Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Sew-Beautiful Idea For Adding Some "Cushion" To Your Holiday Gift-Giving!


We try, but most of the time pictures just don't do our items the justice they deserve. Never more true than in the case of these gorgeous, made-just-for-us pillows. *PHOTOGRAPHIC NOTE: Some of the pix make the pillows appear almost pink -- they're not. They are a beautiful muted red, but not at all pink!

Just in time for holiday gift-giving, our new,
limited edition custom pillows are all finished and ready to go! Since the last update, the Vintage Keys pillow has been reworked and is soooooo beautiful!

Two designs (the large, Regal Crown and the set of Vintage Keys) are available as a square pillow and the elegant Crowned Crest is done as a rectangular pillow. Fashioned from a super-lucky find of antique French ticking fabric (the likes of which we nor our master seamstress had ever seen), these pillows are true heirloom-quality.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER: we have very few of
these pillows since they were made with what little yardage we had of our vintage French ticking fabric, and when these are gone they cannot be duplicated. They are a beautiful idea for Christmas gifts, and are made from true vintage fabric;
there are none like them -- anywhere.

Another beautifully crafted item we've loved carrying is also selling out quickly and MUST BE GOTTEN BEFORE THEY'RE GONE is our
French-made draft-stopper/bolster pillows. Surely by now you're familiar with these pillows made for us by the "Fabulous Fifi's" sister, Sylvie, in the French countryside.

I can't urge you strongly enough to "get while the getting is good" so you won't miss out on these beautiful, custom creations.

AND! As if value needed to be added to these beauties, for these items, we wrap each one in old sewing pattern tissue, tied up with pretty ribbon and a vintage ledger paper tag. So, whether you buy one for yourself or as a gift, your wrapping is already done for you and in such a clever, unique manner -- ready to set under the tree or hand to a loved one or friend.

Its November already and it is NEVER too early to start your holiday shipping! Let us handle your gift-giving list for you -- with our FREE SHIPPING (ground shipping, usually via USPS Priority Mail) you really can't do better by going to the mall! Save the trip and sit down at your computer in your cozy slippers with a cup of hot chocolate and begin your gift-shopping now! We're happy to accomodate your gift-giving needs in any way we can and we'll ship to as many addresses as you give us -- all for free.



KayEllen said...

What a lovely website and blog you have! It has been awhile since I stopped by:)
Love the pillows you are showing...just darling:)
Yes!! I wish you could have come to the party...really a wonderful way to connect with creative women.
Thank you for buying some of my parents Sealah tape! Yes it is washable...just wait 24 hours after taping your project:)
I need to add you to my buddy list!
Then I will remember to visit more often.
Blessings to you,

Amy Sutter said...

Wow, both are so beautiful! I may be getting one of the draft stoppers. I have a door that needs one and I always said that I would never have one of those ugly draft stoppers lol! BUT those are fabulous and stylish, hey I just might want to out one at every door, he he! Glad to have found your blog.
Amy Sutter

Anita said...

I love your blog, and your store and will be ordering soon....A French speaker and former store owner, I just love your stuff! And, in my big ole' house, I have a couple doors that would love the draft dogger- if my big Black Lab puppy doesn't decide to chew it up! He LOVES chewing up pillows....

I am living vicariously thorugh your visit to Savannah too- I have a file of pictures saved of places to visit and sure enough, that's one of them.

Carry on!