Friday, July 17, 2009

Ask & You Shall Receive! Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine -- Issue #2!

One day I happened to just casually ask the gal at Jeanne d'Arc Living in Denmark if there was ANY chance of getting any back copies of the previous issues of the magazine....

I'd already heard the the first issue was totally gone and no chance at all of getting any, but I wondered about issue #2...

She did some checking for me and got back to me to let me know that she uncovered some copies and if I wanted them, they were mine!!

Guess what my answer was...

Just look at this beauty!! These are just a few pics, I know, but trust me, this issue is everything that you've come to love about the books and issue #3.

Issue #2 is the first issue I ever got and it is what compelled me to seek out these products for the shop, so it has a sort of special significance to me.

I hope you'll snap up your copy if you didn't get one when they first came out! It was my understanding that the issues she sent me were all they had left anywhere there at their warehouse, and this issue is now out of print, so when these are gone, that's it.

They're now
on the site for sale if you care to skip over to grab one!


Have a wonderul, restful weekend!!


MJ said...

Ruth, I love your blog! I blog about getting Americans back around the family table and your products bring that to a level of real art while being warm and inviting! Simply beautiful! Looking forward to shopping in The Beautiful Life Store!

Adrienne W said...

Good Morning Ruth!

Just wanted to say thank you for always thinking of us. I am so excited about being able to snatch up a copy of the #2 magazine. I am actually on vacation in Destin, FL and it is beautiful here, but all I keep thinking about is being able to get my magazine when I get back home!!! Isn't that crazy?!! Have a wonderful Sunday!