Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun Little "6th Ever Photo" Game... Want To Play?

Sweet Mel from the
The Musing Magpie
tagged me to play in the blog game where
you go back in your blog post archives
and find the 6th photo you ever uploaded on your blog 
and show it, link back to the post it was part of
and then sort of speak to that photo in a new
way -- a way that perhaps it was not used in the 
original post...

My 6th picture is the colorful bird eggs in the pretty 
cast iron urn...

It originally appeared as part of


back in 
March of 2008, and I had been to visit the daughter of a friend
who was in Moffitt Cancer Center being treated for leukemia -- 
and it did not look very promising for her.

I was contrasting her life to the lives most of us live -- and how she would have
given anything to be back in what we might easily call the "drudgery of life"
(daily chores, chauffeuring kids around, etc.).

I'd included just some various pretty photos from around the house
in that particular post, and the 6th image was of the fragile eggs in the urn.

As I see that picture now, it is timely, I suppose, because it is Spring and new life has 
already begun to burst forth -- and the eggs make me think of that.

Perhaps I could also rekindle thoughts of that photo in saying that 
I'm hopeful for a renewed sense of life and "zest for living" 
as I forge my way on now through the balance of this wonderful year.

There is the promise of much that is new and fun and lovely --
much like the promise of new life inside those beautifully colored eggs.

Yet -- like those eggs, life is fragile.  

Beautiful.  But fragile, none the less.

So with that, I've shown you my
6th-ever-blog photo
and now I'll challenge a
handful of other bloggers to 
do the same:


You feel free to join in the fun and do a post like this on 
YOUR BLOG, too!!   

No invitation required!

Be back maybe tonight or tomorrow with some


FABULOUS magazine I'm going to carry!!!




Jackie said...

Hoot Hoot How Fun! Count me in~Thanks!

Mel said...

Thanks Gal. I Like how you open invited...your "story" of the eggs made me misty eyed!xo

Chrissy said...

Great idea,think I did it a long time ago,or something like it anyway! Just wanted to say hi and see how your to you soon! x0

The Flying Bee said...

How fun! I can't imagine what my
6th ever photo was! I need to go back and see.

Can't wait to hear about the new mag.


Teri said...

Okay Ruth... you got me blogging again! I just did a post about my 6th photo... and it wasn't even a good picture! :(

myletterstoemily said...

thank you for sharing about your
friend's daughter. such truth that
we have so much to be grateful

my daughter just assisted in the
birth (as a doula) of a friend who
was 10 weeks early.

the tears of joy at the perfectly
healthy tiny, tiny baby1

Chrissy said...

Your soooooooooo sweet!!! x0x0