Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let's Try This Again...Encouraging Words For My Jeanne d'Arc Living Devotees

This is going to be a SUPER short post,
but I felt it was important to send out the word that
we are NOT giving up on carrying our beloved
Jeanne d'Arc Living line forever!!!

We are only in a short hiatus of sorts and when they company
in Denmark gets things all squared away with the U.S. rep that they
are in negotiations with even now, we'll be among first knocking at their
door with a big old order for their products!!

So, consider this just a short blip in the timeline of our history and future
with the Jeanne d'Arc Living company.

While we wait for the finalization of the U.S. rep/Jeanne d'Arc Living details and merger,
The Beautiful Life definitely WILL continue to offer you each new
issue that they continue to print for their European markets.

Yes, the magazine will be a bit higher in cost per issue, but again,
I'm hoping that once we are able to deal directly with JDL's new U.S. team,
even that cost will go back down where it belongs.


How do you feel now? Better, I hope.

I know I sure do feel better.

Also, while we take just a short break from buying from Jeanne d'Arc Living,
rest assured that I have many other deliciously wonderful lines up my
pretty little sleeve that I have been kind of setting aside for a while.

There is one range of products that I used to be a major dealer in that I
took a break from for a couple of years now and am now ready to get
re-estatblished with. If you've been a customer of mine for any length of time,
I wonder if you can guess what range of products I'm talking about... ;)

You'll be happy -- this I know.

So, have a great weekend and let's all just feel better and even
excited about what fabulous new things will come from Jeanne d'Arc Living once
they fling open the doors of trade once again -- this time from our own soil.

Just wanted to share my renewed optimism with you --
since my last post about this was more of-the-moment and I fear may have
given you all the wrong idea (that we would NEVER, EVER have their
products again).

Not so.

Just hang in there and enjoy the new lines that are coming your way.

On a personal note, we're working fast and furious at my home this weekend to get our
Christmas decor up. How about you?

Why, oh why, is it that EVERY year as I'm taking DOWN the decorations I SWEAR to myself that I am going to start in early NOVEMBER next year....
and yet EVERY year I don't seem to get started on my own home until right about this time in DECEMBER?

Maybe next year? ;)



The Flying Bee said...

Well, that's good...I was a little worried! So, I am thinking and hoping you're bringing back Bridgewater!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

We too are working on decorating the home today ~ acutally I just took a break before going to bed. Returned home today with 2 - 10' trees. Zelie and I got the lights on one and realized we need more for the second....can't find any of them for some reason. UGH! Oh well always happy to go shopping for something for the Home and Holidays!
Happy to hear about Jeanne d'Arc and excited about your new product in the wings! Have a wonderful Sunday. Good night ~ Rebecca

donna said...

I am so glad!
I love the look of their different!

As far as Christmas Decorating...Hope you are posting some pics...I love Christmas and love to see what everyones home looks like all decked out!

I am excited about new products coming in...You always have cool things though...No worries...It will all work itself out.

Have a wonderful Sunday Evening....(LET ME KNOW ABOUT THE WREATH...I'm a little stressed)
Love ya lots...donna

Tracey said...

Yep, stayin optimistic over here too!!!

Hope you got your decorations up...would love to see some pics :) I'm still pullin stuff out here and there and adding to the mix...I guess I don't want the fun to be over...but I am way behind on my shopping!

:) T

cityfarmer said...

this thrills me ... now youn can forget about it and get tom Christmas!

thank you for your devotion to all of us groupies

denise, the prime magpie said...

I keep the faith of St. Joan herself that it will become available again soon. And it will make me treasure the one I have that much more until then!!

Martha said...

Yes we are a bit later too...I was so excited and well just got glad I found your blog too!!!!