Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It Is Time Once Again For Another Beautiful Issue Of Jeanne d'Atc Living...

This beauty can be yours by clicking


to pre-order.  ;)

We expect to get the shipment  by about mid-May (or so...)
and immediately thereafter start shipping out all
pre-orders we've received.

It looks like another LOVELY issue!

And.... in case you missed our recent announcement,

we are again able to carry the Jeanne d'Arc Living 

product line as we did a couple of years ago!!  

YAY!!    :)

Our order of products has been placed and will be
here before we know it!!

Here is a taste of what Jeanne d'Arc Living has been up to 
(and what we were shopping for) since we were last
able to carry their delightful furnishings...

Almost everything in the pictures will be in our shop before too long!!  

Have a great day, mon amis!  


Friday, April 22, 2011

I think there actually IS a light at the end of this renovation tunnel! :)

I know it's been a while since the last renovation post, but unfortunately there
hasn't been a lot to tell...

Seems we made great strides and then
things came to a


Let's see... last update was about paint colors, I think...

Well, the painting is done, and boy does it LOOOK GOOOOD! 

The flooring is down and again... OH MY it's GORGEOUS!

That is the most beautiful flooring these eyes have ever seen.  
It's such a perfect fit for this old house with it's 
scrapes, dings, knots, and varied board widths/lengths.

We are STILL waiting for the final trim pieces for the floor to arrive --
via slow boat from California, I think... Ugh..   :)

But once that arrives and is installed, the furniture gets moved back in
and we have our home again!!!   

We landed on "Slate" from Restoration Hardware for about 95% of the space.
We added "Cappucino" from Restoration Hardware below the chair rail
in what will be the dining room.


Other than that, the walls AND the ceilings AND the crown mouldings
are all Slate... And it really looks so handsome and elegant.

The sconces in this pic look soooo great now against that slate color.
I have some old-fashioned "Edison" lightbulbs coming that I ordered for them.
Can't wait to see how they look!

This ceiling medallion used to be painted in tones of 
verdigris and golden mustard to match our dining room scheme of
French/Provence tones decor...

I repainted/glazed it to now match the new scheme of 
slate and stone colors... It looks fabulous now against the Slate ceiling.

We lived with plywood underfoot for a couple weeks while other work was being done...

I finally reached a point where I just HAD to put SOMETHING in the space
to remind me that there WILL be a time when we can actually live in here again.   ;)

I grabbed a chair from the entry way and plant, etc. and
it really lifted my spirits each time I walked through the otherwise
torn apart room.  I recommend this "therapy" to you if you find yourself
in the midst of a reno that seems never-ending!   :)

Then FLOOR DAY came!   :)
It took a couple/few days to put it all down, but boy 
does that wood look AWESOME!

There have been set backs a plenty, delays, delays, delays...
BUT  I can see a brilliant light at the end of the

See it?  Shining there through the window??  :)

I have carved out for myself a corner of one of the rooms where I've brought in
a few things from around the house to make homey.  

I know, I know... the minute I get the word that the carpenter is coming back out
to istall the trim moulding for us, I have to quick take it all back out...


Ahhhh.... feeling more like home again...


I had this rug stored in a closet under the stairs since last year...
back when I was hunting for the perfect cowhide rug for the family room
I ran across THIS BEAUTY online at Williams Sonoma Home
for A SONG!

I snapped it up -- just in case we couldn't find a good cow hide.  (WINK WINK)

But now I see it was meant to be all along...
just look how PERFECT it is in this new scheme!!!

And don't you just know it... 

Look who has claimed it now as "his"...
Dude's got good taste...

Back soon (I HOPE!) with good news that it's 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jeanne d'Arc Living Has Re-Opened Shipping Of Their Products Again!!!

Patience is a virtue and those who possess it shall be rewarded...  

And the latest example of this?

I awoke to the good news via email from Jeanne d'Arc Living that they are now
officially set up and ready to resume shipping of their fabulous home decor
products to the U.S. again!

And guess who has ALREADY BEEN SHOPPING??  ;)

Many lovelies will be on their way to the shop and subsequently
on to YOU should you desire to order them.  
(And who wouldn't??)  

Let me say first, that this time around they have pared down their offerings
and though they still have quite a lot to choose from that they will ship to the U.S.,
it is somewhat limited --- they are trying to keep freight & customs manageable
for us all and therefore many of the larger, heavier items do not appear to be
order-able at this time.  

But that's okay -- there is still PLENTY of beauty to choose from!

Here is a sampling of what they ARE willing to ship, though...

Take a breath... yes, I know, it IS gorgeous, no?


Okay -- off to run the store and shop some MORE!  :)

Just wanted to stop in and make your weekend a bit brighter with this news!!

Let me know what you think!