Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scenes from the afternoon...

Thought I'd share two shots I took today -

both totally spur-of-the-moment shots:

This one, directly out my back kitchen window as 
I stood at my kitchen sink....
It took the picture because I have been struck by the 
indecision of our vegetation this time of year.

You'll note that we (finally) have pretty red "Fall" leaves, some skeleton-type trees whose
branches are completely bare, and in the foreground, the
Cypress trees are now filled completely back in with their new
Spring leaves...
The green expanse you see in the middle is our pond...
We are having a terrible time with duckweed and we 
simply have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit to treat it.

Until then, our pond resembles a putting green.  

The second picture was taken directly out my front door as I was on
my way into our home office/den to sit down at the computer.

I captured our sweet dog Nick and his best-bud cat, Bugsy.
They joined forces immediately upon meeting --
Bugsy as a weeks-old kitten and Nicky as a years-old Lab.

They've been pals ever since.  Something just "stuck" with them
right from the start and they've been buddies all along.

That's about it.

Ran out this morning for a quick trip to the salon to touch up the hair...
Have to go back early tomorrow morning to get it "fixed"...
Somehow -- don't know exactly how -- I ended up
with some rather, shall we say, "artsy" streaks in my hair 
that are just a tad too "trendy" for this gal.

My beautician says she can blend them right back into my hair
-- "it'll be no big deal at all!"

Thank you, Lord.  


Until again,

take care 


 may you enjoy some pretty

views from your windows, too.



Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Just got off of the phone with my parents in Florida..(was trying to nap for a few)..but they were calling to see how I was feeling...they still say it's cold.
I really am enjoying your pics Ruth, the first reminds me of a vintage print ...I actually like the green of your pond, I find it rather soothing...alot more color than we have here ~ brown, white, gray, brown...maybe some hints of green where the snow has melted.

The second reminds me I need to go take my nap! ;-) Hugs ~ Rebecca

Destiny said...

LOVE the pick of your pets : ) SO sweet...and I actually DID think that was a putting green at first...haha I thought...Hmm..I didn't realize she lived on a golf course LOL Everyone's yards and land is in a crazy state right now I think...our poor grass is just DEAD from being buried under all the snow! Have a great weekend!!!

Marla said...

this is what it looks like where I live. Northern Florida. Can't wait for more spring color. Marla

Debra@Common Ground said...

Hi Ruth, what a gorgeous setting you have and view! and I love seeing the two buddies on the porch. Cats and dogs, just like life!

cityfarmer said...

show us those streaks ... perty perty please!

Bonjour Madame said...

Oh how I adore cypress trees and spanish moss. I think it's just beautiful.

Laura said...

artsy streaks....why is hair such a problem for us? I am so fed up with it...I am contemplating letting myself go IS a very IN color right now...but my hair is long and it would take forever to grow maybe artsy streaks would help me transition? Just thinking out loud here...
Your lab and kitty are sweet...

Teri said...

Love the view out your window... ours is similar, although I never remember it being so brown. Some of the the leaves are popping out green... love that.

Oh how I would love to see you with artsy streaks! It would go with my tattoo... remember the French saying you gave me... heading to Ybor with it on a notecard. Hope they spell it right.

Am I kidding or not... you'll have to wait and see!!!

Jackie said...

Hi Ruth. Thanks for sharing your nice photos. Kitty & Dog are sweet together and better luck on your trip to the salon! I know just what you mean bout the streaks! lol.
Have a good weekend!

Mel said...

I am in love with your back yard -sigh-
I am on my way...

Marla said...

Ruth, how nice to meet you too. I was in Tarpon Springs last Sunday at
Anderson park for a Birthday party. It was a beautiful day and I had never been there. I have enjoyed following your blog for some time now. Smiles, Marla

Cathy said...

oh Ruth! you ought to join Patty over at Blessed Moon tomorrow for her linky dinky party (whatever they're called!) - the photo theme is "friends" and I think your second pic captures friendship perfectly! {hope my last email made sense...if it didn't...LOL}

Ana Maria Monte Flores said...

Oh dear! Am I the ONLY blogger who doesn't live in a snow-covered area? I live in the South - and don't think, Atlanta or the Carolinas or even Jacksonville. I live in Miami, Florida and NOW is the ONLY time we get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors! NOW is when we plant impatiens and our gardens look beautiful. NOW is when we barbecue and walk around our neighborhoods and admire our neighbors' gardens. Oh, I know, you all probably read about South Beach and all that - it's not true! Only tourists bake out on the beach during the Summer. We, the natives (almost native)have our garden parties now. We visit decorated show homes now, have our garage sales and visit flea markets now!

So please, stop wishing for Spring, 'cause when you all get your Spring, we get 90++ degree weather, sweat, frizzy or limp hair, rain,mosquitoes and wiltering gardens! Please send some cold down to us!

Claudia said...

My family in Florida have been complaining about the cold winter this year. You've definitely had some strange weather. I love the photo of your dog and cat - that is so, so sweet!