Friday, October 30, 2009

Good News & "Okay" News... Important Jeanne d'Arc Living News & Updates

Well, here it is...
the cover of the last issue of the year,
issue #6 (IN ENGLISH!)...
the Christmas issue!!

As always, the pictures are dreamy
and again (and with all issues going forward)
this coming issue will be brought to
you in English,
so you can do the crafts, make the recipes
and read all about each inspiring photo.

Hello all, it's been a while, so I thought I'd better get you up to speed on
all things Jeanne d'Arc Living...

First, the fun, great news:

The last issue (issue #6) of Jeanne d'Arc Living for this year will naturally be a Christmas issue and it is now on the site for pre-ordering.

CLICK HERE to go straight to the issue #6 page on the site!

It looks like it is going to really be a treasure-trove of holiday inspiration, so if you would like to be in que the minute our stock arrives, you may want to head over now and secure a copy for yourself.

Okay, on to the just "okay" news....

That shipment that we thought a few weeks ago was "over water and on it's way"?

That shipment that contains all the new goodies and re-stocks on many of the previous
beautiful things?

That shipment containing many, many things YOU have pre-ordered?

Well, we were informed that it only left port in Denmark just
this past Monday, the 26th.... ugh.

So, it looks like the new arrival date for the crate will be approximately

We went through and adjusted the ETA on all the item pages but I wanted to
mention it here, as well.

One last thing....


Those fabulous low mercury glass cheese domes that many of you

Not gonna happen.

At the same time we were informed that our shipment leaving their docks was delayed, we were also told that the low domes have been discontinued and we will NOT be getting what we thought we'd be getting in the way of stock on the low cheese domes.

{Note to anyone who pre-ordered, you should have received an email from us letting you know about the now unavailable status of this item. Additionally, your card has NOT been charged at all, so now worries...)

The good news is, we WILL be getting in the other shape/height of them (the more cloche/bell-shaped ones) if you can use one of those.

CLICK HERE if you would like to check them out on the site!

They are just as beautiful -- just a different shape.

I suppose in light of the whole scheme of life, it really isn't any HUGE
deal -- but I do hate to disappoint those who have been SO patiently
waiting for their pre-orders.

Hang in there -- time flies when you're having fun, and before
you know it, it will be mid-November and that
beloved, much-anticipated, long-awaited shipment should be HERE!

And as always, once it does get here, we will work
like Energizer bunnies
for you
getting it all unpacked and disbursed and repackaged out to you....

Sound like a plan?

Just wanted to "keep you in the loop"
on all things Jeanne d'Arc Living!


If you 've made it this far --
boy have I got a treat for you.

I found out some GOOD news from the folks at
Jeanne d'Arc when they were telling me my otherwise disappointing news....

I am going to get a FEW fabulous Christmas stockings
on this shipment that I did not think we were going to be able to get!

I was totally surprised because I had written them off as not available!

I didn't get many, but what we did get, I'll be sure to put up on the site as
soon as they get here (I'll have to photograph them first).
I think you'll really love them!!

Plus, there are SO many things coming that I haven't even shown you yet...
it's all gonna be WORTH THE WAIT, my dears....
I promise.

Have a great weekend!!





Cathy said...

Ahhh, the bittersweet nature of shopping from the true "world market"! I'm sure people are disappointed, but part of the fun of shopping with YOU is that you don't buy your merchandise from the same old places lots of other shopkeepers do! How exciting to know that many of your treasures come from such a beautiful place, cross a big, big ocean, and come in a beautiful wooden crate!

ps-- thanks for the "Man Shops Globe" tip about the Anthro buyer. I LOVE it! (Those pillows made in Istanbul by the sweet woman? Beauty-full!)

mari said...

just pre-ordered my december issue!
very excited about those stockings and all the new mechandise. really can't wait to see your kitchen cabinet re-do. thanks for being so lovely.
many blessings,

north pal said...

oh,my goodness, all the lovely goodies that are coming the beautiful life's way. they say that good things are worth the wait. i'm thinking these will certainly be worth it. i'm also excited to see Ruth's new cupboards. i feel envy creeping in. Bestest,Denise

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour! I've heard alot about this magazine but have not yet seen a copy. I'll have to check it out!

Fabulous Finds Studio/Boutique said...

This magazine and the merchandise looks so pretty! I can't wait for Christmas!
Have a fabulous day!

PamperingBeki said...

My goodness, what beautiful images!!

Simply Colette said...

Thanks for stopping by and all the sweet words. You made mine and dad's day! I love your blog. Happy Halloween!!! :)

Xoxo, Nicolette

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

So excited to see the new Jeanne issue...and all the other goods you seem to be working on.

Beadboard UpCountry said...

My sympathies about the shipments....Last xmas I had ordered white snow owls for our xmas window. In NOVEMBER I was informed no nada not gonna happen due to bird flu issues US customs nixed the entire shipment. I love the pictures.. I will e-mail you about the merc glass bell....:)

Kimberly said...

Oh, so pretty!! Thank you for sharing!!!
xxx kim

The Flying Bee said...

Yay..... for the new issue!

Yay....for seeing the cabinets!

Have a super fantastic fabulous

day tomorrow, Ruth! :)


Splendid Willow said...

Just stopped by via another blog, and I am so glad I did! What a fun and creative place! And I ended up pre-ordering the magazine. Now I am drooling over the 3 tier cake stand... It will get expensive to follow you! Monika.

Chrissy said...

So many lovely things in this post,I am going back for another look!!!!