Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows that I run on coffee (no...I DON'T 'run on Dunkin) -- Starbucks coffee to be exact.

I do believe that my blood could be tested and found to be of the Kenyan variety -- bold, mellow, and smooth with flowery undertones. :)

When we're traveling, I honestly go into a panic if I'm in a hotel and there isn't either an in-room coffee maker or room service to have my pot ready and available to be delivered to me within minutes of waking up.

Well, I guess it if didn't take me TWO HOURS get up, dressed and ready to "arrive" downstairs at the breakfast buffet where the coffee is, I might not be in such a panic. But I digress...

And speaking of hotel in-room coffee makers -- what's up with the 2-4 cup size???? I have mugs at home bigger than that!

They know me at our local Starbucks and kid me that the employees there have to rush to grab whatever bags of their Kenya coffee they want when their new shipment arrives because they know I'll be coming in for my pound of it -- every other day. They know my drink and begin making it when they see me pull in (although lately I've been throwing them a curve-ball by ordering other things - hee hee!).

My "usual" at Starbucks is a venti (LARGE) breve (made with half-n-half instead of 2%) no-foam (well, no foam...) latte (shots of espresso blended with steamed cream). In some cases, its a "triple" or "quad" venti breve no-foam latte -- for those days when two shots just doesn't cut it.

I've tried using soy milk on about two or three occasions and each time I step up to the counter and order it I feel so healthy -- just saying "soy" makes you feel like you're suddenly fit and donning a healthy glow. I stare past the look of disbelief on the faces of the barristas and stand my ground -- thinking today marks the beginning of a new leaf for me. Its soy or 2% from now on.

Yeah...then I take one sip and remember why I vowed the last time I asked for soy milk to NEVER DO IT AGAIN.... Not unlike the feeling of being in labor, somehow the memories of how bad it was tends to leave you and before you know it you're actually doing it again.

Everytime I take my first sip of a soy latte I swear a potted plant somewhere has fallen into my drink. It's the taste of perfectly good coffee mixed with what I imagine potting soil to taste like.

I'm hoping my local barristas will save me next time I think I'm ready to go "healthy" and nod at me sweetly as I utter the words "soy latte" and just go ahead and prepare my venti breve no-foam latte. I'm shelling out a pretty penny for this stuff, I might as well not gag drinking it. :)

My daughter & I have been known to go there at close to midnight for coffee -- which leads to the obvious next questions from the employees -- "DON'T YOU TWO EVER SLEEP?" or "HOW DO YOU EVER SLEEP WITH ALL THIS CAFFEINE IN YOU?" Thing is, I can have a quad-shot latte and lay my head on the pillow within an hour and be fast asleep.

You HAVE TO WATCH this quick, hilarious series of clips to get a feel for how deep my love of coffee goes... enjoy!


How about you? Do I have any fellow java-junkies out there? Let me know what your favorite place for coffee is and what type of brew/drink your prefer when you go there.

There just might be a little prize for one of you out there! Like, maybe a little giftcard for coffee?? I'll pick a name Friday and shoot you out a gift card for some of your favorite brew. Just 'cause I want some company in my love for this dark, beautiful drink.

Just please, please don't make me have to walk into a Dunkin Donuts or a Panera for the gift card -- my repuatation with my buddies at Starbucks is at stake!! :) Nah...whoever the winner is, I'll put on my dark sunglasses and a hat and go into whatever coffee chain I have to in order to buy your gift card.

Just wanted to see how many "addicts" -- oh shoot! I did it again! -- I mean coffee lovers there are out there with me. ;)

Leave me a comment sharing where you go for the best-est ever cuppa joe and what type of coffee-drink you like. Who knows? Maybe in a few days YOU'LL have a little token of coffee "love" coming your way!


Jackie said...

I do love me some coffee! We brew Peet's at home (mostly) and when I'm out and about I get either Peet's or Starbucks - venti non-fat latte for me (boring I know, but it gets the job done).

