Monday, September 28, 2009

Today, Fall Arrived In Florida... In A HUGE BOX, Delivered Right To My Porch...

It all started when I rather jokingly
mentioned on my Facebook page
that I would be willing to send someone who lives up north
a large ziplock bag
if they would be willing to share some of their Fall leave with me
-- a poor
Florida gal
who only gets to hear about all the Fall color
as it begins to be discussed
across blog-land each September.

There just aren't words to describe what I felt
late this afternoon as I opened this HUGE
box sent to me by another blogger/Flickr/Facebook friend,
Rebecca Lewis
who lives in the "enchanted" area of upstate New York,

where apparently gorgeous, fiery-colored Fall leaves are
so plentiful
"fall like rain"
as Rebecca put it.

I honestly began to cry as I cut the big box open and saw what was
lovingly contained inside.

WAY MORE than a mere
ziplock baggie-full
of leaves...

Rebecca carefully packed out this box with a sweet notecard adorned with an original photo-print of her own (she is an AMAZING photographer with lots of pics on Flickr).
The photo she used on the notecard is a close-up of a beautiful Maple leaf specimen from a special tree in her yard.

There was a large yellow envelope PACKED FULL of carefully preserved and pressed Maple leaves --- SOOO many I can't even imagine how many there were in that envelope!

I noticed immediately that there was a HEAVENLY smell coming from the box, and I began to cry even more as I saw that there was not one, but two beautiful hand-poured candles from Rebecca's antique shop.

One candle is scented
Grandma's Kitchen (the orange one)
and the other is scented
Chardonnay (the white one).

They smell sooo incredible!

Some of the pressed leaves scattered on the table as well as the two candles AND a "mystery wicker hamper"....

You'll notice a wicker hamper in the photos...

I could not believe my eyes!

{Remember, I only asked if someone would fill a Ziplock bag for me!}

I lifted the hamper out of the box and placed it on the table along with the
candles and some of the pressed leaves that I scattered on the table.

{You can see I DID take time to light the candles!}

I hadn't yet opened it to see what could be inside...

Well, inside I found...
still MORE beautiful leaves!!!

SOOO many, I can't even think of how many there are.
I mean, this trunk is PACKED with leaves!!

So Rebecca has now gone sooo far above the whole Ziplock bag concept...

I received:

beautiful leaves still on their on branches/vines (see photo below),

TWO wonderful fall-themed candles
from her shop,

a beautiful wicker hamper,

and a bounty of leaves contained in the wicker hamper

oodles of carefully preserved/pressed leaves,

and a lovely card personalized with one of Rebecca's wonderful
images of nature found right on her own property.

I am stunned, touched, humbled and just simply flat-out amazed
at what Rebecca did for me.

And it couldn't have come
at a better time,
on a better day.

It's been SOOO hot here --
I'm talking HIGH humidity combined with high 90's,
equalling hot, steamy, sticky weather
that makes you kind of not want to read
one more blog post about
and boots
and sweaters.

To top it off
I haven't been
feeling real good lately
~especially today,
so when this box showed up,
it really,
made my day.

This has to be one of the things about blogging
and online friendships
that continues to
just amaze me.

That we women,
who mostly never meet face to face,
can forge such true friendships
simply by sharing our lives
on our blogs.

I love this about blogging more than anything - that I can honestly
"Oh my friend in upstate New York sent me...."

And I mean it.
I truly mean it
when I call her
(and you)

To you, Rebecca,
you will never know how you touched my day today.
Fall/Winter seasons mean so much to me --
they are what I live for all year long
and unfortunately they are all too swiftly
gone again
here in the south.

To receive a bit of "true" Fall from so far away
(and SO much more than I ever dreamed would be sent to me)

just really got to me ...

I cried today
upon opening the box
for many reasons,
not the least of them being
that someone I've never even
went to that kind of trouble...

for me.

And all because I said in passing:

"I'd be willing to provide a plastic baggie if someone would fill it for me with some of their leaves..."

Don't for one minute ever lose faith in humanity.

If you ever feel yourself doing so,

come on over to blog-land and have your
faith restored.


you are

Want to know more about this incredible lady named Rebecca
Fall Dream-Grantor?

Click over to her


Simply Me Art said...

Well after all the Crap and bad things you hear about some people in this world what a Beautiful thing to read. What a kind and giving person she is to take the time and send you such Beautiful Fall Goodness. You are Blessed and Good Karma has come your way. Now, maybe you better be careful about mentioning Winter or Snow!! LOL.. I'm off to visit the very kind friend that sent Fall your way. Enjoy Ruth, Jamie

mari said...

how incredibly sweet of her!!! enjoy your autumn!

