Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NORDIC BEAUTY ALERT! It's Time To Pre-Order Issue #3 Of Jeanne d'Arc Living! (And other news about what's "new")

News about what's NEW!

WHERE is this year going?

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was telling you about the 2nd issue (Spring issue) of
Jeanne d'Arc Living being orderable
and now we're taking orders for issue #3

This is their Summer premier issue and its going to be
chock full of all the Jeanne d'Arc Living goodness you can't
get enough of.

Here's a sampling of just some of
the eye candy being printed up for you as we speak:


Remember W-A-Y back last June (ugh... I'm ashamed it's been THAT long ago)
when I did a blog post 
(you can read it HERE)
and asked you guys what you thought about the possibility of adding a
section to the store's website where we'd sell off a little of this, and a little of that?
I even asked you to give me ideas on what to name the new section....
And then, as per usual, I got side-tracked and here we are in March --
of the next year!

But no matter,
the new section is up and though there are still at least 20 or more
things to go up
but I need to take pics of them first.

This has been fun, though!

I ended up calling it
"Up For Grabs - Miscellany"
(Lynn, from Paris Hotel Boutique supplied the Miscellany part)
and the few things that are photographed
are listed

Have a look and just know that there are quite a few other
various and sundry things all stacked up in a corner
waiting to be photographed as soon as
my girl returns from Africa.

And by the way,
I'm a little afraid to ask, but what do you
think of my
"Spring birds" chirping in the background on the blog??

Okay -- if you HATE the sound,
please be kind... ;)

Have a great week everyone!

I've got my thinking cap on for a giveaway....

It seems like it "should"be something
Spring-themed but I dunno...

I'll come up with something, 'cause
it's just fun to do a giveaway
of any kind, don't you think?




Jackie said...

Well, I had to unmute my volume and as soon as I did, my dog looked up, his ears standing straight wondering where the sound was coming from...I don't know how "Payne" likes them, but they sound wonderful. I love the Issue #3,such eye candy, would go well with StarBucks!!!!
I just got a pop up that said you left a comment on my blog as I as commenting you! Yoy! must be a Floridian Thang. lol

Anonymous said...

oh goodness, it time to pre-order the 3rd issue already? can't keep up. I LOVE THE SOUND OF THE BIRDS SINGING! someone else had birds singing on their blog and a i would just leave play. i like the idea of you putting up this n that for items you want to sell. and i am sure every one else likes the idea. do it! Bestest,Denise

Cathy said...

L-O-V-E {love-love} the birdies! I was planning on scrolling down to see if I could find the "title" to put on my playlist, too! Birds of a feather flock together!

ps--when i first heard the birds i got so excited because i thought they were out my window...and it's 10:30 at night!

Ebony Robinson said...

I love the item's you have posted on your blog, I want to buy two items actually three. I need to do it asap! The birds were chirping outside my window today and it's the sweet sound of spring!

Teri said...

#1... I always mute my computer when I read blogs b/c I can't read and listen to singing in a song at the same time...my mind starts singing... therefore... LOVIN' the birds!. I guess I'm simple minded, and I'm sure I'm the only one!

#2... Like the idea of the new section.

#3... Any giveaway you come up with is a Happy Day Giveaway!

The Flying Bee said...

I LOVE the birds singing! It's one of my favorite sounds! Yikes! Already issue #3...I haven't even gotten #1 yet from this year! BTW, did you get my email about that? Looking forward to your giveaway...they are always great!


Teri said...

Oh... and I forgot... praying for Olivia. Can't wait to see the pictures she took with YOUR camera... :)

Have y'all Skyped yet??

{ L } said...

Hi Ruth! I haven't been out on the blogs much lately :( but I hope to again soon. I come back with a favor to ask!

I'm trying to win a party contest and would love your help! Would you go here:


and leave a comment at the end of the article? Your comment will give me a vote. Thanks so much! I appreciate it lots. <3

ALSO, I am with you...this year is flying by! I so enjoy browsing your store and making a little wishlist. :) Thanks for sharing your unique finds with us.

Pansy Cottage Girl said...

Hi Ruth~ I love the birds! You may have heard we had an earthquake a few days ago at 4 in the morning. Well when I got up at 7 I noticed the birds nesting outside the kitchen window werent nearly as noisy as they had been the previous 3 weeks. Needless to say I was alarmed as I just love these little guys. But they perked back up and all is well. Having said that....keep the birds at least a little while. It sounds like a proper spring!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

I love the sounds of birds chirping, and was trying to figure out where to get it for my blog! So freah and fun!

Scrappin Cheryl said...

LOVE the birds chirping! Where did you get it? I like it so much I'd like to use it as well!