Monday, December 14, 2009

"Music Monday" Is Back This Week...And Winter Begins Next Week!

As Fall gives in to Winter next week,
I thought I'd finally share this song that I have
wanted to share for months -- first back in Summer (missed my chance)
then for Fall (missed it again), so now here it is for you
as we enjoy our last week of Fall (which for some of you already
feels like Winter and for some of us still feels like Summer...). :)

As the earth has seasons, so our lives have "seasons", as well -- each one possessing it's own unique opportunities,
blessings, and challenges.

The longer I live, the more I know that more than anything, I want to enter (and exit)
each of life's "seasons" with much grace --
embracing and extracting each and every drop of life out of each and every minute of each and every season.

I loved Fall and I am very much looking forward to the turning of Winter next week --
and who knows what this season will bring --
but may each of us rise to every occasion and step up to each challenge with poise and grace, resting in the knowledge that each season --
whether on earth or in our lives --
builds on the next and we cannot enjoy of the blessing of the harvest without first the pruning and the tilling of the soil.

Pruning, tilling -- those are not the things in our life's season that typically bring us joy and smiles. They are the harder lessons, the tougher days that build the muscles of our character, and strength of our faith.

But without them (those harder times that till the soil of our heart and prune the deadwood in our lives) we would be bounty-less and fruitless. We wouldn't want that.

Even knowing this, still by nature we do often wish for only ease -- only the "good old days" that are all sunshine and roses.

It's a life-long struggle -- we want the character but not the trials that bring it.

I love a verse in Psalm 106, verse 15 that refers to God finally granting the wishes of those wandering in the wilderness, who were being fed manna from heaven but grumbled incessantly about it and were growing sick and tired of eating the same old thing day in and day out.

Sound familiar? Sure sounds like me at times!

He granted their wish for meat, but to their surprise the meat did not satisfy and it did nothing to nourish them. And funny thing, their grumbling did not stop once they got the very thing they were lusting after.
In fact, there seems to have been an emptiness and futility about their days.

Ouch... me again.

God granted their selfish desires, but He sent leanness to their souls.
What He wanted more than anything, was for them to simply trust Him, to be content with what He was feeding them (from heaven, no less!). But like whiney, gripey children, they wanted more -- something new and different.

Our seasons my change -- on earth, and in life -- and the things we become discontented with will change as we change.

And through it all there is that challenge to be still and be thankful for what He has provided to us.

That verse about leanness being a bad thing, has always struck a chord with me.

As women (myself leading the pack) we worry so much about fat and our weight and wanting to be thin (lean).

But in this one area -- we must desire fatness... this is one area of our lives we DO NOT want to be lean.

So, in each season of my life, may I enter
and exit it
with grace,
and more than anything,
may I remember to make choices
that will never bring leanness to my soul.

To live deliberately -- and eek out of every season all that God has packed into it just for me.

Just a little bit of what I get out of this beautiful song --
enjoy Fall's last week.

Winter -- here we come!!! :)



Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Oh, my dear friend..... once again, you speak directly to my heart with words that God has given you. Thank you for being open, for sharing your heart, and for so perfectly reminding us what really is important - and what truly makes Life Beautiful.

Deb @ Retreat

Cathy said...

Grace through the pruning. And the Gardener gives it freely! ("He is With You" by Mandisa is incredible.) xoxo

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Ruth!
What beautiful words and how true. Yes, bring on the winter and the wondefurful things God has in store for each of us!
Wishing you and your family a fabulous week!

donna said...

Good Morning Miss Ruth!
I know this deep, reflective mood you have settled into.
Hope all is well in your world...Please know that I am here to lend and ear.
beautiful post so much to be taken from it and used in our daily lives.
Have a wonderful day...know that you are still in my prayers...your friend, donna

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Good morning Ruth, Beautiful...Thank you for sharing.

The Flying Bee said...

Beautiful post...loved the song. Thinking of you and praying for you daily. I am hoping you will get to enjoy a few cold days soon.

north pal said...

Ruth, thank you for sharing and caring. prayers are still being offered for you. Bestest,Denise

Alice said...

A beautiful post, and well-timed for me. After a few difficult days, I feel God is still shaping me. And here I am wanting to cut out all the bad stuff and just lay dormant until Spring.

Thank you for your heartfelt post!

Janean said...

Grace is a quality we can never have too much of! great post.

Chrissy said...

Thinking of you and your Mom,what a lovely post Ruth....thanks so much for taking time to leave me a nice sweet!! All the best dear friend,Chrissy

cityfarmer said...

the beautiful life ... you've coined the phrase ...the Word is the balm for all of our souls ...may I just share with you the invitation to Christmas day that my husband and I sent to our adult children ...

God inhabits the praises of His people.
He lives and dwells in places where His name is being lifted up.
We were called out of darkness into His marvelous light ...

Christmas ... an announcement for all the world to see a Saviour ... incarnate, born with all the genetic make up of your body and mine ... yet without sin. Praise be to God.

Please join Don and Mom on Christmas Day for a celebration of this announcement ...we lift the name of Jesus high, higher than any other name on earth.
With grateful hearts ♥♥♥ we thank the Father that each of you know and serve Him ... that in itself is GIFT enough for the two of us.

Christmas Day
LUNCH : 12.00 noon

Menu/buffet: TBA

plan to spend the day and or the night(s)

fun will include
leftovers, games, dessert(s), laughter, toys, pictures, memory lane,
good red(s), outdoor fire in the pit, snow playtime☃☃☃ weather permitting,
fellowship all in the name of this man, Jesus.

love to you Ruth~~ from the cityfarmer

Anne~fiona and twig said...

So well said, Ruth.
And yes, everything said here does sound so familiar. I suffer from leanness of soul, and quite often forget to give thanks for the hard lessons.

I've been thinking of you quite a bit, I hope you're doing better, and send many prayers to you and your mom.


rochambeau said...

Beautiful Ruth!!
Thinking of you and your Mother!
Love the woman you are!
If you have time will you please email me your address?

Teri said...

Beautiful post Ruth... just like you!


Teri said...

I shall copy and paste this list into my life...