Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Say Yes To The Dress" ... Then TRASH The Dress?

So.... was she going for a "Twilight" themed wedding?

I'm sorry, but have I been
living on another planet?

When did it come into vogue to trash your wedding dress for
your post-wedding photo shoot?

A good friend, Josh, (a pilot who would be more likely
to fill me in on the latest in aircrafts,
but NOT wedding dress trends)
found an article on about this eccentric new trend in weddings.

I like watching the TLC channel show "Say Yes To The Dress" and I wondered,
does Kleinfeld's in NYC
know what may be happening to some of their fab dresses AFTER the wedding?

I wonder how the mother and/or father
of the bride feels about this,
since they probably haven't even finished
paying off that dress yet!

I must admit, some of the photos look pretty
and in some, the dress really
isn't getting "trashed" - nothing a good
dry cleaning wouldn't erase...

These are sweet, they look like wonderful,
down-to-earth couples.

I love the following photos...
they look like they could be in
a glossy wedding magazine!

This makes me
How romantic!!

This gets my vote simply
for it's artistic appeal.
And sheer guts.

But in some of the pics....

Well, they're another story...

Julia Roberts-style good looks, to be sure, but
I think she should have taken advantage of the
government's Cash-For-Clunkers deal before it ended...
Honey, that car needs WAY more than a car wash...

I actually really think this
is darling.
She looks so happy
& afterall
that's what wedding days
are all about, right?

This one is fun --
or, as my friend Josh wondered,
is she actually
a water version of
the 'runaway bride'
and that's

Okay. Color me confused...
Wedding day. Lovely dress.
So naturally the next thing to come to mind is ... junk yard!
Not so much...
And what does it say on the car?
"Her's"? (I'd like to see "his", then!)

Words escape me...
Would love to know the story behind the football jersey.
Goin' casual, were we?

And this last one?

Well, some of you know my daughter is an art major...


If you're reading this...

Hon, I beg of you...

Your father begs of you...


You guys wanna hear the very words my hubby said when he
read first read about this?

"Uh, I can tell you right now...
if she plans on doing anything like this,
I'm not paying for the dress!"

Did I ever mention, hubby doesn't mince words?

But you know what?
At the end of the day,
if it helps make it all more memorable,
and it if helps really "brand" the special day
with what makes you, "you"...
then I say

It's just a dress --
and though so much emphasis (and money!) is
placed on the dress before the wedding
(as evidenced by the show "Say Yes To The Dress")
there is really nothing
inherently magical
the dress...
the marriage is what really matters....


{All photos courtesy of}
And thanks to Josh, too, for
enlightening me on this
new trend!


~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

"Great Minds Think Alike" I just did a post about this-Trash the dress. I think this idea is brilliant - and creative.

Have a great day!


Laura said...

Hi Ruth,
Interesting....but, well...I don't get it....But, then again, I wore my mother's wedding gown.
:) Laura

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what Mandy and Jeremy come up with for "post wedding" shots of her dress. He's SUCH a great photographer I'm SURE there will be fabulous shots of the dress in all manner of "disrepair". We'll see, won't we? Thanks for a blog worth looking forward to, Sis! I love you so much!

lucyslounge-dee said...

i love this idea the photos are great

Kasey said...

I actually like some of the photo' an artisitic way.
I for one..didn't spend gobs of money on my dress {it all went to the photo journalist}!!
and i think that football player is still in highschool!

flax and spindle said...

I love the ones that are in water but rolling around in the trash? uuhh...dont get it.

Maybe she's on the tracks because her man didn't show up for the wedding?

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Hey Ruth!
I've been away too long! I think of you every time I flip open my gorgeous Jeanne d'Arc mag. So much love for that mag.
I dunno, the artist in me likes a lot of these photos. I'm not sentimental at all about my wedding dress itself, I am however, sentimental about the wedding pics. I vote for trashing it. Gently, of course. ;-)

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I gotta say I really love most of these photos...especially the underwater sweet.

Teri said...

Loved the photos... but does anyone else think some of them are faked?

Just a thought...


Chrissy said...

Ruth you are the best!!! I love this post and I am with you if Meg plans on running-a-muck in her dress she can darn well pay for it herself!!!!!! Too funny,and too crazy!!I do however like some of these photos,hope you are well my friend,Chrissy

{ L } said...

Wow, this was actually a fascinating post! These photos are incredible...and what else are you going to do with a dress after the big day?? ;)