Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Love The Swedish/Nordic-French Look, Right? Have We Got (ANOTHER) Magazine For You!

Do you SEE this BEAUTIFUL, GORGEOUS cover???
(By the way, this is the cover of the very latest issue just being released).

If you haven't yet become acquainted with VAKRE HJEM & INTERIØR
magazine, you are in for a Nordic-French TREAT!

I have followed and gotten this magazine for several months now
(I think my first issue was the Christmas issue, below)
I am IN LOVE with this magazine!
By way of "review", let's just first have a little visual tour of the last
couple of issues ....  I've devoured them all and let me show you just some of the 
Nordic-licious beauty there has been:

This was issue #1 for 2010 -- just the cover image alone is enough...

This was issue #2 for 2010 and has been the "current" issue until now (well, technically tomorrow is the formal release date of issue #3)...

The two covers shown below are from 2009 issues, 
but I included them just for fun -- and to show you how exceptional each & every issue is:

Some pages from various back issues....


AND... pages from the coming issue #3 
that WE will be stocking at The Beautiful Life!!!


We expect to have our copies of the magazine (AND HOPEFULLY SOME OF #1 and #2 
FROM 2010, TOO) very shortly ...

and a 
is already in place for you 

so you can be among the first to get your pretty little hands on this thing of beauty!

Questions I'm anticipating from you:

1.)  How does VAKRE HJEM & INTERIØR compare Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine?
Well, if you love Jeanne d'Arc Living, I can pretty much guarantee that you cannot go wrong with Vakre Hjem.   

The two magazines are about the same size (inch-for-inch) but the inner pages are not as 
almost cardstock-thick as Jeanne d'Arc Living, so you are getting almost twice as many 
pages per issue.  There is more content per issue, too, and the best way to
explain that is to compare Vakre Hjem to a typical magazine like Elle Decor 
or Country Living wherein there is maybe a bit more editorial content to
take in.  

There are ads in Vakre Hjem (as there are ads in any magazine)
and they are distributed throughout the mag like most others do whereas
Jeanne d'Arc Living places ALL their ad content at the back.

The feel of the cover is very thick and strong (almost like there is more than
just paper in the fiber content) and the inner pages are more like a traditional magazine
than those of the JDL mags.  

There is a slightly different "vibe" about Vakre Hjem -- it has a bit more of a 
"funky" if not youthful appeal -- perhaps only because of the difference in 
layout/presentation of the issues.

All in all, there does seem to be more of EVERYTHING in Vakre Hjem -- it keeps you
"interested" from page to page to page...

Give it a try once -- then you decide.  
I bet you'll be back for more.   ;)

2.)  How much will all this new Nordic-French beauty, inspiration, decor/craft project ideas, and absolutely stunning  eye-candy cost me?
The price per issue will be $21.50 -- less than even the "old" price of Jeanne d'Arc Living (before the 2010 price increase).  As always, SHIPPING IS FREE.
I think you are going to find this magazine to be a "bargain" and very
well worth it's price, comparatively.  

3.) Is the magazine in English?
The magazine is printed in Norway and is therefore in that language...
however, as we all found out with the original issues of Jeanne d'Arc Living before 
they were ever printed in English... when you have THAT much to look at that takes 
your breath away, the words and language really don't matter.

4.)  Will you still be carrying Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine?
Yes!  Yes!  

I suppose that there may be those who, after trying a copy of 
Vakre Hjem, want to stay only with Jeanne d'Arc Living -- will feel that
that magazine really "fits" them best.  

There will be those who may find that
Vakre Hjem is THE magazine for them - period.  

And there will
DEFINITELY be those who will want BOTH from now on.

So for this reason, we will continue to offer BOTH, as well as others as we find them and feel they're worthy of offering.

And Vakre Hjem is WAY worthy.    ;)

Let me know if you have questions other than what I thought to
cover here -- otherwise, may I encourage you to give this new
read a try?  

Would I steer you wrong??   ;)



The Flying Bee said...

I am so excited! I have heard about this magazine from a friend and she said it was really good! I can't wait to give it a try!

julie - eab designs said...

Love it!! I just stopped in your store and pre-ordered my first issue. So excited to see it. You don't have any of the back Christmas issues by chance do you? If so, I would love to have one of those too! xo - Julie

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Ruth!
I "read" Vakre and enjoy it very much despite it not being in English! I find it to be very inspiring and think others will too!

Destiny said...

Looks amazing! I will definitely be ordering one from you! Any idea when it will be in? Thanks for sharing!! I'm a magazineaholic, so this brings me MUCH joy!!!!

donna...@d.reyne's said...

I just popped over and preordered a copy for myself...I am so excited!
Nothing is quite as lovely as a new magazine and a cup of coffee in the afternoon!
And....are you going to have any back issues? I too am interested!
Blessings my dear friend,

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

You always introduce us to the most wonderful things!
It's because of you that I even know about Jeanne d'Arc Living, ya know.

Looks like I'll be ordering a copy from you!

Love ya!

Little Cottage said...

This is beyond awesome!
As a Norwegian myself, I have had a subscription of VAKRE HJEM for a year now & I love it!
BTW: It just got voted "The best interior magazine" in Norway recently!
With the use of a few more colors than JDL, I feel I get the best from these creative people, that actually delivers to both magazines!
Way to go, Ruth :o))))
(If you need something translated, maybe I can be of help)

lisa golightly said...

After hearing about so many decor magazines going down, how refreshing to see new ones popping up ! Love your blog. xoxo, Lisa

My Lovely Things said...

I make reportage to Vakre hejm and to Jdl.

like both trays. They are different, complement each other.

I have made a story that will be included in the new issue of Vakre.Summer in Barkarö village!
Kind reegards Anna

Oliveaux said...

This is such a gorgeous magazine! I wanted to stop by and thank you very much for your message you left was treasured! I am truly sorry for your loss too. You have a lovely blog and I look forward to returning again! Axx

Gloria-Jean said...

Warning, cancer!

Someone in blog lands needs help, go to my blog and read about
Marilyn, or just go to Marlyn's blog,

Our you people in blog land as nice as you write on your blog?

Beadboard UpCountry said...

Here we go again! Sign me up! It looks gorgeous, and if I have any questions I can ask Robes son Thomas who is Norwegian!!!!!Maryanne ;)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!

Urban Farmhouse said...

Love the idea of a bit more color than JDL shows!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Oh! I am tap dancing over here! And I don't even have shoes on....gotta go find my purse and get out the card. I will say that my mother's side of the family are all from Sweden - so I am claiming that heritage and their good taste!!! Thanks for are the best.


Karen Fuelling said...

i would love to subscribe to both magazines mentioned in this blog-vakre hjem and ...the other one...(the name slips my mind) how do i go about doing this?? thanks