Friday, December 3, 2010

We're Stylin', Passing The Love, And Sharing Some Fun Facts...

I got the sweetest blog award and I'd love thank Adrienne of
(don't you just LOVE that name??)

The award is the 
"Stylish Blogger Award"
and it completely made me smile.  :)

Thank you, Adrienne!!  How fun!!! 

Along with the award, I am constrained to share 7 fun facts with you
then pass the award on to 7 other stylin' bloggers.  
Super fun!    

Sooooo, let's get this party started:

1.)  I am a city-girl through and through.  I never want to go camping a day in my life.
Ever.  There's a reason we've made improvements through the centuries to include indoor
plumbing, electricity and running water.  If I ever get a hankering for the 
"good old days"... take me antique shopping.  ;)

2.)  Though I am a city girl... I do harbor a secret desire for the more
simple things -- things with the character that only history can give.
Wooden screen doors slamming as guests enter.  Large farmhouse-style kitchens
with a big gathering table and lots of "elbow room" for guests that will 
inevitably congregate there.
Like this old truck... man, I'd love to have this or one like it...

We used to pass an old (Ford? Chevy?) truck on the way to church each Sunday morning that was for sale out in someone's yard.  It was there for years... until one day it was gone.  I secretly hoped that maybe it was gone because my hubby, having heard my dreams of having it, secretly bought it for me and it had disappeared from the man's yard and was out being restored for me...
It did sell, I suppose, but it does not reside with me.  :) 

That's ok -- my "dreams for it were silly anyway.  I didn't want to drive it, I wanted to park it in our
yard, just like you see in the picture above.  I wanted to decorate it for the seasons/holidays...
hay bales in the truck bed with pumpkins, etc. for Fall.  Decked out with little white twinkle lights and
a gorgeous big wreath for Christmas.  Flags and bunting for Summer.  And tubs of flowers and
Spring flower garland for Spring.  Hearts for Valentines Day, Shamrocks for St. Patty's day, etc...

And when we have outdoor parties -- fill the back up with ice for drinks!  

So, as you can see... I only wanted it for a glorified lawn ornament.
No wonder I didn't get it.  ;)

By the way, the 1959 Land Rover pictured above is a fully restored one of a kind that 
the good folks at have up for auction this month.  If you are so inclined to
participate in the online auction, just be aware that as of an hour or so ago, the highest bid
was at just shy of $100K.  
Just sayin...

Okay... #3.)...
Well... hmmm... Some of you may remember a year or so ago I was still sporting
blonde hair.  I'd been blonde for about 12 years or so and then I decided to go back to my
"roots" (haha -- hey, it was just sitting there, I had to go for it).  So, now I am back 
to my very dark brown hair.  I happy with it, but now my secret wish is to go for 
hair extensions.  Everyone always rolls their eyes when I say that... "But you already 
have long hair, what do you need those for?"  
Since when does a gal need an excuse for wanting an even more lush crowning glory??
Do any of you have experience with extensions?  The woven-in kind?
The clip in kind?? Do tell!

4.)  We are about to embark on a MAJOR home repair project.
Our poor old gal of a home (born in 1891) is going to have to have at least
half her downstairs original hardwood floors yanked up and replaced.
Termites have had their way with the wood and we can no longer put it off.
But, I'm excited about it.  The old floors definitely have character but they have seen their better days
and it will be fun to have new, good solid wood back down again.
Super dark, hand-scraped, wide planks.  

Can't wait.
Good thing, too.  Because this house has no foundation and no subfloor.
So... one false move on these rickety floors and someone is going straight 
through to the dirt below.
And... I will DEFINITELY be blogging about it -- before/after pics!

5.)  I have a keen interest in the whole raw food diet.  But no clue how I could ever
truly incorporate it into my life.  I stay so busy I barely cook a "real" meal anymore,
and from what I've seen, the raw food way requires a lot of planning, special buying
and prep.  By the way, for those wondering what a raw food diet is, it is NOT where you
eat anything gross like raw meat.  It is a plant-based diet that involves no cooked foods --
everything eaten in it's most natural state.
Anyone have experience with eating this way??  I'd love to hear your story!