Cheryl said...

What fabulous gifts from a fellow blogger! Love the wicker hamper ;-) We are all SO blessed to have met so many "new friends" who live all over the world, via the 'net.

Like you, we live where summer days linger here in So. California. Fans and a/c's are still purring along {some days I think our house will lift off what with all the ceiling fans going full force}. It's "fire season" here which means the Santa Ana winds blow from east to west, bringing hot and dry air from the desert. So...if ANYONE would like me to "catch" some hot, dry air in a Ziplock baggie and send your way to warm you on those chilly Fall/Autumn days, just let me know!

Cheryl at Casual Cottage Chic

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Those are fabulous gifts! As a transplanted Northerner, now living on the south gulf coast of FL, I feel your pain. ;-) I can't wait for the heat to subside, but will be going north for a couple of weeks in October. Perhaps by the time I get back?
My blogging friends are currently sending me acorns from across the country! What a wonderful "web" we live in, isn't it?
Hope you can stop by "my place" some time.
Blessings! I'll be back to visit soon.

donna said...

Oh Ruth! How Wonderful for you! I had tears in my eyes as I read this! I hate to hear your not feeling well. I hope it's just a temporary thing...Nothing serious.
Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you have an awesome

north pal said...

ah, Ruth what a grand gift you received. it was front the heart. i've often said, it's just those little things that are so important and it does not take much to make one so pleased and thankful. and i truly like what Donna said, and i think i need to put that in my handwritten book of quotes. her comment was,what a wonderful "web" we live in. i love the web sisters. bestest, Denise

Angie said...

Such a great story! Enjoy your amazing gift of fall.

Barb said...

That's is awesome. I guess i do not think about others not having fall color, since it is so beautiful here is Oregon.

Glad you will have some fall color to enjoy.

barbara jean

Kasey said...

beautiful gesture!!

Chrissy said...

You know Ruth,its all about how you live your life and how you treat people,this speaks volumes about you...what a lovely gift from a lovely lady! You are truly blessed,keep doing what your doing!! Enjoy your leaves!! XOXOXO Chrissy

Teri said...

So awesome. Your photos of the gift are wonderful.

When you talked me into starting my blog, becoming friends with strangers was not something I expected...but I feel like it's happening to me as well.

I read a series of books years ago about the covered wagon days, and settling in the west. The women in the books were SO excited when they got to visit, because with distance, visits were few and far between.

I feel the same way. I would never get to meet all these ladies, or visit them in person... but with the click of a mouse, I can be so touched, so moved to tears, that it blows me away daily. I think this blogging deal is really a cool, emotional, support system for women all over the world.

So glad I'm a part of it!

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

You're welcome Ruth. Enjoy!

lucyslounge-dee said...

what alovely idea

The Flying Bee said...


How awesome! What a wonderful blessing. Isn't it amazing, this blogging world? It's when I read things like this, that confirm for me why I started my own blog.

Feel better soon! :)


Heidi said...

so very very cool!

LuLu said...

That is the most touching story ever. I can't look a leaves now and not think of this amazing kindness. So touching. Life is truly a beautiful!!!

{ L } said...

WOW!!! This is so touching to me as well!! I love to see the beautiful heart's of people. What a priceless gift of love she's given. This is amazing. :)

Also, I'm doing my first giveaway on my blog right now if you're interested:

RobinfromCA said...

This is wonderful! What a lovely lady to put such a thoughtful gift together for you. You're right, I refer to my blogging friends as friends. Not "someone I know on the internet" because it really does go beyond that. I'm happy for you!


simplydelicious said...

I agree that this world of blogging and facebook, etc. creates a kinship of women that is more supportive, more kind...basically we see (most of the time) only the best in each other! Blogging has given us wonderful opportunities to meet women all over the world that we can truly call our friends! And since we are all drawn to the same interests (crafts, arts, etc,) we seem to know so much about each other once we begin a conversation! Your story touched me today...I'm off to read of the nice lady who sent you the leaves... but I'll be your blog.
Xo Karen

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

How absolutely beautiful of Rebecca...such a sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Mary Frances said...

this is why I love blogging! the love and kindness is truly tangible!

Julie B. said...

Wow! It was a GREAT blog!! Oops... Not a... It was THE greatest blog ! It was funny and interesting and ... just amazing!!!