Thursday, November 12, 2009

From My Heart To Yours....

There are no words for this day...

And many days like it.

A day where I truly have nothing to complain about
and have been the recipient of the sweet
camaraderie of many, many web gal-pals.

So many days are thus, in fact, that it is sad that I lose track of all the blessings I
experience each day -- until I read a post

from a gal who has become such a friend.

We've never met.

Just like I have never met these ladies:
or Adrienne,
or Rebecca,
or Paige,
or Kasey,
or Jamie,
or Jackie,
or Donna,
or Teresa,
or Lulu
or Laura,
or Denise,
or Claudia,
or Andrea,
or Elizabeth,
or Maryanne,
or Chrissy,
or Teri (well, we HAVE met)
or ANY
of the other ladies who
cross my path via our blogs
just about every day.

It makes me realize how less full my daily experience would be

I have been thinking and talking quite a bit lately about this whole
phenomena of blogging.

I imagine it to be a mostly female thing, don't you?

We are by nature social, chatty creatures, so with political or tech blogs aside,
much of the blogging world for the most part belongs to women.

{That's my opinion, anyway.}

And as such, I have begun to realize that I have
forged friendships, via this one-dimensional page
on this flat screen of mine,
friendships that mean
much to me.

And I'd guess you all sense what I mean, too.
You "get it",
this whole blogging thing.

Why else would we pack up our things
and go to the expense of
and lodging
to be part of a
gathering of bloggers somewhere in the country.

I told someone just the other day that I ADORE that here online, I am able to
get to know other women for who they

We are, for the most part, not judging each other by our looks,
what kind of car we drive,
the size or look of our home.
Sure, we blog about our homes, it's never
anything pretentious,
but more like asking one girlfriend to another
"Hey, what do you think I should do here in this room?
Leave it like this, or should I paint it?"

Rarely do politics,
or political party sentiments leak into the mix (thank you, Lord!).

So, even on that typically divisive hot-button topic,
we have the luxury of eliminating
that, too, from the framework of how we get to know each other.

we relate to each other
on what really, really matters --

Our home -
not measured in square footage,
but in love-per-square-inch (just made that up).

Our children,
if we have them,
and how we struggle sometimes to know just what to do as moms.
We can be gut-level honest
when we are having a really bad
"I-wish-I-could-run-away-from-home" kind of day.
And we rush to jot out a blog post when our day has been
a "sundae-kind-of-day with a cherry on top".
(I'm paraphrasing sweet Cathy, here).

We spill out our hearts about our lives, our dreams, our failures, triumphs, our bad days, or fabulous days.

We put up a giddy blog post about
the latest pair of shoes or
that fabulous Anthropologie "find" we just scored.

And somehow,
we all get it --
we all quietly rejoice with each other
as we skim the latest
blog postings throughout the day and night.

This is NOT our grandmother's
(or our mother's)
world anymore in terms of how
women relate and communicate, is it?

Some have looked at me cross-eyed
as I mention a "good friend" online that I know through blogging.
Like some may have in years past when someone would say
"Oh, I married this guy I met online."
As if to say,
"Good grief, you DO realize you don't really know this person, don't you?"

Well, not so fast, I'd now say.

Who's to say that you all don't perhaps
know me better than some with whom I rub elbows with
(in person) each week?

Goodness knows you hear more from me than most anyone I know "in person".
With the exception of those in my home, of course... :)

I talk more on this blog than I do in "real life" I think,
so, many of you are actually a few steps ahead
of what many in my circle of friends and family know.
(For what that's worth...).

Oh, I'm blabbering now, but I say all this to say....

When I read Cathy's post,

the tears that began to flow took me by surprise....

I truly felt her emotions,
I related to her joy over friendships she was

I nodded in agreement
that it is truly like
the 'cherry on top of the sundae-kind-of-day'
when you interact with fellow women
who have come to know you,
and accept you
for who you
really, truly
---- deep inside.

Not the car,
not the house,
the logo on your handbag
or shoes.

Not your dress size,
whether you have a French tip manicure
or short, polish-less nails,
whether you have that tanning bed glow,
or that Pilates leanness,
or any of the other ways we as women tend to size each other up.



The REAL you.

The one that lives inside the shell that we so often invest so
much time on, but is so fleeting.

Thank you for being out there.
For being real.
For being available.

For writing the blog posts that tell us
that you wonder sometimes
if you even want to
keep blogging
because you sense
there is no use to it.

Oh my dear girl -- keep blogging.

To you who write through falling tears on your keyboard
about a crushing experience with a child --
where you feared you'd hurt his very spirit with your words.
Only to be showered with reassuring words
by multiplied tens of women out there
(whom you've never met)
that you ARE a good mother,
and that each one of us has felt that same sharp pain
after we've mouthed words to our children
that we wish we could grab back.
Keep blogging.
One day one of us will have a crushing experience
that we will then feel free to open up about.
You will have paved the way for others
to then receive the reassurance and comfort they need.