6.)  In the wake of what I said above in #5, I am the same gal who
at any given moment will suddenly crave a wonderful steak.  Not often, mind you,
but when I do, it's like I MUST get one.  And then there is my love of 
coffee.  And candy.  And baking sweets.  See now why #5 is probably going to just
stay a pipe dream for me??  ;)

7.)  I would have another child in a heartbeat if I could.  When I saw the wonderful
I was so thrilled for them!  No doubt, they faced naysayers since they are no longer 
within society's guidelines for what is considered the proper age to still bear children.
So I congratulate them for choosing to bring life into the world again -- I imagine
that their new little boy will bring only joy, love, and healing to their home.
Yippee for them!   :)

And now for the seven other bloggers I'd like to pass this award of style on to...

1.)  Melanie from The Musing Magpie

2.)   Lila from Pretty Prowler

3.)   Laura from Verbena Nested Treasures

4.)  Barbara from Hampton Hostess

6.) Leigha from Elle Oh

7.)  Maryanne from Beadboard Upcountry

I think you'll enjoy each and every one of their blogs -- there is
something for everyone at each one.   


And thank you again, Adrienne, for passing the
"Stylish Blogger"award to me!  

Sooo fun!!

Have a great weekend everyone!
It's December and it's chilly here (finally!) -- great weather
to get out of the house.   



Cathy said...

congrats on your award -- you ARE a stylish blogger! #1 and #2? My sentiments exactly!


Dear Ruth,
I woke up this morning to your fantastic news! I can't thank you enough--I am so honored to have been given this award by you and look forward to posting about it this weekend. The Beautiful Life is truly a breath of fresh air-stylish, chic and full of surprises! All the best, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Ruth, I'm with you on the camping! NO THANKS! LOL! I'll take a walk in the woods and fishing, etc. any day, but give me a warm BED and a roof over my head with a nice modern INSIDE bathroom!
Congratulations on your award.
Hugs, Diane

Lila said...

Thanks so much, Ruth! I'm so excited to get the award! A good start for, hopefully, an awesome weekend! I loved your seven things about you! So fun!
Lila Ferraro

Karena said...

Hi Ruth I love knowing more about you!! I too am a city girl and have NEVER been camping or seriously hiking for that matter!!

I need to peruse your new offerings!

Do come and enter my $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

Art by Karena

Anonymous said...

Omgosh! you don't have a subfloor? I was told my floor was the subfloor until I got the oldest person I knew who used to work in construction to look. He said it was built before they knew the value of a subfloor. Yippie I'm glad I'm not the only one with a "no subfloor" home! and also if we fall thru I'll post about that as well ;)

The Flying Bee said...

Hi Ruth!

Gosh, I sure do miss ya! Anywho, congrats on the award and I am lovin' all the new stuff, too! Hope things are well with you.


Leigha said...

Thanks darling...

Happy Holidays. Wink!


a whole lotta love said...

I love your fun facts! I'm a landrover girl too (we have 2)... but it would be so wonderful to have a really old one. We've had an old house as well (1840's) and now we live in a 1920's home. I know all about renovations :) Have a wonderful day and I'm going to check out the blogs you've passed this on to!


Tarnished Royalty said...

Hi Ruth! I enjoyed reading your fun facts! I'm with ya on the camping, but as for the raw food diet, I could never last! ~Ann

P.S. If you want hair extensions, I say go for it!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Ruth!!! Thank you soooo much! I feel honored!

Also, clip-in can get them at Sally's to match your hair color, make sure they are human hair so you can use heat tools, normally they cost around $75...but they are fabulous and super easy to put in...if you need help I'll upload a tutorial ;)

Miss you! Thank you again for awarding my blog ;)

Small Holdings Farm said...

I am a woman of few words--you are not, but you are very amusing and a very fun read--nice site! Sherron


Danessa said...

Hi, I came across your blog through a google search for handscraped solid wood wide planks. Do you mind telling me where you got them from? We are having trouble finding a place that carries them. Thank you!