Monday, February 1, 2010

The Last Items From Our Last Jeanne d'Arc Living Shipment Are Finally UP ON THE SITE!

Just a quickie post to let you know that the very last of the things we 

still have lingering

from our last shipment of 2009 

from Jeanne d'Arc Living have


added to the site!


These adhesive vinyl numbers are really neat.

They are super easy to apply and 


since you can cut the characters apart

 and use them really

any way you'd like.

They're about 16+ inches long x 3" high and are


We also have two pillow designs that are new to our store
from Jeanne d'Arc Living!

This pretty "La Cafe'olatte" pillow


This fabulous, bold "MBK" monogram pillow

Both come with a very high quality feather & down insert --
ready to toss right onto your couch or bed!

As for our remaining stock of our other 
Jeanne d'Arc Living things,

well -- as you can imagine, 

the stock is dwindling 

and from here on out

we'll try and keep the available quantities

posted on the item page when 

the numbers begin to get "dangerously low".  


That's all from here!

I'm thinking that since it's almost 
Valentine's Day....


since I missed "celebrating" my 200th post


since I just kinda love ya

it's probably as good a time as any 

for me to

do another


don't you think?

Let me think about what to give away

and I'll make that my next post!


That's all from here for now....

Just wanted to let you know about the posting of the
last few items remaining from our 
last shipment from

Again, here is the link to see it all on one page:


north pal said...

oh, yes,yes. sounds super,stupendis, fabulous, dreamy and desirable to have another give away. i just love the excitement of thinking( and not) maybe of being a winner. you go for it and we will respond.Bestest,Denise

red ticking said...

love the bags and your blog is wonderful.. glad to have found you. x pam

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

That MBK pillow is is everything else at your shop.