Friday, February 19, 2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Jeanne d'Arc Living Issue #2 (A.K.A. Would you like some lemonade?)


Less than 24 hours ago...

I jotted out a quickie post to let you know that the new issues
of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine had just
hit our doorstep (literally).

My how things can change while you're sleeping...

So here's the deal:

I awoke to an email from the good folks at 
Jeanne d'Arc Living...

Here's what it said:

Did you receive your magazines yet?? It seems that something went wrong when the freight company packed the magazines, so that many of the US shops received the Danish issue. 

Please let me know if yours are correct.

Have a nice week-end.

Mange hilsner | Kind regards

I read the email at about 6:30 AM and immediately
fled over to the office where the cases were sitting
waiting to be opened and mailed out today...

Yep... every last box...

Kan du sige Dansk??
{Can you say "Danish"?}

The good news is, I think they have already mailed out replacement
cases for us and we should have them possibly as soon as Monday.

That's not too big of a delay...

I am just so sorry to have to tell you this news -- but I was equally sorry to receive it.

So what does all this have to do with lemonade?

Well... for about 1/2 hour very early this morning,
I had the bitter, sour taste in my mouth from the
"lemons" found in that email I awoke to.

I know that 
there is nothing I did to cause the issue,
nothing I can do to change it,
and now instead of the next 48 hours 
(literally day & night) 
being filled with magazine shipping 
(which we often turn into sort of a party atmosphere here),
I will now turn my attention to some things 
that were going to have 
to wait until next week some time and get those things done instead...

not the least of which -- 
visiting my mom this weekend.



The lemonade stand is now open for business.

If enough of us joins in this impromptu
Lemonade Fest, 
guess what?

We will have successfully turned a 

So can I pour you a glass?

I promise...
the minute the English version arrives here (fingers crossed for Monday!)
the magazine shipping "machine" will spring into action and
get all orders shipped 

In the mean time,
have a great weekend full of 
sugary-sweet lemonade goodness...



Mel said...

umm much neeeded perspective, and yes I like mine icy!

Teri said...

Here's a thought... sell the Danish issues for a little bit cheaper... unless you have to ship them back.
That would be lemonade for everyone... or you could have a Danish Giveaway of one of those issues. Don't you love how I try to run your business from across town? *giggle*

Have a nice visit with your mom!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Ruth,
WOnderful idea and yes I'll join you for an icy glass of lemonade. Best to your Mom, enjoy your time with her.
Take care

Chrissy said...

Dahhhhh!!! Thanks,got it!! Enjoy your visit!

LuLu said...

I love lemonade... it'll feel like Spring here... with all the snow on the ground!
have a wonderful time visiting your mom,

Little Cottage said...

I will wait till "the bitter end"!!!
Stuff happens & that's that!
Let's enjoy lemonade in the meantime ;o)
We have a beautiful sunny day here at the North-West WA & my hubby just mowed the lawn. The smell of cut grass is awesome!

Kasey said...

go ahead and send me some of those lemons...because they still look good right!?

Jackie said...

Hi Ruth thanks for stopping by, Yes I'm in Temple Terrace. I justlove Plant City. We also visited the car show! What Fun!

Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

AHA~~ Now I get it. And yes, it is all going to be fine. I'm with Teri ~ Do some Danish Giveaways. I'll bring the salt & Tequilla.

Dee xoxo