To you who for no reason other than
"just because"
will take your time,
and money
and send something to another blogger friend
- simply because
"I just saw it and thought you should have it.
It looked so like YOU."
Oh dear girl. Keep blogging.
This is the kind of civility
and showing of kindness
and generosity of spirit
that our world needs modeled.
You live by your heart and your gift of giving --
there are those who will learn from you
and then adopt for themselves such lovely habits
of sharing with another -- "just because".
Keep blogging.
You are an influence for grace
in this otherwise not-so-graceful world.

To those of you who blog about the true real-life romance
you have with your husbands...
who seem to always have a sweet thing to say
about him
or tell about a wonderful date you're going on,
or a trip he has surprised you with.
You write of how you love that man with every fiber of your being
and want only to tell the world so.
Keep blogging, sweet wife.
Keep blogging.
Yours is a gift of true honor that you are modeling for other wives
or wives-to-be.
You show a way of loving your husband that does not mimic
the all too common model we see on tv, etc.,
where husbands are too often the butt of a joke
or belittled by their wives
and other women characters on a show.
Thank you for being that free-spirited, fulfilled
wife who sees her marriage
not as bondage and a drudgery,
but has chosen to see her man as no different than the
impossibly handsome man on a romance novel.
Your children are watching
your example and will model
their marriages after yours.
And women who read your blog posts
about your love
will have encouragement
to perhaps take another snapshot view of their hubby
when he comes home that night --
and maybe,
just maybe,
see him not as her has-been, boring mate,
but instead, through new eyes,
as HER cover-of-a-romance-novel guy.
Well... you never know.... ;)
Keep blogging, hon.
You are a breath of fresh air these days.

Each of you brings her own unique gift,
her own unique "spin"
to blogging.

The world of blogging and women sharing with women
would not be the same

Please stop by Cathy's page and
read why I have such admiration for her.

She loves life.

She love God.

She loves her family.

She is funny (crazy Cathy) and can laugh at things many of us
would allow to rock our daily world.

I love reading whatever she
comes up with next on her blog.

There is always encouragement, always a laugh,
and always a grand, grand nod to God
and all He is to her.

See, without even knowing it,
Cathy is a distance, "invisible" mentor
to many women.

She lives her life and blogs about it -
and she changes hearts she
will never know of
this side of heaven.

Oh how I treasure each and
every one of you.

I stay far too busy anymore.

I do LOVE what I do, which is good
considering how much time I must
devote to each day/night.

But I never want to allow busy-ness
to cause me to neglect
and my desire to tell you how much
I just simply adore you all.

May we work at
not allowing the urgent to crowd out the important.

You all are sooo

The rest will get done.

Just wanted to let you know.



Simply Me Art said...

Perfectly Written my Dear Friend.It's all the important things that bond us all together, not the crappy things that seem to get in the way in everyday life. I will tell you what, when you can meet the people you have formed a relationship through our blogging world its even more Wonderful. It's just too bad that we all live so far apart. There really is so much love and support out there too. xo, Jamie

Angie said...

AMEN!!! What a great post. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across the blogs that I have. Each one of them found by accident (or so I thought) but each one of them I was meant to find. I was struggling with meaningful friendships and having a place all my own, God answered my prayers.

"May we work at not allowing the urgent to crowd out the important."

Brilliant! Are these your own words? I'd like to post this on my facebook along with my blog if that's ok.

Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...


This is exactly how I feel.

And - just these past few weeks I started doubting myself and was questioning my value as a blogger - forgetting the core of why I was a blogger. And then I read this. And you've nailed it for me.

KEEP BLOGGING - I'm encouraged, inspired and motivated by YOU - and am so thankful for this amazing connection of women through the pure words of our hearts to one another.

Thank YOU for being a blogger - and touching me tonight.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Ruth:
Thank you for your eloquence and your ability to write what we all share in our hearts. I so enjoy coming over to visit, and hope to see you at "my house" again soon.
Blessings, my blogging friend (with a heart as big as a mountain).

Anne~fiona and twig said...

I love you, Ruth!
Just in the past week, I've had the joy of chatting on the phone with Angelique of Six in One Hand, Debra of Common Ground, Adrienne of The Flying Bee, Effie of The Texas Junque Slinger...and you, sort of! I got your voice mail, LOL! But we've talked in the past and will surely talk again. I too love these new friendships I'm making through blogging.
We WILL meet one day....soon!
We've got some shopping to do, girlfriend! ;-)

Laura said...

Ah Ruth, as one of the first to reach out to me when I started this blogging adventure, you are special beyond words. You have so eloquently articulated the feelings and reasons why so many of us continue to use this forum as our creative outlet and our means to network with other kindred souls...Thank you for this post and for being such a generous and caring friend.
Take care, Laura

staging professionals in Toronto said...

Really great post, thank you!
It was sooo motivating...lot of love glows from your article.
Wish, there will be more such those posts, not only commercials without any soul.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

What an amazingly beautiful post is Cathy's. You completely inspire me...and am so blessed to have found you...thank you Ruth...for being you.

Liz said...

Hi Ruth, I am new to your blog and found it because I am looking for a dairy slab. When I googled it your website came up.....But you must have had the item several years ago.
Do you have any idea where I could find one? it can be a reproduction.

PS LOVE this blog!!!!!