A Vintage Mood said...

Just another thing we have in common, Ruth! And another reason I love Lorelai. Your funny post had me cracking up. Sounded like you were zipped up on the stuff while you typed. My favorite place for coffee is my back porch. But if I'm lucky enough to go out for coffee, and need the strong stuff (don't have time or tolerance for a weak cup of coffee) I'll go to Starbucks for an Americano. So smooth and pure!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Too funny! "Zipped up on the stuff" -- I went back and re-read what I'd typed when you said that. :)

Nope...that's just me! ;)

Okay -- so I've had about 10 cups so far today...and its only 11AM...

Good luck!!


Claudia said...

I love, love coffee! I am like you - must have it first thing in the am and I also panic if the hotel room doesn't have a coffee maker. It used to be more difficult to find one years ago, but now most places have one. I love Peet's French Roast. I have it at home in NY - they just started selling it at my local stores. Here in San Diego, they have an actual brick and mortar Peet's that is always full of customers.

Unlike you, I have to stop at noon or the caffeine keeps me awake at night. But I love my big mugs full of coffee in the morning!

It' an Evolution said...

My addiction is AWAKE TEA. Every morning with out fail, I put the tea kettle on fill my tea pot, which I believe is 8 cups, let it steep for at least 20 minutes and then heaven!. I get that down before 9am and then on to the diet coke. In the afternoon another pot of tea.
I don't think soy should be a part of your is not natural. Like your coffee, I have milk in my tea. I also use spenda.
Yes addicted would be easy to say, especially when I travel with a box of Tazo AWAKE and packets of splenda :)
As for my Starbucks addiction..Venti NonFat Green Tea Latte, although I heard they were no longer producing the melon syrup they use...hummmmmmmm
Thanks for the fun

Jeanneoli said...

That clip is laugh out loud funny!!! My favorite is the line about if she stops coffee she will stop the standing, putting words together...My fav is Starbucks. Nothing else tastes good. I love a venti, 2% or breve latte and I add stevia. Mine in town has a DRIVE THRU....the best thing to ever happen in my life....ok, my husband and kids too. My kids love coffee funny.

rochambeau said...

Hey Ruth,
So nice to read you post about Coffee!
Since it is something I am passionate about. I'd have to say it is one of my food groups, as it is one of the most important things in my life!

Like you, I only drink one kind ~ New Orleans French Market is my fav for 30 yrs. With out my coffee in the morning, life would not be as sweet. I may be mean. Coffee goes quite well in my system.

I make VERY strong coffee and mix 50 ~50 w/ 2% milk (sometimes foamed). I like the buzz from French Market. I like Starbucks if I can't get FM, but I feel more hyper on SB's. FM is a more subtle~mellow buzz & plus I LOVE the taste!!

When we lived on the East coast I had to bring it back from California or Texas.

Did you think you were going to get such a dissertation on my Coffee Habits this afternoon? Sorry. But like you, I'm a BIG FAN!! Soymilk? Never!! EVER!

Now,don't get me started on wine!
SO Happy to see the Palace Wall Decor amongst such beautiful treasures as yours!
Makes me VERY HAPPY, like coffee!!

knitandputt said...

I think that coffee smells better than it tastes. With that being said, I do need coffee in the am to get going. We have a single serve coffee maker that makes coffee with a nice amt of foam. Around 4 pm I like a latte from caribou coffee,if I out and it's not out of my way to stop in. I think caribou coffee is less bitter than starbucks.

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Love,Love,Love Coffee,Coffee,Coffee!
Gotta have it there is never time not to have Coffee,Coffee,Coffee!

My fave? Hot! Dark! and Strong! (still talking about coffee now!) nothining in it just Coffee, Coffee, Coffee (oh and water)!

Grind our own at home there's nothing else like it ~ a brand from a local grocery chain called Wegmans. I love to get their Doughnut shop blend when shopping ~ always my little treat for myself when I am out.

