Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And The Award Goes To....

In the short time that I've been blogging, I have occasionally run across bloggers who have either been "tagged" or received an "award" from another blogger.

Now, I don't mean to be infantile, but all the while I've been kind of, well...sort of, well, envious. I wondered if anyone would ever "tag" me or one day decide to give me an "award" of some kind...

Guess what? I got an award! (This is where you picture me dancing around, singing the words -- "I got an award, I got an award...Woo Hoo! Yes!" ) The pictues above are the closest I could come to re-creating Joy "presenting the award to me... :)

The award is called the Arte Y Pico Award and it is "dedicated to many who nourish and enrich the spirit and creativity" as described by it's originator Arte y Pico

And the greatest thing is, I got it from someone really special to me...someone that I've "discovered" online that I share so much in common with, its almost scary. Its the ever-sweet, ever-generous Joy! (And if a name ever fit, hers does!!)

Joy received the award from someone and she then felt compelled to pass it along; just like her -- so sweet and ALWAYS thinking of how she can brighten someone else's day!

The Amazing Joy, as she should be known, is not only a wife & mom but runs TWO sites -- her blog, The Joy Of, and her retail website, THE HOPE JAR. PLEASE do yourself a HUGE favor and stop by both sites!

Her blog will have you laughing along with her as she chronicles her daily life, but it will also have you SO inpired as she shows all the incredibly creative ways she turns "junk" into the most fabulous new treasures! AND you will FALL IN LOVE with Wilbur, her almost human-like dog...just look at him! :)
Joy's website, THE HOPE JAR, offers not only the creation the site is named after -- a pretty glass jar filled with single little cards with words of inspiration and encouragement for each day --
but ALSO is filled with some of the most fabulous vintage finds - some "altered" some not -- but ALL are "to die for"! Trust me, I know -- I've had packages from her store arriving at my house so often I think my hubby may pull the plug on my computer!

I really enjoy writing and although I probably don't create posts as often as I should. But when I do write one, I hope it in some way touches the heart of someone at just the right time.

Blogging is sort of today's version of old-time journaling. And if you think about it, each day is like a blank journal page and every one of us holds our own "quill" and measured amount of "ink" for the day.

It is then up to us, each day, to determine what we'll "write" -- how we'll fill today's "page" in our life's journal. Today, because of this award, my life's journal "page" has a very happy and upbeat entry.

Thank you, Joy!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We're Busy Bees Around Here. Queen Bees, Of Course...


I love this job. I feel a little guilty even using the term 'job'. More like a dream-come-true hobby. Sort of like playing house when you were little only now its with REALLY cool stuff and I'm "required" to go shopping a lot (so I can supply you with all the latest and best, of course!).
No wonder I call it 'The Beautiful Life'! And let me tell you, there are SO MANY BEAUTFUL NEW THINGS already in and many, many more on the way!
For many of you, the 'Fabulous Fifi' needs no introduction...
Her dreamy, inspiring blog has reached near cult status! If you have visited Fifi's blog, no doubt you've fallend in love with the many, many fabric treasures her sister Sylvie creates. Chief among them are her fabulous fabric shoes! (see the photos below from Fifi's blog).
~~~ FABULOUS FIFI (on the right) & HER SISTER "SAINT SYLVIE (on left)" ~~~
This photo (from Fifi's blog) was taken during one of Sylvie'strips back here to the U.S. to visit Fifi.

(By the way, I refer to Sylvie as a "saint" because of how patient she's been with me as we decided on just which fabrics and trimmings we'd use for the things she's making for me!) :)

Sylvie lives in France and runs a beautiful bed and breakfast (when she isn't sitting at the sewing machine turning out the most incredible home accessories).

Below are pictures from Fifi's blog showing just a fraction of the many, many designs that Sylvie comes up with! The shoe haning on the front door is fabulous! The sign above the shoe says "Please Wipe Your Feet". How Perfect!!

Sylvie obviously shares Fifi's limitless energy and creativity!

SO! All this to say that Sylvie has been working on some designs for The Beautiful Life and they are almost done and ready to be shipped over to me! There will be the little stuffed "shoes" (of course) but also the long, skinny stuffed "draft-stoppers" as well as something really neat she calls "candle bags". All are made from the finest, most beautiful fabrics and will have that elegant, classic 'Sylvie' look. A little touch of French elegance straight to you from the heart of France...