Wednesday, November 11, 2009

OUTTA MY WAY.... This baby's MINE!

I've blogged about my new fave online store before
(click HERE to read it)

and I'm here to tell you,

I've just found something on their site that has


all over it:

on wheels, no less...

It would be perfect in our newly painted kitchen,

it would be FABULOUS in my family room

or in our piano room

or my office...

So, I'm just warning you....


This baby's mine! (Well, I can dream, does that count?)

Just thought I'd let you know.

Just look at the lock on this -- can you say "major storage of secret chocolate stash"???
I can!

So just in case you were browsing their site and saw it,

and thought

"Gee, I think I'll buy that."



I'm just sayin'....

Oh, and one last thing I want to show you from

This low table constructed from
an armored door!

Just look at the wheels on it!
Wheels or no wheels, I'm guessing
this bad boy isn't rolling off anywhere
very easily considering it is
made of pure armor-plated steel!
Way to up-cycle!

I'm gonna assume the shipping on this jewel
would be a king's ransom, so I'm
not even gonna dream about it.

Well, I might dream...


north pal said...

o.k. don't hurt any of us! it's all yours. you will have to let us know if you get lucky enough to purchase the grey box. hope it happens for you. remember, you will get no trouble from me.:)


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Haha! Denise! I can see how my wording makes it sound like I'm foaming at the mouth here! ;)

I promise, I'm NOT one of those sale shoppers who elbow you out of the way, knock you down, and trip you to get to what I want on a sale rack! Really! I promise! ;)

I actually did email them to see what shipping on a piece like this costs -- I'm not holding out much hope for any "deals" on shipping, but it doesn't hurt to ask, right?

I'll let you know if I get it. Doubt I will, but a girl can dream. :)


Cathy said...

Tis bee-u-tee-ful, that's for certain! I would refrigerate it and hide my lo-cal ice cream treats in it because the ones NOT watching their waist keep eating them!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Its lovely - isn't it great when you find just the thing?

The Flying Bee said...

Yeah, know you would throw a few punches if ya had honest!!! Ha Ha!

Claudia said...

It does look like something you would love! Okay, I'll back off...I was going to get it, but I will let you have it.


Cindy said...

Indeed, a most awesome piece. I haven't been there, but will add it to my roster of window shopping :o)

LuLu said...

It's a beauty!!! It needs to be in your home!!

Ticking and Toile said...

I agree! You n e e d that in your home!!! It so fits your new kitchen ~ which I totally love btw!

I love the color of your cabinets!

Thanks so much for stopping by today & your kind comments


paige said...


may i ask for your permission to use the images on your site for two of the items i just ordered from you? i wanted to post about them on my blog
if you'd rather i didn't...i totally understand

AuroraSuzette said...

If by any tiny little chance someone beat you to that trunk..I've got a pretty cool one in my space at Catty Wampus. I did post a pic recently... just in case...mine's pretty big though. I am crushing on that door on wheels. So cool.

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour! The chest would match your new kitchen perfectly and would make a wonderful place for the secret chocolate stash - a girl after my own heart...I hope you can get it!