Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Typepad Hates Me --- Part Deux

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This will be a short post -- because partly because it's still "workin' time" &
I probably should stay focused... (hee-hee!)
and partly because I don't want to belabor this whole 
"Poor me, why won't my computers open Typepad blogs?" thing.

But I just wanted to remind any of my sweet friends who have
a Typepad blog --- I AM NOT DISSING YOU -- I PROMISE!

You might remember a post I did on this very thing last November
and since then things really haven't improved.

I'd give anything to open your blogs -- I see the post titles and just a few
lines of the post itself and maybe a picture if there is one, and that's it.

I typically try to find the "bigger reason" behind whatever is frustrating me 
at any given time -- perhaps a life lesson I'm supposed to glean from it...

What do you suppose this on-going fight between Typepad and my computers 
is supposed to be teaching me??


Okay, now that that's off my chest -- back to work

And for all my Typepad blogging friends --

I miss you!!!

Have a great rest-of-the-Tuesday, ya'll!



Simply Me Art said...

You are not alone, I have issues leaving comments sometimes on both Typepad and Blogger blogs. I have a new computer too, Makes me want to scream...I feel you.

Jackie said...

I've been having the same happen to me with Typepad. On blogger, if I'm on my dashboard, I will click on the title of a post, blogger says "It doesn't excist"! Yoy,what's a gal to do!

kay ellen said...

Hey Ruth~~I have heard that a few times~~some of my friends visit me via facebook in my notes~~because of that.

Strange that typepad won't open for you too?

Well~~~ I have loved your fun comments and sense of humor on facebook! You have brightened my day a few times!

Have a great week :)

Kay Ellen

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Typepad hates me, too! Don't feel singled out. Luckily for us, all the coolest kids are on blogger. Like me and you. ;-)

I miss ya, Ruth. Would love to talk sometime.


Daisy Cottage said...


I hope your Typepad woes have disappeared! How frustrating!
I also hope beautiful YOU are doing great and enjoying our glorious spring. I hope to see you soon!