Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're Dancing As Fast As We Can!

Seems when it rains, it pours!

After "break" in receiving new inventory (if you call a week a break), we're now flooded with it! But oh how wonderful it is!!


For months there has been a "buzz" about a new addition to the store we've been working on that we're SO excited about and now the first of the new "exclusives" have been rolled out...


We've been in the design/fabrication stages of creating a line of truly beautiful, elegant and unique pillows and the first of them to be available are constructed of something very , very special...vintage French ticking fabric that is SO strong and dense it must have a count of like 2,000 threads per inch! This stuff is practically bullet-proof -- really something to work with.

The fabric was a once in a lifetime find and we've made as many pillows from it as possible, conserving the fabric like a miser to use every last inch of it.

So far, we have several designs we think you'll love -- all impeccably embroidered -- creating a pillow accent that will last a lifetime and really make a statement.
The Crown Crest pillow (below) is rectangular, measuring 10.5" x 14" .
This bold Crown pillow is 12" square. Both sizes are the PERFECT "toss pillow" size -- the kind that guests don't have to fuss with or politely try to find another spot for when they sit down.

Additionally, there is a Vintage Keys pillow and below it is shown in a charcoal/soft grey colorway. Going forward, this design is going to be done in the black/charcoal.
**A note about the color-quality in the pics below -- the red fabric appears too pink -- it is more closely depicted by the photos of the larger pillows above.**

This pillow is a smaller, accent pillow done in a 10" square -- we can see this on an antique French chair!

We have just one of the charcoal/grey pillows and if you would like to purchase it, please email us and we'll set it aside for you. It does not appear on the website, since there is only one, so please contact us ifyou'd like it! Once it is sold, it will not be produced in these lighter colors again. Be quick if you'd like this pillow -- it is the only one we have!

Currently, also in the works are our "Mathematicus" pillows (that's Latin in case you're wondering) -- they provide that bold, graphic statement that we so love! (SEE PIC BELOW!)

Of course, anyone who knows me probably wonders how I, of all people, would choose to create a line of anything with the word "math" in it, since they know that dealing with math or any form of crunching numbers at all has me reaching for sharp objects to jab into my... oh, never mind...

Since this pillow appeared on our blog and on the site, next to the huge burlap pillow cover we had for sale, we've been getting many inquiries into the "No. 34" pillow!

The Mathematicus range will be available shortly and we've got a call-back list growing from people who have asked to be notified when the "real" pillows are available. If you'd like to be added to that list, just shoot us an email and we'll add you! (


We will be happy to take your custom order for whatever number you'd like on your pillow(s)! So, if you have funny thing about a certain number (I do -- mine is "34" & no, I'm not telling why) we're happy to make up a pillow with your "special number" on it!

Otherwise, we'll have some "stock" numbers ready to ship which you'll love equally as well, since its the bold statement they make that we love, no matter what the number.


Next, we're thrilled to finally carry these fabulous housekeeping products, some of which I've personally used for years but somehow never got around to adding to the store. There is laundry powder (very concentrated stuff!), herbal dryer sachets, dusting liquid, fabulous-smelling furniture wax/polish, and some out-of-this-world candles!

They're now in stock and they will become a fast favorite of yours, too! ALL of the products are SUPER highly FRAGRANCED and will make your housekeeping tasks a pleasure. And as a bonus, your home will SMELL fabulous when you're done!


Another range of items we've finally added for sale are some that we use routinely in our packaging/shipping of orders that we send out.

We are so happy to now off you the beautiful silk seam binding ribbon (beautifully packaged on stamped cards!) and a selection of custom, made-for-us tags that we think you'll love being able to finally have for yourself!

There are "Pastry Tags" -- a collection of various Gateux (French for Pastry/Cakes) tags, perfect for the coming flurry of giving of baked goods! There are beautiful French "Pour Vous" tags (French for 'For You') - a thoughtful and lovely gift tag!

And don't you just know we LOVE this crown tag!

We get comment after comment about how thrilled our customers are when their packages arrive all "gussied up" with pretty paper, ribbon and tags...Well, now you may purchase a select offering of our tags for your own decorating and gift-giving use!


What's French, grey, spiky, and on the highly sough-after/endangered list??? A French porcupine? Rare French sea urchin?

GIVE UP?????


The excitement surrounding these racks has only been equally by the passion our customers have had about the English "Pure Butter" and "Cheese" platters we once carried (and we even now continue to get inquiries about those weekly!).

Originally used in France for air-drying wine bottles, these are now one of the most sought-after home products I know of. If you wanted to buy an original, vintage rack from France, lets just say you're into way more than the cost of these reproductions. Trust me.

Last Christmas, my own bottle rack was used to hold my huge collection of Christmas mugs and it was the hit of every party or gathering we had. The kids especially loved being able to stand there and gaze up at this strange-looking thing and choose their own special mug. :)

It makes a FABULOUS craft-station implement as well! We have one in our "packing room" which holds spools and spools of ribbons, scissors, hole punches, pretty tags, etc... During our Christmas Tour Of Homes last year, the rack holding all the ribbons, etc. was a real hit with the ladies coming through -- they all wanted one for their craft area.
These racks looks as great in a modern loft-style kitchen as they do in a period/historic home's kitchen. They're one of those items that is so universally appealing, it "holds its own" anywhere.


So, as you can see, its been a busy time here and yet a thrilling time, as well. By way of a "heads up" - much of what we introduced in the last post (new items) are now just about gone.

The response to those items was huge and, not to be pushy but....I'm just saying....if you wanted any of the things you saw in the last post, know what they say -- 'She who hesitates..." :)


Anonymous said...

Oh don't you just LOVE getting inventory? It's like Christmas and you get to play with all sorts of toys. I just adore your crowns, really everything, and truly, I love the No. 34 pillow too, there's something way fabulous about it!

olivia said...

Oh my! This is marvelous! Just marvelous! You're dancing as fast as you can, but what a shame to dance alone - I must join your celebration! But where? Starbucks? Orange Julius? Sephora? Orange Julius? Anthropologie? Orange Julius? :)


Is there any chance of still getting one of these racks?? I just found your blog...:( Judy
email -

fascinatingfinds said...

Speaking of Beautiful Blogs...... I'm so glad you came to visit me, Now I've found you! LOVE your site, adding you to my favs.
Cheryl Cherylsfascinatingfinds

Anonymous said...

bet you're not doing a lot of dancing with that broken toe!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Yes...since this post I've broken a toe. And to think it was broken for a week & a half before I even went to get it xrayed! I think women have a real sense of fortitude -- we keep going and going as long as there are tasks in front of us. We're great at pampering our family, but ourselves...not so much. :)