Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sometimes "Santa" drives a huge semi-truck & trades in his red bag of goodies for this.... hubby says to me last night "You know, it's been two weeks since you did a blog post."

"NO WAY!" I reply...

Uh oh....

He was right.

Again. (rats!)

But in all fairness, look at what's been keeping me busy...

The long, long, long awaited Jeanne d'Arc Living shipment arrived Monday afternoon (not without it's share of glitches that I'm now able to laugh about...).

I will say one thing about laying eyes on the products as they were one-by-one revealed from the crate: This may be the
best stuff I've ever purchased. No kidding. Without exception, every item we unboxed (and boy we couldn't wait to rip those boxes open!), was better than we'd even expected. And we had high hopes to begin with.

Do you know that in less than 24 hours we managed to get this beast of a container unpacked, divvy-ed up into piles assigned to our many pre-orders from the site, and then turned back around and shipped to our customers? In LESS THAN 24 HOURS!
This would NEVER have been possible with the extra help I had which included my FABULOUS nephew, David who came and stayed with us just for this event (and may I say, that young man WORKS HARD!), and of course my INCREDIBLE daughter Olivia.

I think we shocked our UPS & USPS drivers yesterday when they showed up here and saw the literal MOUNTAIN of boxes waiting for them in their respective areas... I'm going to owe them a VERY NICE gift this year at Christmas!

I'm tired...

and yet somehow exhilerated.

But tired, nonetheless. :)

For some, it may seem odd that we took pics of the details of this crate. But others of you might appreciate the cool "industrial" quality of the looks of this crate...

Others of you may also think I'm crazy for not wanting to just pitch this crate into the rubbish heap... just yet.

To my eyes, it looks somewhat like a work of art. (Partly because I've waited for it so long that a cardboard box would have looked like a work of art to me at this point.) I love those giant galvanized hinges and the raw wood.

I'm thinking of one store in particular that we all know and love (ends with 'pologie'....) that would take something like this and stick it in the middle of a display and within a few months we'd all be clammoring for shipping crates to decorate with!


ut seriously, is it me, or wouldn't this have great potential for some great, funky use?

We're already eyeing it thinking that the lower half would make a cool, urban-loft style coffee table...

Who knows. Just wanted to share what's been keeping me so "occupied" lately.

But, life hasn't been
completely about Jeanne d'Arc Living -- in the meantime, while feverishly preparing to be poised and ready to blast through this shipment when it arrived, we were also FINALLY snapping pics of some more great new things for the shop -- which "should" be up on the site VERY soon -- and of course I'll blog about them.




If you pre-ordered issue #4 of the magazine, I expect to get our shipment of it (hot off the press) in the next couple of weeks at the longest. Naturally, we'll ship them out either the same day or the next day (depending on the time of day we receive them here).

For now, though, I have a daughter heading off for China for two weeks that I plan to spend some quality time with.
I'm sure you understand.

I'll try to get back here and post about the new items in between Starbucks talks with my beautiful girl and errands to buy all the last-minute travel necessities (junk food, reading material for the plane trip (don't even ask how many hours!!)....

If you pre-ordered anything from Jeanne d'Arc Living, it is already winging its way to you now... Let me know what you think of your goodies!!

For now, I have China and Olivia on my mind....

Talk soon!


Jeanneoli said...

Ruth, What a busy woman you have been! I agree...the crate is awesome! I hope your daughter has a wonderful and safe trip.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Im not sure what but you can totally do something with that.

Laura said...

Hi Ruth!
It's definitely cool and I'm sure it will be put to good use.....I can certainly understand your excitement when the container arrived and would have loved to be there to help you unwrap!!! Enjoy your time with Olivia.....
Take care,

Claudia said...

I think the crate has definite possibilities! Have fun with your daughter before her trip.

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

My ~ you have been a busy woman! Love the crate too! Have fun!

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Ruth, you know I'm one that wanted to see those beautiful crates, thank you! I knew you must be getting those goodies out with all the finesse that you do all things. Did I mention I'm running out front every time I hear the UPS truck go by? Well, I will be soon... really! How about using one of the crates for an olive tree planter? Gotta love that Santa! Back to my vacation, but I had to comment here. Have fun with Olivia, girl time is fantastic ;)

LuLu said...

So exciting! and i love the crate too!
get some rest and I how I wish to have been there unwrapping all the goodies that arrived.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I love the crate...and as for it's contents...beautiful I'm sure. I'm like Tracie...whenever I hear our dogs bark I run to the window...can't wait to see my order. I wish Olivia a safe and happy trip....Now go rest!

Livs Lyst said...

Hi Ruth!
I`m so sorry for answearing you`re question about how to purchasing from our blog shop so late... It`s summer and holiday... So I`m really sorry!

But here I am! And are ready to find out how we can do it!

1) You find out what you want from our blog shop

2) Then contact us by mail: (and tell us what you want to buy)

3)We will find out how much that will be in your currency

4) Then we found the cheapest way to send it by post!!!

5) When you have paied into our account (you will get a number and an adress to pay to a norwegian account from us), then we send the products to you!

Ok?? I hope so :O)

Thank you for your interest anyway!

(And I should really liked to bee there when you unwrap this big container!! ;O)

Liv (from Thomas og Livs Lyst)

Chrissy said...

CHINA!!!! I thought Haiti was a long way away..good heavens,no wonder you have not been around my dear!! Take it easy and wish your daughter all the best,talk to you soon,Chrissy

VINTAGE HOME lifestyle said...

Hi Ruth,

I just received my book "Jul"...I just love it. I just ordered the #3 & #4 magazine.

As for the crate...FABULOUS! Can it be laid on its side and topped with glass, for a outdoor serving table or next to your BBQ. You must repurpose it, so cool.
Big Hugs...