Friday, March 12, 2010

Heard From The Good Folks At Java & Co. Today! They're Sweetening The Deal For My Blog Readers!!

Today I got a delightful comment from the owner of 
the store you may recall from my 
coffee-themed post a few posts previous to this one.

They are the company that offers all those delectable coffee-based 
foods like syrups, meat rubs made from ground coffee beans, etc...

Well the comment from them was so sweet and I thought
I'd share it with you!  

Here it is:

I'm frequently online and searching for new coffee information and those who share my passion of the bean. Thank you for recognizing JAVA & Co. on your blog. Your comments and those of your followers are greatly appreciated. As a thank you for you and your blog followers - we'd like to offer a special promo code for those who'd like to purchase through our main company website -
Receive 15% off of your order, 
just enter PROMO Code MKT2010 
and checkout through PayPal.

From one caffeine lover to another - I raise my cup to you!

Jamie L. Knoll
Owner / Co-founder

Isn't that awesome??

Thank you so, so much, Jamie!!

So if you have been holding off ordering...

Let's all head over to the 
and be sure and remember to use the coupon code
they so generously offered us!   


Not a bad way to start the weekend, huh?

The meat rubs are most intriguing to me.
The weather is warming and I would love to try some of the rubs on
steaks and maybe even roasted potatoes.

Then there are those luscious sweeter items they sell...


And Jamie -- if you're reading this, a million thanks to you for not onlly
stopping by and commenting but also for extending the discount to to 
me and my readers.

That's how we coffee lovers are, right?
We take care of each other...




Anonymous said...

Ruth, you crack me up. i wish i did drink coffee. i avoid caffeine or try to. :) after all chocolate has it and..........i love chocolate. i at least i can still sniff coffee. have had a few coffee candles. i know that does not do it,but i can imagine the comfort of that ever precious first cup in the a.m. i can recall years ago, when i was in homemakers and the hostess was an older lady and made the best coffee. i still do not know what ever came over me that evening. i could not drink enough of her cups of coffee. as soon as i completed a cup, she refilled me. i drank cup after cup. i didn't know if i was in the wrong body. go figure! why do i have to many times get to writing so much? have a great weekend. are you going visit mom? Bestest,Denise

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Denise! I ADORE all your comments!! They are like having your right here visiting with me! So you are not much of a coffee-drinker... my heart goes out to you! Hahaha!!! :)

Yes, coffee is comforting -- but so is herbal tea -- and hot chocolate... hmmm.... so maybe its just the warmth we're after anyway, right?

Great to hear from you, Denise!! :)


Teri said...

My kids all LOVE the smell of my coffee in the mornings, but hate the stuff. Lexi says it's the best smell in the world... I have to agree.

The smell of coffee in the morning makes me think... "The day is ahead, full of lovely possibilities. Get that cup(s) down, enjoy the jolt, and GO FOR IT."

Kim from The Sheep's Nest said...

Well I had to go on over and place an order! I can't ever pass up a deal. My husband is a huge coffee fan and I figured, aha, that's what I'll get for his Easter basket! Perfect! Kim said...

What fun that the people at Java & Co found you! I so agree with Teri about the feeling my morning coffee gives me ;)

cityfarmer said...

I'm a bean nut, too ... want the real black heavy stuff ... only on the A.M. tho

WhiteWhispers2u said...

I simply can't get through my day without my morning Mo-Jo! I am a bean lover as well. I love to set the beans around candles in a dish and just smell away.Simply Divine~

Thanks for the offer Java & Co. do they have organic ? I will check it out.~Kim

Jennifer Rizzo said...

I am a coffee fiend!!!! My reflux doctor hates it ... :)