Personally I never have a problem sleeping with all that coffee in my system ~ I actually fell asleep standing up one time (caught myself just as my knees started to buckle) and I had been drinking coffee, coffee, coffee all night!
Thanks for the video clip ~ just love those Gilmore Girls ~ hey, reminds me I need to go make another pot!
Have a great night,
~ Rebecca

Deb said...

Oh baby, I have no qualms about admitting my caffeine addiction!!! Add my chocolate addiction to that and it gets really insane.

My fave is 'Bux, as well....but I've got a beef with them about the way they keep getting me hooked on yummy concoctions and then they! Of all the.....remember the Valencia Orange flavored Mocha? Add a pump of Herchey's chocolate syrup to that and it was like drinking a liquid version of the chocolate orange candy that splits into sections. sigh.

Or CHANTICO! Oh, woe is me that they discontinued this rich, thick 'drinking chocolate' - not cocoa, not hot chocolate, it was more decadent and luxurious than Godiva truffles left to melt in the sun...

So now I suffer the remembrance of those losses as I order my doublegrande triplevanilla white chocolate mocha with whip (when hot) and sans whip (when iced. Which used to be every darned day (sometimes twice) but I decided I needed to have a WAIST again, so now it's only once or twice a week.

Why, when Starbux tortures me so, do I love them so much???!!!

Andrea said...

That video is too cute! I do love coffee, although I don't drink it in the morning, I'm more of a late afternoon or evening coffee drinker. I think I got that from my Dad cuz after dinner him and I would have a nice cup of joe as dessert. It just seems to relax me with it's warmth. As for who's coffee I like, I live in the country in a small town about 35 miles from a big city so I do have a local favorite. But, when I go to the big city...I do love me some Caramel Macchiato {skinny of course}from Starbucks.

Teri said...

My favorite place to drink coffee is you'll have to buy a plane ticket if I win!!!! Ha Ha
Seriously, my favorite place for coffee is my home. I got a new professional coffee maker called a Keurig. It brews fresh awesome coffee one cup at a record time! It's just like being in a coffee house. I buy my favorite, Caribou, at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It comes in a box for $10. If I win, I request that you come to my house for a cup!!!!

Cathy said...

"Everytime I take my first sip of a soy latte I swear a potted plant somewhere has fallen into my drink."

Oh thank you for a hardy laugh before putting this day to bed!!!

Simply Me Art said...

Oh Ruth, Now I know why I like you so much! Java Junkie here, since my daughter was a baby it has become a must daily throughout my day. Dunkin Doughnut coffee in the morning and afternoon it is Starbucks and then more Dunkin Doughnut. NO Soy here either, yukk...Coffee is such a Treat to me..It's like a dear friend. LOL...Jamie

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Bonjour! Thanks for becoming a follower! How did you find me. I guess it's probably too late to enter but I'll tell you that we are French Press people all the way in this maison!
We kill for Verona! And when I have an extra 4 bucks in my pocket (like, never) I order a non-fat latte. None of that sugar stuff for me. The Non Fat Latte from Starbucks is a work of perfection.
I'm following you now too!

b.ellen said...

I'm probably to late but thought I would still share... Oh Coffee Love yes it runs deep, well towards creamy coffee. not black. Sorry black you still smell wonderful
My favorites are... White Chocolate Mocha [variation-add caramel drizzle] and caramel Macchiato-upside down. At home is best from my little Classico but away, Starbucks is first pick. Not to be a Starbucks snob as my hubby calls me sometimes[He can't stand their black coffee]but I really like that typically no matter what location/or barista I go to my drink is the same. Oh yummy I think I'll go make me a cup.

Anne Marie said...
There really is nothing like it. Let me take you through one of my favorite places to have coffee on my Saturday morning post!
I haven't ever talked about it!
Thank you for the great idea!