Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Promise I'm Not Ignoring You!


Is anyone else having problems opening blogs???

I am!

In the last week or two, I am finding I simply
cannot open many of your wonderful blogs!

I get all the notices of new blog posts for the blogs I follow,
and I even get the first few lines of whatever is being posted,
but when I click to go to the blog
-- no dice.

Won't open.

I wait.

And wait.

And finally I get the dreaded
"Page will not display"
error message.

And it doesn't matter which blog host it is -- Typepad, Blogger, WordPress... whatever.

And I go back into my blog "dashboard"
off and on all day and
re-try opening the blogs,
but to no avail.

Tonight I was finally able to get
most of the blogs to open!

So I got a lot of my blog reading done
and subsequent commenting...
but I just feel horrible that so many
new blog posts have come and gone
without my being able to read more than
the first line of them via the synopsis in my "dashboard".

Just wanted you to know I haven't been deliberately inconsiderate -- just
haven't been able to see what you've had to say!

Here's hoping it was only a temporary thing. :)

Back soon to show you some NEW THINGS we got in today!!

-- you're gonna love 'em! ;)

From me to you,



Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Sweetie,
I'm with you on the Blogger issues... slow, slow, slow. I'm trying to get updates too after being gone for awhile. What's a person to do? I'm home with a bug and I miss my favs (notice how much I was on Twitter today?). Hoping things get back to normal speed with the blogs very soon. Can't wait to see your new items too.

You're a sweetheart, Ruth, thank you for your kind words of encouragement during this trying time for my fam. xoxo! ~Tracie

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I had to come back and say how I got a kick out of Lauren Graham's photo. Loved the Gilmore Girls... watched it with my daughter and husband all the time until the last season when we didn't watch one show (one day I have to find out how it ended as I was really upset when Amy Sheridan Palladino was not on board). More than you wanted to know, right? Laughing yet? Then I did my part, friendy friend ;)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I know!! I love that pic and have had at least one other blog post occasion that I could use it! :)

I think I have had that same expression on my face many-a-time! Especially these last couple of weeks as I'd try in vain to open blogs!! :)

Oh well, in the whole scheme of life, it isn't really an earth-shattering problem, is it?

Thanks Tracie!!


The Flying Bee said...

Well, I was starting to wonder...Hee Hee! :)


donna said...

Hi Ruth!
I have been having similiar issues from my dashboard as well...I too hope it's a temporary thing. (I was afraid I did something wrong... again!) Whew! I'm not alone!
Can't wait to see the new stuff at the store!
Hope you have a Wonderful

julie - eab designs said...

Hi Ruth, you're not alone! I've had problems over the past week opening many blogs through google reader. I'm able to by-pass it by typing the blog url directly in my server, but still can't open many of them the other way. At first I thought it was because they were updating their blog just as I was trying to open it....but guess not. Hopefully the problem will work itself out. Best wishes for a great fall weekend!! - Julie

Teri said...

I feel the same way. I am so upset about all the blog updates I missed while gone. Still trying to catch up.

I'm not having trouble opening them... hope that doesn't happen to me.

See you Sunday? I have a HAPPY for you...........

:) Teri

Claudia said...

Blogger has had issues lately. I haven't had a problem opening blogs (knock on wood) but have dealt with followers disappearing, etc.

Glad you finally got on!

Bonjour Madame said...

I get strange issues like my blog roll not updating sometimes but have not had this issue yet. Glad you are up and running again!

north pal said...

ah gosh! i know i'm new to having a computer,but i was totally unaware of the term,dashboard :) the only dashboard i know is in a car.
i know i have far to go yet,but plugging along:) and as far as the blogs, i may not know it, but i don't seem to be having any problems,but maybe i wouldn't know it:) chuckle, chuckle. Bestest, Denise

Lettered Cottage said...

Hi Ruth!

Just found your blog tonight- I'm so glad I did! :-)

As for the blog issues...I've heard that it's an Internet Explorer problem. Someone recommended that I switch to Firefox, and that solved the problem for me.

Have a great weekend, and it's so nice to "meet" you! :-)


Shelle said...

I, just dropping in, really like your blog a lot. My computer is always slow and freezes and never loads, so I guess I'm just used to it.