Monday, November 16, 2009

Moving Furniture, Playing With My New Cart, "Nesting" (when I SHOULD be working)...

As you may have read in the post just below this one,
I got a new "toy" over the weekend and honestly,
I cannot stop playing with it!

{Just because... the view from my kitchen sink...}

But I really should stop playing with it all -- since I have
SOOO much
to do at the office!

But this purchase has prompted a whole domino affect of changes
around the house now -- and it's been SO fun!

Yesterday I moved most of the family room furniture into another room...

(The only "before"pic I could find was from the 2/09 issue of Romantic Homes mag...)


I moved most of our living room furniture into the family room
and then "rounded things out" with various other
pieces from around the house...

{I love the two different fabrics on this chair!
And I challenge anyone to surpass the number of fabrics I can cram into any one room!}

{One of my all-time favorite buys: an East German
blanket chest from 1743. A keeper, to be sure!}

It feels like we got a whole
new two rooms and

What was that sound?
I thought I heard someone clearing their throat...
Oh, this is where
"Dream-Hubs" would remind me that we
DID spend something on that cart...

But I digress...

Thought I'd share my quickie re-do of the furniture in our
family room -- which leads directly into the kitchen
with it's newly painted cabinets.

I realize you really have no point of reference for how things looked before
but trust me, the furniture moving was a nice improvement!

All the colors flow much better now and look
so serene and calming.

I love it!


It is still in the kitchen and
I have resisted moving it all over the house for various reasons:

1.) I could really get on people's nerves to be rolling something that large
back and forth in front of the TV while I decide where I want it...

2.) In view of Thanksgiving coming up, I figure we could use it in the kitchen
(at least for now) to help hold all the food that the family will be bringing....

3.) My daughter and a friend are hosting a LARGE Christmas party here
and the living room (where I think the cart will ultimately land) is going to be
one of their "dance floors"... so I will hold off and allow them all the room they can get
before hauling that giant cart in there, in their way...

4.) It is still in very good shape, but it has grown a bit, shall we say
"weak in the joints" and I just have this fear that the more I move it around,
the more I'm pushing my luck. I waited SO long for it, I don't want to be the one to
break it!
(And to that, I hear a loud "You got that right!" in my brain from Dream-Hubs).

Thanks for putting up with my playing house and sharing it with you.

I suppose now I should get back to work...

But at least that's just as fun -- when you work amid such beautiful things!


Happy Monday!



Claudia said...

You are so cute, Ruth! Isn't it funny how one new piece can change everything - suddenly you see everything with fresh eyes! My husband and I run into that regularly and sometimes moving one piece makes everything change.


Cathy said...

Oh my...Ruth your home is gorgeous...I love everything!!! Looks like you are having a blast playing with your new toy and piddling 'round the house. I love the soothing colors that you used in your beautiful and seren!!!

If you get a chance...I would love to know where you got the darling glasses you have on the drying rack...I am a lover of black and white!!! Thanks!!!

I just love visiting your gorgeous site...LOVE IT!!!


Laura said...

You're are lucky to work with beautiful things! How satisfying to have 2 new pleasing rooms just by switching things up! Take care, Laura

Cindy said...

I LOVE when it's 'moving day' around here....meaning "let's move some furniture around this weekend, hon" and then one thing leads to another and the house gets cleans and organized and feeling fresh and new! Your home looks fab!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Sounds like fun and love your home! I'd be there helping if I could. I always enjoy rearranging the house but the hubby not so much....he forgets and because he is blind as a bat in the dark, he can't see a thing and always ends up running into something... so I don't do it very often.

That would be mean right? ;-)

Thank you for inviting us in for a spell.
Continue havin' fun!
~ Rebecca

Kasey said...

ruth..your home is gorgeous...and i love that cart!

The Flying Bee said...

Look at are having so much fun! I love it! Everything looks great! I just want to get in my car, drive to your house and have a big cup of coffee in your living room! Oh, I know, maybe I can just sneak into Olivia's party! I mean I'm not too old to mix it up with the college girls...and with my new braces I even look more like one! :)

Love ya, girl!

Tracey said...

I'm with ya Ruth, I am constantly rearranging over's a bit of a sickness! It all looks fab!!!

:) T

Anne Marie said...


holy little gift is going to get lost.......poor things......


north pal said...

oh my gosh, you almost shocked me into tears as i saw and read the cart blog. my husband used one of those for many many years to feed the cows. it contained ground grain. up and down the barn twice a day,365 days to give good milking cows that extra nummy. can't wait to show photo to my husband~he will get a charge out of it. often times our kids got a ride in it after it was emptied. and a kitty or two would ride. also. it delights to see that you have that new addition. enjoy. Bestest,Denise

jaunty magpie said...

Beautiful home! Thank you for sharing photos of your fabulous abode. It looks truly magical and YES, I love the mix of fabrics!

Teri said...

How in Heaven's name did I miss this post???

I say "Heaven's" name, because your house reminds me of what I picture Heaven to be... calm and serene.

I LOVE your house so much. It belongs in a magazine... wait.... it's already been in a magazine!

You are too much Ruth, and I consider myself extremely lucky to know you... extremely!


Tutti Chic said...

This is such a fun post ruth! I love the rooms all changed around(even though the before's aren't shown!LOL!)I do this at least twice a month & drive the whole family crazy.Your rooms are so sotthing & beautiful! I LOVE your new cart~have fun with it! xo chris