughter and a friend are hosting a LARGE Christmas party here
and the living room (where I think the cart will ultimately land) is going to be
one of their "dance floors"... so I will hold off and allow them all the room they can get
before hauling that giant cart in there, in their way...

4.) It is still in very good shape, but it has grown a bit, shall we say
"weak in the joints" and I just have this fear that the more I move it around,
the more I'm pushing my luck. I waited SO long for it, I don't want to be the one to
break it!
(And to that, I hear a loud "You got that right!" in my brain from Dream-Hubs).

Thanks for putting up with my playing house and sharing it with you.

I suppose now I should get back to work...

But at least that's just as fun -- when you work amid such beautiful things!


Happy Monday!