Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Anyone Else Feeling The Mid-Week Slump? Coffee, anyone?

Any way I can point this guy in the direction of MY house!

Thought I'd share a picture my hubby took from the car on his way home
the other night of this tanker truck headed in the same direction home as my hubby was.

He sent the pic to me with this note:

"Thought maybe you'd ordered coffee to go..."

Wishing you a renewed burst of energy this Wednesday.

As you can see, I've already arranged for my refueling.

Just kidding...



Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

You have me laughing out loud Ruth ~ That is too funny!
Coffee sitting right here next to me on the desk and the travel mug on the counter ready and waiting near the coffee pot ready for errands!!!!!
Happy Wednesday!
~ Rebecca

Claudia said...

That is so funny! This morning I accidentally made the coffee too strong...surprise, my husband loved it! I can't remember how many scoops I used since I obviously used more than usual.

LOVE my coffee!


Cathy said...

What a great picture! And those are the "romantic gifts" I just adore...knowing our husbands see something, think of us, and let us know it! Wouldn't that make a terrific vintage looking poster? (I'm contemplating getting a Keurig--coffee at a moment's notice/need!)

Au Petit Paris said...

Where would we be without our COFFEE!


♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

So cute! I'll take a Diet Coke tanker, just back 'er right up to my house please! :)

north pal said...

ah, Ruth, isn't that just so sweet that your husband would take that little bit of time to make a contact with you about the coffee. it's the little things that stick with us. Bestest, Denise

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Whoo Hoo! Now that's the size I need in the morning!! LOL

Your Hubby has the same sense of humor as mine!

Thanks for the laugh! I needed it!

Blessings ~ Teresa

LuLu said...

I think i would have been honking at the truck to pull over LOL yes i'm feeling the same way...

Laura said...

You're a lucky girl to have such a sweetie for a husband...Great post.
Love my coffee!

Laura said...

You're a lucky girl to have such a sweetie for a husband...Great post.
Love my coffee!

The Flying Bee said...

Too funny, girl! Yes, I could use that whole truck full right about now! :)

Angie said...

Now that's funny!! I do LOVE coffee!!!

Cathy said...

This is just darling!!!

Your husband is too cute!!! The picture is truly worth a thousand words. There are so many times of day that I am saved by my coffee...I guess there are worse addictions...Starbucks is mine!!!