Friday, October 30, 2009

It's National Candy Corn Day! (SERIOUSLY!)

Check it out!

I just learned it's

National Candy Corn Day!

No way!

So all that candy corn eating I've BEEN doing

for the


has just been practice for today!

I'm so dedicated to this holiday, you know...

can't be eating the candy like an amateur on this big day --

this requires plenty of warming up!

(Like that month or two of "practice" I mentioned...)

Love it! ;)

Sooo... here's my burning question:

Does candy corn


as a vegetable?

Works for me!

Happy Candy Corn Day!!

Go getcha some!
You might want to pause the music player on the left side bar
before playing this fun video from
the Food Network.


The Style Sister said...

I am so loving your blog! And your choice of music! I am having my first giveaway...set of 12 berry wreath napkin rings in either white or red. I think you might like them. Come on over to take a peek and see all the things you can do with them.

Karin :)

{ L } said...

Really?!! Wow, whatever works! funny. Perfect timing too because I just did a post all about the BELOVED candy corn!

Anne~fiona and twig said...

Do you consider the candy corn with chocolate in it authentic? Because I don't.
I just needed to find out if you're one of "those" people.
Anne the purist

{ L } said...

PS That is a COOL video! I saved it to show my boys after school. They will love it. :)

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

don't you just love knowing that all those candy corns weren't eaten in vein - but in CELEBRATION of this fabulous day!! ;)

Have a great Halloween - I'm so glad it is still the beginning of fall!


The Flying Bee said...

Well....who knew? How fortunate for me that I bought a big ole bag last night! I can't wait to show the boys that video! They will love it!

Have a wonderful weekend, Ruth!

Cathy said...

In honor of the big day, might I suggest mixing cocktail peanuts with your candy corn? I usually don't eat candy corn, but mixed with peanuts -- OH MY!

On another note--do you have any of the Paris stamps left? A friend wants to order some from you!

Teri said...

How funny. I was eating candy corn AS I CLICKED ON YOUR BLOG!!!

Loved the video.

Oh no... I'm one of "those"... I do love the new ones with the chocolate mixed in with the classics. I will also try to mix in the peanuts as suggested. I LOVE salty-sweet!


jaunty magpie said...

Hooray for candy corn! I think it continues to be celebrated, even after Halloween. We bought a ton of candy and an early rain scared the trick-or-treaters away, so we wound up with so much leftover. Trying to make baked goods that incorporate them! I made butterscotch bars and stuck candy corn in them tonight!