Sunday, November 9, 2008

These are a few of our favorite NEW things...

Our most recent shipment of new inventory is just wonderful and I wanted to share a bit of it with you!

The new items we've just gotten in are so perfect for sprucing up for the holidays (adding a touch of gold here and there) and also so perfect for gift-giving!

More than ever, we ordered with an eye toward gift-giving -- be it stocking-stuffers, like the "Words" bangles or the fun "Twig" pen set, or the the BIG GUNS: the sort of "ultimate wish-list" items like either of the two sizes of cut-glass "Paris" drink dispensers (GIANT and GORGEOUS!!).
You may recognize the picture below from a previous blog post from September, describing my trip to The Paris Market in Savannah. The gorgeous drink dispenser filled with iced tea is the very one we've gotten in stock last week! Ooh La La!

I think we can safely say that we've got you covered on almost all fronts of gift-giving this year and we'll do whatever you need us to do in order to get the goods shipped out to your friends and loved ones in plenty of time for the package(s) to make their debut under their respective trees across the country.
Also, we're so thrilled to have yet another appearance this month in the December issue of Romantic Homes magazine, where our Bistro de Amis plates were one of the editor's picks for great gift ideas. (See...I told you we had the great gifts this year!)

Be on the lookout for information about our gift-wrapping deal (coming soon in another post) and please don't forget to factor in that all of this comes with our standard, across-the-board FREE SHIPPING for all ground-shipped orders.

I'm telling you, this is a deal that NO MALL can even touch: You stay home where its warm, pour yourself a cup of something hot & yummy, grab your shopping list and address book and start browsing!


fascinatingfinds said...

Thanks for visitng me, you Great items on you site, I'll be back to shop, Cheryl

Cynthia's Cottage Design said...

I just adore your website, I want everything on it under my tree :) I'll have to forward it to all who want to grace me with gifts this year ;)

Your blog is beautiful too!! I added you to my favs, so I know just where to come shopping! I love the Vintage Bakery things you have too, the gift tags etc...I collect anything Bakery related and those are gorgeous and so unique too!Thanks for having such beautiful items!!

~ Hugs ~ Cynthia

Barb said...

Hi Ruth,

Oh, oh, I'm in trouble. I just spotted quite a few things that are calling me. I'll be back.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Well, Barb...if they're calling you, you know it would be impolite not to answer... ;)

And, you're not "in trouble" -- no,'re simply a woman who knows a good thing when she sees it! That's my girl!


Jeanneoli said...

I saw the drink dispensers when I was in Savannah a few months ago..they were so beautiful with mint, watermelon and cucumber in the water. So fun that you have them!

fascinatingfinds said...

Hi Ruth, Check out my blog you've been givin an award, Cheryl

Urban Farmhouse said...

Everything is gorgeous! I am making out my list for Santa!

The Old Painted Cottage said...

I am seriously eyeing those numbered 1 - 4 plates for my kitchen. So fabulous indeed!


Jill said...

Hi Ruth

I have to visit your blog to find the best French music - better than what I find here in France!

The photos are inspiring. Brava!

A bientot.

Dianna Castner said...

Your website and blog are wonderful. I am in love with the Parisian drink dispensers and bistro plates. They are just beautiful!
Dianna Castner