Saturday, February 21, 2009


In my extreme busy-ness, I've completely neglected SOMETHING FABULOUS!!

Its been a year now since I started this blog and the best way to celebrate is to give YOU a gift!

I'll be more forthcoming with details in the couple of days, but I wanted to give you the heads-up about the giveaway so you can keep checking back here for the next post which will announce what the giveaway will GIVE AWAY!

I was thinking about it and I CANNOT BELIEVE that in an entire year, I've only had ONE giveaway -- my "April In Paris" giveaway last year.

Now that is a just not right! I really MUST do better this year and in fact you guys can even "nudge" me a little throughout the year if you want! :)

I get so busy week-to-week that soon it becomes month-to-month and the next thing you know, its been a year!

Anyway, thanks so much for all who have stopped by faithfully (and even not-so-faithfully) throughout 2008. Isn't this blogging community amazing.

I really, honestly feel like I have made TRUE FRIENDS out there -- whom I've never even met!

Only on the web. Only on the web... And if I haven't said so often enough or lately...
Thank you for taking time out of your busy day/schedule just to pop in and read whatever my blog post of the moment is saying. It really means an awful lot to me.
Stay tuned! Details in the next few days!


Claudia said...

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary! I just had my first anniversary on the 17th. A year goes by so quickly, doesn't it?

I loved what you wrote about your husband. Beautiful!

Jeanneoli said...

I haven't been blogging yet for a year...congratulations!!!! I know how much I have loved meeting so many incredible and inspiring woman! Can't wait to see what your giveaway is.