Thursday, December 3, 2009

Giftwrap Giveaway, Round 1 Winner -- AND GIveaway Rounds 2 and 3!

First things first...

The winner of "Round 1" of the giftwrap giveaway is...

Deborah wins the very Pierre Deux-esque giftwrap set above which I know I am going to have a hard time parting with!! :)

I will email you to organize getting your
wrap/ribbon ensemble to you!

I just KNOW you will love it!!


I decided to do "Round 2" AND "Round 3"
of the
giftwrap giveaways
because I wanted to
be sure that the
winners get their goodies in plenty of time to enjoy
the beauty of the gorgeously-wrapped gifts under the tree!

So here are the last two fabulous
giftwrap ensembles I'm giving away:

Ensemble 2...
features more incredible Midori paper sheets...

this time in a pale aqua with silver Eiffel Towers!

This ensemble contains a tin of Cavallini gift labels in
soft "candy" shades that will go PERFECTLY with the
paper and ribbons in this set!

As if the paper isn't stunning enough, look at these three ribbons I've picked to
go with it...

1.) A heavy velvet in a soft sable brown that reverses
to the palest, most beautiful aqua satin... ohhhh this is gorgeous!!
This ribbon will be the "jewelry" topping off the gorgeous
Eiffel Tower paper...

2.) An aqua and chocolate mini-check -- a true classic in an
elegant color combo. Use this ribbon for a more light-hearted presentation.

3.) A pretty platinum solid satin narrow ribbon. Perfect when you
want the paper to "speak for itself" and be the main feature.

If you love the cooler, more serene tones, this set is for you!

Ensemble #3
is anchored by a
show-stopping paper from none other than
Jeanne d'Arc Living...

A muted grey damask-type design on heavy stock paper -- a good
all-year-round paper but when paired with the accompanying
vivid red organdy ribbon, you've got yourself a
"Nordic-French" Christmas! :)

This set will include 2 rolls of excellent-quality
Midori organdy ribbon. Each roll is 9 yds!

In addition, there will be 10 yards of an elegant
solid satin in a gorgeous platinum silver tone.

For a completely different look (a VERY "Jeanne d'Arc Living look") I'm throwing in
10 yards of rayon trimming ribbon for creating beautifully
wrapped packages no matter what season!

So if you didn't win in "Round 1", by all means,

This time, when you leave a comment, please indicate if you have a
preference on which ensemble you prefer -- Set #2, Eiffel Tower paper
or Set #3, Jeanne d'Arc Living paper.

That's it!

Good luck and I'll pick the winner of THIS giveaway
sometime late Friday!

My goal is to have ALL THREE GIVEAWAYS
mailed out on SATURDAY!

That way, you get them soon enough to really get the
most out of them!


See you back here to announce the winner tomorrow!!


BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Ruth! Congratulations to Deborah, the winner of Round 1. I'll go ahead and give Round 2 a whirl, I obviously lean to set #2, the Eiffle Tower! Hope you've had a great week.

donna said...

Oh my Gosh!
These are absolutely gorgeous!
So dreamy...I wouldn't even want to open a box that was wrapped so beautifully
(Just leave it wrapped and imagine what's inside) can dream!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jackie said...

Oh, see I didn't win round 1 because I was meant to win the Eiffel Tower one!!

Mary said...

Hi Ruth, it's fun reading through your blog, didn't visit here before, just your shop!

How fascinating the wrapping ensembles are - hard to choose but think I will say #2 - those ribbons are truly beautiful! Pleae add my name to the hat - I LOVE wrapping packages, have since I was a child in England when they first started selling curling ribbon!!! Now my favorite wrappings include old sheet music, tea stained cotton tape, dried roses and handmade tags.

Thanks for your very sweet e-mail -I enjoyed hearing how your hubby helped with the magazine mailing - tell him thanks from me, he really did a great wrapping job!

BTW - please put me on the list for the next issue - I would really like to get one.

Have a wonderful weekend.


north pal said...

oh, lets see. we love the give aways,but now it would be hard to choose if so lucky. since i am newly in love with jeanne d arc living, guess that's what i would choose. again, good luck to everyone. Bestest,Denise

Teri said...

Ok, here's to try #2.

Of course I would like the Eiffel Tower, although they are BOTH beautiful!

Too sweet!

A Tale of Two Cities said...

So, so generous of you to share such beautiful things. I love both of the giveaways, but would probably lean towards the Eiffel Tower myself. Wouldn't winning be an early Christmas surprise!

Wishing you the joy of the season,

alee said...

Love the eiffle tower paper & since I didn't enter round 1 ...
I will take my chances :)
I love the fun of pretty packages! :) said...

Both selections are stunning but I guess I would select set #3. Thanks for your generous and beautiful giveaways!

Laura said...

Hi Ruth, ever so generous Ruth!
Throwing my name in the hat....both are beautiful...but that Jeanne D'Arc Living paper with the red organdy ribbon makes my heart sing!! Happy gift wrapping!
:) Laura

Andrea said...

I love round #3! Pick me!

Fabulously french said...

Bonjour Ruth,

What a great giveaway - you are very generous offering another.
I love both of them.

A bientot,


Christine said...

they are both beautiful...I love the Jeanne d'Arc Living

Anonymous said...

I really love this giveaway!! So beautiful!

Rachel Setliffe :)

irene said...

More beautiful papers- love them both! But would prefer set # 1. Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway!

ozmaofodds said... fun! Jeanne d'Arc is first pick for me, especially since we may not get any of it again!

Nancy said...

So sad I did not win round #1 it was beautiful - but happy for Deborah. I love #3, so lovely. Keeping fingers crossed. Ruth thanks for your generosity!!!!
Nancy Naylor

Sarah said...

Wow, I love the Eiffel Tower set but the black and white and red is so eye popping, I think I would prefer that one! They are both gorgeous sets though!

mari said...

oh, no am i too late?! these are so lovely!!! if i'm not too late i love set 3 with the red ribbon. either way what a lovely giveaway.

merry Christmas,

Very Entertaining said...

Can I enter for both?

Here is my entry... for #2...

and if not then #3!

I love pretty packages!