Saturday, November 29, 2008

Just In & Just In Time!

LOVE these little guys!
(We have the larger versions of them, too!)
These holiday mini-bingo cards are the perfect size for gift tags or even hung from a ribbon as tree ornaments! You'll find plenty of fun ways to use them (or their larger-sized counterparts) this Christmas!
The mini-cards come as a set of 6 (one of each style) and the larger cards are sold individually (we do not have Noel or Give, sorry!).
Oh, how you'll love, love, love these....
These are just some of the items we wait for all year long from our favorite Italian paper and leather goods manufacturer...
Gorgeous gift tags with images from the archives of the Italian manufacturer -- lightly sprinkled with glitter.

In addition to these things, we've also got wonderful retro-style holiday gift stickers and tags -- the ones you've come to love over the years (for many, these tags and stickers are almost a holiday tradition in themselves!).


Joy Zaczyk said...

Ummm, I love it all! One of everythig please! lol

It has been crazy here (I was in Edmonton seeing my nephew for 5 days - he's getting better everyday!)

Just wanted to pop in and say "Hey!"

Got any snow yet?


Jeanneoli said...

Love all the pretty Christmas items.

REread said...

planners ... i love them but I'm just not a good planner. I buy them anyway!

Cathy said...

I just read your "links to inspire" over at your store--absolutely, beautifully, wonderfully, heartfelt-illy stated. Thank you for a Sunday blessing!

Jill said...

I love the Italian gift tags!