Thursday, March 26, 2009


It all started when a nice gentleman on the opposite coast found this on our webstore...

A couple of weeks ago a call came into the store from a gentleman who'd been searching high & low online for the perfect mug rack to display his wife's collection of Starbucks city mugs (most major cities in the world have their city's mug offered in the Starbucks stores in that city, and you can easily get a major collection going if you travel much at all).

So here was a man on a mission -- his wife had all these mugs (upwards of TWO DOZEN) and he was thinking it was a shame to have collected all these mugs only to have them stowed away in a cabinet (I agree!).

His web searching didn't yield much at all in the way of a typical mug rack that was up to the task of holding THAT MANY MUGS (and counting...).

In his search, however, he DID FIND our metal French bottle-drying rack! He called to find out how many mugs could be packed onto the rack and related the story of his wife's collection of these Starbucks "city" mugs.
I knew from experience that the rack can hold ALOT of mugs since that is exactly how I'd used my own rack during big Christmas parties (packing it out with my collection of Starbucks Christmas mugs).

I wanted to give my customer an accurate idea of how many mugs one could get onto that rack (its BIG, but just HOW BIG?). So, I offered to run home and pull out all my mugs and start placing them on the rack and see exactly how many would fit. I then snapped a few pictures for him, so he could see what it looked like chock full of mugs.

The rack has about 60 metal "pegs" all around but I wanted to find out how many really good-sized mugs you can fit comfortably on it. I stopped placing my mugs on the rack at upwards of 26; yes, I have that many and MORE mugs in my kitchen. (I told you we're big coffee drinkers here!).
The rack was ordered and shipped and just the other day I got a nice email from my customer WITH PICTURES!!
Here is what his new rack looks like packed out with his wife's Starbucks "city" mug collection! Well done! :)
Its so fun to see where things end up once we've carefully packaged and shipped them out from here. Each item I choose for the store is chosen with great care and thought and whenever I see where it ends up once it leaves here, I just love it!
I already have another "customer story" waiting in the wings to tell -- it has to do with the gorgeous gold sacred heart locket we just got in (and only have ONE left!). She is planning to use it in SUCH a wonderful way!

Hint, me your pics, too! If you ever buy something from me and want to "show off" how YOU'RE using it, please don't be shy about sending pictures! Yours just may end up here!
Its just kinda fun, don't you think?
Have a great day!!


Molly said...

I'm sipping my Starbucks as I read this very cute story. Love the rack! XOXXOO

Jeanneoli said...

I have a smaller version of the larger one. I can dream!!!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

A smaller version? I didn't know about a smaller one! Do tell! Sounds fun (and better for those who do not have a lot of extra counter space)!


Bonjour Madame said...

I had no idea these could hold so much. I'll have to think of a post where I can show my fantastic spoon rest and butter dish that I got from you a while back. I use both of them every day.

Andrea said...

How sweet of them to take the time to share a picture with you.

Simply Me Art said...

I just finished my Starbuck Ruth! What a Great mug holder, Great story too!! Enjoy your weekend, Jamie