Cathy said...


Claudia said...

Dear Ruth,
An absolutely beautifully written post, my friend! Thank you. I treasure each and every post you write, as I treasure all my blogging friends. This new world we are a part of is supportive, creative, loving and honest. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I saw the post above mine and remember that I was looking for a dairy slab when I first found your shop. I still am!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Liz & Claudia -
Thanks so much for such sweet comments. :)

Regarding that elusive dairy slab... ugh... the loss of production of those has been the bane of my existence! Well... that's dramatic, isn't it?? :)

Seriously, having those to offer was one of the best ever -- but now they just aren't available anymore.

Trust me, if I EVER have access to them again, I will buy every one I possibly can!

Thanks so much you two. :)


The Flying Bee said...

Sweet, sweet Ruth....this post touched me more than you will ever know. I had tears just streaming down my face. Blogging has changed my life! It has blessed me with so many wonderful friends...those I have never met face to face, but really feel like I KNOW them...friends like YOU! I cherish you, my friend...CHERISH!

Love you, Love you, Love you!!!


Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Awww.. Ruth.. You brought tears to my eyes.. What a Beautiful post.

Every word just fit all that I have been thinking...

You are such an inspiration!!!

God Bless ~ Teresa

PS ~ See you on Facebook!
Thanks for the message!

LuLu said...

Awwwwww! Beautiful perfectly written post Ruth! I am so glad I am not the only one who feels as though i know my blog friends and that they are real friends to me, it doesn't matter that we haven't met in person... cause it's still a genuine friendship! I can't even begin to count the days i give thanks for blogging... it has brought so much to my life,
you are a true treasure,

north pal said...

ruth, you have said it all and have touched many as well as myself. we all have a certain bond. and because of you, that is how i discovered blogging. it is the nicest thing i have done for myself. and i truly cherish my blogging. it is warm and comforting to me that each day i will connect with you girls. thank you,ruth. bestest,Denise

teresa sheeley said...

You are incredible!! :) Hey girl, listening to your music today, while watching it snow, and sitting doing my sewing. It's like you are right with me!! :)


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Ruth ~ You are amazing!!!!! You always know just the right words. I wish that I too could put to keyboard what I truly want to say...some days it just doesn’t come out quite the way I want it too but thankfully you are there to say it for me...or should I say all of us?
I have done a lot of reflecting ever since I started blogging...some days I wonder why I do it. Should I keep it going? Do I talk too much? Does anyone really get me? Do they get what I am trying to say? And other days I just cannot wait to get the opportunity to sit at my chair to visit and hear what the girls are up to or even spill what is on my mind, and you would not believe how many times throughout the day that I look or see something and think of you and the other girl friends that I have made....just like Mother natures Fleur~de~lis...I immediately thought of you and couldn’t get the picture fast enough or posted soon enough to share with you!!!! (There are some days I wonder if I would be thought of as a stalker)
I love that we can all help in little ways and share with one another how to make life more beautiful just by giving of our thoughts, experiences, and our hearts.
I have always felt that there is a reason and a purpose behind every encounter each of us has and blogging deeply reaffirms my belief that we are all brought together for a reason...a purpose.
A huge Thank You!for being you and for sharing so much with all of us....You really are Beautiful!!!!
~ Rebecca

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Very, very beautiful, Ruth!

Jackie said...

Beautiful dear Ruth!! You know I share your sentiments completely! I have made amazing friends from blogging - some I've met in person, some I haven't, but you've all given me the gifts of your friendship and your time and I'm so grateful!! I love all the support and love we can give one another here...thanks for writing it about it so beautifully!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Ruth. This has to be the most wonderful post EVER!!! You so put into words how I feel about blogging...and why I continue to do it after almost three years. The connections, the friendship, the pure joy of being in this community of precious souls is truly unmatched!! Thank you for bringing tears to my eyes and for saying how I feel as well ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Kimberly said...

These are the PERFECT words for what I feel. I have not read Kathy's post yet. You have written this beautifully. So true. I have a dear friend who I love despite her extremely superficial ways. She asked why I was not on Facebook. I told her about my blog and how I am able to meet so many amazing people across the globe who share my spirit. She could not understand the value of the PURERLY simple connection, no social strings, only shared interests and divine connections. I told her it was like being young again and having the greatest pin pals you can imagine. She just could not understand where I was coming from at all, but your words are right on the money and so beautifully written. I'm off now to visit the person who inspired such a moving post.
xxx kim

Chrissy said...

Ruth....that is the most beautiful post I have ever read,your words are so sincere and heartfelt,I am so honoured to be your friend! I sometimes think about not blogging anymore,that people must be tired of my silly decor posts,but then I think of how much joy it brings me to see that you among others have left me yet another sweet note and I think "keep on blogging"..I am so glad I happened by here today,my heart is as the Irish like to say"full up".Love Chrissy

❦TattingChic said...

Oh, wow! That is an amazing post! I have developed some wonderful friendships through blogging and I know I am glad I stumbled across your blog today!

Liz said...

This was so lovely. What a great encouragement you are! Thank you!


P.S. I'm off to see Cathy's blog!