Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"TOO MUCH CANDY" - A Fun Way To Start Your Day (and the possible explaination for my dental woes...?).

If you read the post just before this one, you're aware of my dental saga and my absolute fear of the dental chair. Which would lead one to ask... "Why, oh why then, do I keep jar upon jar of candies in my office?!?!"
Over the years, I can attribute more than one trip to the dentist to my candy-eating habit. The one that stands out the most is when I broke (or at least chipped) a tooth eating a CANDY NECKLACE! Try explaining THAT to your dentist when he asks, staring down at you, a GROWN WOMAN, how you came to damage your tooth...
"Uh, well, you see doc, its like this...." "CANDY NECKLACE???? At YOUR age???"
Oh, the shame.... NAH! ;)
Anyway, if you clicked on the link in my last post which takes you to a videos made by the mom of THE CUTEST LITTLE FRENCH GIRL, then you're already familiar with sweet litte Capucine and her fun home videos.
This one is PERFECT for me and probably does have a message in it for me somewhere with regard to my candy consumption. Pair this "Too Much Candy" video with the other one, "Fooling The Tooth Fairy" and you have a snapshot of my life! 'Course, if I keep up the tooth damage with the "too much candy", I won't need to FOOL the tooth fairy.... :(
Just wanted to pop in and share ONE MORE of Capucine's short videos.
Go grab your box of Milk Duds and enjoy! :)


A Vintage Mood said...

Hahaha! A girl after my own heart. Hope your dental issues are all behind you now, Ruth.

Anita said...

How adorable...Once I pulled off my crown during an inservice meeting at the school where I was teaching while eating Laffy Taffy....and I had to leave to go the dentist and explain that.