Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Art - Especially If It's NYC Garbage

I'm not one to typically talk trash, but this morning I stumbled onto something I thought you might enjoy -- or at the very least, get a chuckle out of.

What started as a fun challenge between artist Justin Gignac and a fellow co-worker has now become a lucrative business for Gignac !

Seems Justin set out to prove just how crucial package design is in selling a product, so he turned to the unlikeliest of things that would ever sell: garbage off the streets.

Gignac tapped his artist sensibilities and created the NYC Garbage Cube --

and sold them for $50.00.

You read that correctly.


He now has a website -- aptly named NYC Garbage.

Gignac has even created "specialty garbage cubes" from special events like political conventions, opening day at Yankee Stadium and even St. Patrick's Day in Dublin (well, so in that case, I guess it isn't technically NYC garbage).

I'm thinking his nay-saying co-worker got the point.

If you package it right, even call it art, you can sell even -- garbage.

Know anyone who is hard to buy for?

The holidays are coming -- maybe this is your answer!

Happy Monday!


All photos courtesy of Justin's site, NYC


Anonymous said...

is this a hint about what you want for Christmas??


Tattered Goods said...

:) too tooo funny... I wish I had some genious marketing talent like that (hah lol) I hope your Wednesday is goo so far. I can't wait for that 2 tier silver tray to come out on your website... I must have it ;)


LuLu said...

that is hilarious. My hubby always accuses me of falling for cute packaging!!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Dear "Corporate" (aka my hubby or "Oliver")

Not so much, m'dear. But I do think we might have some on our Christmas list who might just get a kick out of one of these NYC Garbage Cubes! (Not naming any names!)

Thanks for stopping by the blog, dear! :)


Blog Stalker said...

I am dissapointed I did not come up with this first!

Have a great day!

donna said...

I Love it! Just goes to show ya... Some people will buy anything. My motto at the store used to be "Put a bow on will sell" I guess it should have been "Put it in a great package" Thank you for

Jeanneoli said...

That is crazy!!! I love good packaging...but come on!

Teri said...

Shall I bring some PARIS garbage home? It blows around in abundance....hey, I'm just being honest! I bet it would sell like hotcakes?

One more day~

donna said...

It's me again! Good Morning Ruth! I was sharing your blog with Mr. Bill And he reminded me about the whole pet rock thing in the 70's. He asked if I fell for that one too(Didn't everyone?) I am so.. guilty of falling for a great gimmick. It really is all in the packaging...Have a wonderful day!

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Ruth,
If people will pay money for pet rocks...why not garbage. Tooooo funny.

I can't wait to get my new issue of Jeanne d' Arc living in ENGLISH!!!
Thanks so much...

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Oh my gosh! That is so clever and hilarious. Like Vintage Home said, people bought Pet Rocks. I bet these guys sell tons of these too! Funny....

denise, the prime magpie said...

I love the concept. It's got a sense of humor, but a multi-layered message. One could say it's an interesting product of form over function. One could also say it's commentary over sustainable living, how we interpret our garbage. Very artful; makes you think.