Monday, October 19, 2009

Receiving & Sharing Blog Love (and 8 random things about moi)

I'm definitely feelin' the love tonight as I accept
this delightful blog award...

the Kreativ Blogger Award

from sweet Donna

With this award come instructions for
me to share some random things about myself with you,
so if you're inclined to want to know, here goes:

1.) My mother named me after a friend of hers who died of lockjaw... and you know what?
I did not speak to anyone outside my immediate family (parents/siblings) and even then, apparently very little, until I was well into Kindergarten.
I have a Kindergarten progress report in which
my teacher writes how thrilled she is that I finally spoke a few words to her
she was beginning to wonder if I was a mute!
So... moral of the story:
maybe we should think twice about naming
our children after someone who has LOCKJAW.
I'm just sayin' ...
but not sayin' much. ;)

2.) My daughter suggested that I let you in on the fact that I was
quite a dancer (think "Dancing Queen" as in ABBA) in my younger years
and even won a few dance contests.
No, I don't frequent clubs anymore...
There, Olivia. I told them...
Are you happy?

3.) When I considered college, I wanted to become a medical doctor.
I can see now, though,
that I am in JUST THE RIGHT field and
wouldn't trade being a shop-owner for anything!
I am definitely WAY more right-brained than left.

4.) I absolutely CANNOT STAND the game Monopoly...
it takes too long and
is WAY too serious and involved to be considered "fun",
leaving me wanting to
tell the good folks at Milton Bradley
"Come on people, I have a life here!"
you don't have to ask me twice if
you want to play a game of Rummy!
LOVE that one!
Quick, simple, and no major brain power needed.
Right up my alley...

5.) I very much envy "morning people" since I absolutely cannot wake up "bright-eyed & bushy-tailed".
I often wonder how it must feel to wake up in the morning and feel like
I do when it's finally mid-afternoon (the time of day I finally feel "awake").
I know people who do feel like that when they wake up.
It must be amazing.

6.) I am a music-freak (that sounds weird) and am never without
it playing at home or in the car.
I even leave music on for my dog when I leave
the house.
Since I've gotten a
Blackberry my new trick for making note of new songs I hear
while I'm in the car is using the camera in the phone to take
a quick picture of the song title displayed on the touch screen in the car.
No more trying (in vain) to remember the name/artist of a
great new song until I get home!
I love technology...

7.) I wear makeup pretty much all day, everyday.
Its just a thing with me.
I wouldn't even entertain the idea of
going out somewhere without it.
I'm not proud of this, but it is what it is.
Habit, I guess.
And since I'm fairly certain that my
mail lady and my UPS guy DO NOT read
this blog,
I figure they won't bust me on this one...
Okay, so I may have been known to
answer the door without "my face" on
in order to get a package I HAVE TO RECEIVE
(like when a signature is required)...
even in my robe a few times.
But delivery people are like doctors, right?
...They've seen it all, so they don't mind.

8.) I get intensely bothered if I feel I've done anything to make someone
unhappy or unsatisfied at all. Many say to a fault.
Even the smallest indication that someone is not happy with me or something I did
has the potential to ruin my day or at the very least have me
sad about it for hours...
This is hard when you are in retail and there are just
going to be times when even the best of efforts will not
please everyone.
I'm still working on having
"thicker skin".
Not sure I'll ever perfect that one.

Well, enough about me...

For every "random fact" about me, I picked one very deserving

And again, thank you so much, Donna, for this
blog award.

I'd blog if I NEVER got any awards,
but the fact that you thought of me
sure makes my day...




The Vintage Rabbit said...

Thanks for thinking of me!!

I ADORE your blog...and enjoyed very much reading all your random things!!

Wow on to me..hmmmm...give me a couple of days to think about what I am going to say!!!

Hope yo have a GREAT rest of the week!!!

smiles, Joy~

Jackie said...

I hear you on #8 - I'll worry for days about if someone is mad at me and usually they're not (all that energy wasted). Very fun facts about you missy!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Ruth!
You so deserved the award. I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts. I've also enjoyed learning more about you today. I don't do mornings either! I'm actually a little perverse around people who are so darned perky in the morning!
I'll be checking out your choices for the award, too. It's always fun to meet new people.
Congrats, again!

Tracey said...

Congrats on the blog award Ruth!!! And great list too...kept me smiling as I read :)

:) T

The Flying Bee said...

Well, have made my night! Thank you so much for my very first award! You are so sweet to think of me. So, 7 random things, huh? I will have to be thinking about something really good to share! I loved learning these things about you. I am not a morning person either...not so much grumpy, but more like, slow as molasses!

Anyway, thanks again for my award. I look forward to passing it on to some other great girls out there.

Love ya, girlie!


teresa sheeley said...

Now how does that work when my list will be almost the same as yours, except for that dancing part, yikes, not my cup of tea. :) Thanks for thinking of me sweet one!!

loves loves,

julie - eab designs said...

Hi Ruth, thanks for thinking of me! I also can't stand to play Monopoly - I call it the game that never ends. I'll post some random things about me soon - I enjoyed reading yours. :)

Kasey said...

great tid bits!

donna said...

Good Morning Dear Ruth!
I loved reading all of these delightful little tidbits about you...I had to laugh about the lockjaw thing...that's a hoot!
I kinda figured you were a serious girlie girl...I am too...But I only put makeup on when I leave the house (I always wear tinted moisturizer and mascara though so...I guess that counts)
Thank you for thinking of me...(So thoughtful) I will put this on my to do list...right after get it will be a day or so.
I Love ya for thinking about me though...donna

Bonjour Madame said...

It's always fun learning things about you. You are so interesting!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Your blog is an absolute favorite of mine...and love when you right random things about yourself :o)

Claudia said...

Loved reading all these interesting things about you Ruth! I am with you on the 'thicker skin' thing - I suffer from the same malady. I'm trying to be tougher...

And, I'm not a morning person either!

Much love,

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Thanks Ruth!
I am happy to be a purveyor of all things swoon worthy!!!!(I think I will have someone put that in an ad....)I loved learning more about you especially the retail part...Thanks for the nomination. I'm in some very good company!Your blog was fun to read. You deserved being recognized.

Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm with you on #8...I love it when everyone just gets along!

Heidi said...

Loved reading your 8 random things! I am totally with you on #5!

jaunty magpie said...

haha -- I don't like Monopoly either, for the same reasons! How is dealing with money and real estate fun?? I always thought the game was stressful.

Anne~fiona and twig said...

You so crazy! I'm just now reading your hilarious list, girl, you are soooo honest. I love it! And thank you for the nom, too!
Love ya!