Monday, March 16, 2009

MUSIC MONDAY: Hug 'em while you got 'em....

Hi All,
I'm posting this week's "Music Monday" installment a tad late today, but hey, I think you'll find it worth the wait (at least in my humble opinion, hee-hee!).
Just got back to the office from being out for a bit with my sweet Olivia -- she had to go have blood drawn -- for the first time in her life. Poor can never really be prepared for that if its your first time and you never really get used to it no matter how many times you have it done, huh?
Anyhoo...This all works in perfectly with what may be one of my favorite "Music Monday" posts yet -- even though the music chosen to go with the video IS country, yai, yai.
The first video is set to the music of Rascal Flatts and the second video features a song by Martina McBride...whatever... ;)
Its the message in the song that I liked. No, no, no -- I'm NOT converting to country music. :)
And when you watch this one, think of your sweet ones -- no matter how young or how old they are right now. The ups, the downs, the times of confusion in their lives, then the turn-around to once again seeing clearly. Their accomplishments & triumphs, as well as their stumbles & shall we say, "detours".
Time with them is so fleeting and I hope with all my heart that you, my blog friends, have even a fraction of the closeness and bond that my Olivia & I share... if you do, you are rich beyond measure.
When you see this video, you've basically seen Olivia & me.
And to you, Olivia -- Marm loves you. I'm ALWAYS here for you -- you can tell me anything because nothing, absolutely nothing, can alter my love for you, sweet one.
Here's lookin' at you kid.



Olivia said...

YAY!!! Not a big fan of the country music, but LOVE the videos!! (And what you typed) ;) ;)

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Hi Ruth,
Love what you wrote. How true it is.... been noticing here that Zelie's "not wanting to do much with mom right" now but that's ok ~ I understand. :-)
Thanks for sharing the videos. I love all kinds of music, any kind as long as it is good music.
A personal favorite is "This ones for the Girls" by Martina McBride.

I really enjoyed the videos of the Gilmore Girls too ~ we (Zelie and I) watched it every chance we could when she wasn't so busy in her life. We do get along very similarly some days.
Oh ~ gonna go, Zelie just asked if she could visit with me for a while! Joy!
Take care and my best to Olivia; hope she is feeling better soon.

~ Rebecca

A Vintage Mood said...

OMG Ruth, Gilmore Girls is one of my all-time favorite TV shows ever! I own 3 seasons on DVD and eventually will own them all. It's one of the few things on TV that I "had" to watch when it was on. I'm thankful to have a very special relationship with my 27-year old daughter, too. I hope your Olivia is feeling better.
xoxo Ann

*The Beautiful Life* said...

You guys -- you are amazing!!! Thank you SOOO much for asking about Olivia!! She's basically TOTALLY BETTER!! Whew! Had blood work done this week and will have a follow-up appt. w/the doc on the 23rd to see her results. But right now, physically, all is WELL! And that is awesome! :)

I wish we could all meet somehow, somewhere. The friendships forged here on the blog are really special and wouldn't it be neat to meet up somewhere in the U.S., centrally located to us all and just sit and talk and talk and talk and talk? And eat and eat and eat. And drink tons of coffee together... Oh, bliss!!!!

I think I'll copy this comment to each of you in case you don't get to see it -- just wanted to thank you all so, so much.

I adore hearing from you via comments -- it very honestly makes my day. ;)


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Just checking in while fixing dinner ~ Cajun Seasoned Chicken sandwiches with Lettue and Tomato sandwich ~ a Zelie favorite. I
know it's not something Irish but having that tomorrow while my husband is out of town. He HATES cabbage...I keep telling him that it's good for him but he insists that nothing that "smells that bad can be good for you!" HAHA!
So happy to hear the Olivia is better and Coffee sounds Great lots and lots of it but Don't forget the chocolate!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
~ Rebecca

Teri said...

I have to brag...after watching the Coffee, coffee, coffee thing on You Tube, I was telling Scott how much I totally missed Gilmore Girls. I went ON AND ON about how there wasn't anything even close to being that good on TV anymore. I told him how I missed Kurt, Sookie, Patty, Luke, Lane, Lane's crazy mom, that crazy mayor guy that was always at the town meetings...and of course, PARIS.
SO today Scott told me to be looking out for an early b-day present, (my b-day is June 1) to be delivered from UPS. He ordered me the ENTIRE 7 season series of GG. How sweet is that???? I'm one lucky girl, that's for sure. Ruth, I can loan you one season at a time if you are interested! LOL

Cyn said...

well have me in tears beloved daughter, my only child, went off to university this year...she is only a couple of hours away so i still get to see her a lot but's not the same as all the time we have had together under the same roof...these songs, these videos and the fact that it's set to Gilmore Girls (we call ourselves the real life GG's) just made it all so beautiful and so suited to my daughter and to my relationship with her...thanks so much for this...she turns 21 in a couple of months and these songs will certainly prove to be a central part of the celebration!!!!!