Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And Yet Another QUEEN Is "Crowned"...

One of my biggest joys is the feedback I get from customers who let me know not only how happy they are with their purchase, but also how they're using it!
And in particular are those who have purchased our big, beautiful birthday crowns who email me pictures of the BIG DAY and the BIG PARTY and the reigning BIRTHDAY QUEEN wearing her new crown! :)

I thought you'd enjoy the latest installment from Teri, who purchased one of our birthday crowns for her daughter's big day... Here is beautiful Lexie who turned 14 and who had what sounds like THE BEST party ever!!
P.S...Doesn't Lexie look almost like an American Girl doll should be patterned after her? :)

Teri planned a Parisienne-themed party (a girl after my own heart!) for Lexie and I don't think she missed even one detail in her party/table planning! Just look:

Teri says: "I wish you could've seen the table in real life. It had blinking lights mixed in with the silver streamers, and lots of candles lit."

And here she is!! To further carry the French-theme and quote Marie Antoinette, Teri chose our "Let Them Eat Cake" crown! Perfect!

Teri also made the incredible cookie-cake (shown below)...it was frosted with pink icing then Teri the Eiffel tower was piped on with cake decorating gel! HOW CLEVER!!!

Lexie and her friends had the big birthday bash at home, then, as all queens-in-training must do, they HEADED FOR THE MALL!!

What I love is that even at 14, none of them were "above" visiting Santa! Good girls! (Lexie, the birthday-girl, is to the right of Santa).

It has really been so special for me to "be a part of" these various occasions that have taken place after our birthday crowns were ordered and shipped. But alas, on a "sad" note, all of the crowns are now sold out -- sort of an end of an era. :)
But I'm sure I'll still get other "updates" on how my sweet customers are utilizing some of the fun things they've purchased. Keep the emails and pictures coming -- its wonderfully fun!!

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The English Cottage Collection said...

What a fab crown for a fab party!! It's so nice that you get feedback from happy customers, it's always nice to hear ...