Friday, February 20, 2009

Trying to look Spanish on Fashion Friday...

So, we've all been enjoying "Fashion Fridays" over at Kasey's blog,

LolaB's, and even though today is the end of it being a weekly thing, I thought I'd take advantage of having taken some pics of my daughter today and post them as my "contribution" to Fashion Friday.

Olivia, below, with our cat Bugsy...yeah, like Bugsy Malone. He is the "ganster cat" around her for sure. Cute, but lots of attitude!

Olivia's Global Issues class at college had their Global Village Fair today and her class was assigned to represent Spain. All the competing classes have been planning for weeks, knowing their booths would be judged and count for a LARGE portion of their overall grade in that class (which seems kinda weird to me, but I digress...).

ANYHOO.... The students had to go out and buy clothing to represent Spain (her class's country) and the girls had to wear a black skirt & red top and a red flower in their hair (awww...cute...).

Boy did she luck out in WalMart!!! Not wanting to spend much at all on this (figuring she'd probably never wear this stuff again) she found the CUTEST black voile skirt with great flounces and a really great, comfortable top with ruched detailing along the shoulders and sleeves.

Let me tell you! The entire outfit was less than $30 BUCKS! HELLO!!!
So, though this may not be "her style" typically, I think she looks awesome in the outfit and I think she actually likes it, too, so maybe she will get some mileage out of this purchase after all!

When she got home from the Global Village Fair today I snapped some pics of her before she changed into her jeans again. I thought I'd share them with you!

Of course, in our yard and on our porch, you're never alone -- the cats and our dog immediately show up and it was only fair to include them in the pics.

This is sweet little Annabelle -- oh what a little princess she is! She carries herself differently than any of our boy cats and she has the most beautiful "swish" of her fluffy tail! Just beautiful!

Below, we took the crown off the cast iron cherub statue that usually "wears" it and let her borrow it for the picture -- I think we may have created a monster! :)

Thanks so much for looking...its been so CRAZY BUSY lately (okay, crazy busy since last year!) and I don't blog nearly as much as I'd like, so today, in the midst of all the office work and bookkeeping I've been doing since this morning, I thought I'd stop and jot out this quick post for you!

Looking forward to "MUSIC MONDAY" again after the weekend...TUNE IN!!! :)




Christine said...

This is beautiful! What a lovely look!

A Vintage Mood said...

Hi! First visit to your blog, but it won't be my last. Annabelle's caption in that last photo could be, "Don't touch the crown."

My Crafty Little Page said...

Your daughter looks darling but oh my gosh - that cat is the cutest thing I ever saw. And Music Monday would be a GREAT idea! :)Nancy

Kasey said...

she looks lovely! thanks for popping in and adding your touch to fashion friday!