Sunday, October 4, 2009

Are You A Beauty Products Junkie? Have I got a site for you!

Today among many other things, my email inbox held my weekly beauty update buzz that I always look forward to and for some reason it finally occurred to me to share it with you!

Have you heard of

I don't even remember how I originally found the site, but I have really come to look forward to the weekly newsletter I get from them via email.


chanelnoir.jpgI am addicted to dark polish right now. Have OPI's Black Cherry Chutney on today and I feel very vampire-ish-- really like how it makes my skin look pale and flawless. Am very excited about the launch ofCHANEL's "Noirs Obscurs" this month. CHANEL does amazing dark polishes (remember Vamp!?!?) and shadow quads but I don't know about the black lipstick. Ahead of her time as an arbiter of style and color authority, Mademoiselle Chanel recognized and revered the color black as a symbol of luxury, modernity, sophistication and seduction.

Today, Peter Philips creates a tribute to black with an avant-garde collection of trend-defining eye, lip and nail shades, uncovering the many nuances and undertones of this iconic shade. Not many of us can carry off an entire face of rouge noirs, so we suggest choosing one feature to focus on the face to go with the dark nails. All at (Jump for colors and prices!)

The newsletter is a synopsis of the week's update on the site, while the actual site holds MUCH MORE from all their past weekly updates.

Purple Lab goes Pink!

purplelabpink.jpgWe're kicking off October with lots of pretty in pink products in support of breast cancer research! Purple Lab has partnered with the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation to launch SWAC "SEALED WITH A CURE," a feel good lip gloss equipped with ingredients that boost beauty, health and...

Read the whole entry »
I love it because while maybe not all of the products or stories each week will be relevant to me, I often find out about a new product or trend long before I would have normally stumbled on the info.

Charlize Theron: Steal this look!

charlize928.jpgCharlize Theron looked gorgeous as usual at the NYC premiere of her new film, "Burning Plain." Her polished and sophisticated make up was courtesy of Dior. Read on to steal this glam look!

Eyes: Dior Brow Styler, Dior JazzClub - Total Eyelook Smoky Jazz (taupe shade), DiorShow Unlimited...

And don't let the name fool you -- is
anything but snobbish.
It's good fun!

Just thought you might like to check it out.

See you in the coming week!



Teri said...

Don't cha just LOVE being a girl???


Anne~fiona and twig said...

Yes, I am a beauty snob! I'm on a first name basis with all the make-up artists at Neiman Marcus!

It was sooooo good to talk to you on the phone the other day. LOVING my magazine.

Lissen up girlie girl, get yourself over to my blog and enter my booth opening/Anthropologie giveaway! Chop, chop! ;-)

The Flying Bee said...

Oh, yes! I will be checking this one out!

Chrissy said...

Hey if it wasnt for the love of make-up and skincare we all have,I would be out of a job!! Nothing makes me happier than helping someone feel good about themselves...I always tell women who come to my counter,its whats inside that counts,the rest is just the icing on the cake!!! Talk to you soon Ruth,x0x0x

botox said...

No way beauty products are not junkie...
Well checking your site now...and later will tell you..

Kasey said...

i'm a snob....
who doesn't love some good products.

Annie@A View On Design said...

I am I am I am...

can't get enough, just spent $400 on this'n that today! I'm sure I needed hardly any of it!

paperhill said...

i'm definitely not a beauty snob, i usually buy my makeup at target only because i don't have much time to actually go to the mall! thanks for visiting my blog today :)

Tutti Chic said...

LOL!! I was just saying to my hubby the other day that the drug store stuff is just not for me( as he was advising me on ways I could save money LOL!!! I am a total chanel,dior & mac snob! I also have a dark brown cherry OPI polish on-it's just so right for fall to go with the dark colors~ yes?

donna said...

I will have to admit...being a girl ROCKS! What a great site you have given us! I would love to try all of these cool products...Hope your week is going

LuLu said...

I love beauty stuff thanks for the info I can't wait to check it out,
hope you are having a fabulous week,

Little Cottage said...

I never said THANK YOU for shipping out my Jeanne d'Arc Magazine;- wrapped so sweet too :o)
Hope business is going good at The Beautiful Life!
- Sylvi

{ L } said...

Thank you for this info!! I'm in heaven. ;) Skincare is a fun passion of mine.

McMaster and Storm said...

actually my story gets'll see when our new blog appears!

also, in that pic I had chanel makeup on.......alas now I wear assorted drug store products, although love benefits eyebrow stuff, that I can't live without! it's easier on the budget! when you're about to be married you spurlge-- Chanel!!!

I used to work for Estee Lauder, Lancome & Elizabeth little jars of good stuff.


starrynightimpressions said...

Ohhhh la la, I love your blog!!!
I found you through reading Romantic homes magazine,nov.issue,sites we are loving article.
The french style photos caught my eye and then your shop caught my eye and now I'm following your blog too!!!
Soon, I will be a buyer too, lol.
Tres magnifique!!